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So, I just finished reading Halo: New Blood (spoilers)I'm not gunna lie - I cried like a wee baby when The Rookie died (yeah, the ODST Rookie we played as)

My unsympathetic wife dared to roll her eyes at me. Heartless.

However, I was all Hellz Yea when Buck became a Spartan
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Listen to this whilst looking at her face
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Papa DedThe missus gave birth to our little 7 lb 10 oz 20 inch angle, Leilani Serafina Forte, at 06:29 today, the 29th of March, 2014. It was a quick but brutal labor (got to the hospital at 02:00, delivered four and a half hours later) but my wife handled it wonderfully in spite of the worst pain imaginable.

Pics shall be forthcoming.
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What to name a ghostly server?So, we're going to set up a server for a product called Casper. I could use Casper as the name for the server, but it sometimes isn't best to set up a server with the same name as the product it hosts. So, we'd prefer to name it something ghost related.

So, peoples, what do you think would be a good kick-ass kind of name for a server that's related to a ghost?
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So, should I risk the scorn of the missus and order this?
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RvB Season 11Da end. Oh teh SNAP
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Pro Tip #2When one's pregnant wife gets excessively needy and bossy, referring to oneself as a drone and her as the hive-queen is not the best course of action.
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