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Sooo :(Today i went to rose city to look at this ladies house.. got a phone call from my neighbor that a dog that looked like mine was hit by a car by my house. So i hurried home and turns out it was my buddy, Stitch.. So I walked out and carried Stitch all the way home, Cameron Hiser and I dug a 3 foot deep grave out back by about 5 feet long and about 3 feet wide.. put some toys he loved in and a pack of burrito shells (he loved them so much). Tomorrow I'm going to go find rocks for on top the grave and make a Cross that's really nice for it. Boomer (my cat) even knew I was sad and cuddled me..

I miss him sooo much already.. im about to just break down into tears :(
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Halo Reach = Pretty damn awesome :)
Campaigns a bit short but o well.. good story (especially to us noobs who have read the books lol)
Multi-player is a lot more fun this time around.. than again they basically took halo and had it have sex with Call of Duty Modern Warfare.. good outcome though ^_^

Turns out i own 2 copies of Halo Reach.. as does my friend Jake. I had it pre-ordered (limited edition) from gamestop.com since back in April.. so i wasn't going to any midnight openings. He decided he wanted a copy last second.. so we rush up to gamestop an hour away for the midnight opening.. he buys it and somehow accidentally gets a pre-order still (so he got the armors lol) and we head to walmart. Turns out walmart was doing a free halo reach beanie, halo reach poster, and a 20$ gift card for walmart if you get it there.. so we bought a copy there each. >.<
Now to find someone to buy my spare copy off me LMAO. crazy stuff.
Well hope you all have fun :)
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watch!My friends and i made some crazy videos on my bday today.


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umm i know i rarely ever update.. but this is update worthy..
boondocks saints 2 comes out tomrrow!!!!!!!!!
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sooI noticed i don't really update this site.. my myspace is what i use when im online anymore.


go check out the songs on my profile..
XX car ride (localish from detroit)
Crossbreed (from tampa FL)

some good stuff
, \ . . /
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