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ConsoleWith new consoles on the horizon, I was wondering which of my friends on here would be getting im sure most will be getting xbox one but I will ask anyway. I'll be BamBamBradley on Both.

So, PS4 or Xbox One or Both?
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Skylander Addiction.So skylanders is kinda awesome right? I just recently bought the first game and now can't stop spending all my money on the little figures for the game within a month I have almost all of them from the first game....
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Flashback.I decided I would go back and read some of my old comments back in the day.....It kinda makes me sad to see how some what popular I was on this site and now I'm not really here. I used to make photo shop stuff for people all the time now I don't remember the last time I even opened photo shop and made an avatar for anyone. Oh well.

I just want to say all of you who I have known in the almost 6 years of me being on this site thanks for the good times I like looking back its good times and don't take this as I'm leaving by remincing either cause even though I don't post really ever haven't been in the forum in over 2 years I'm still about.
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New PostJust threw down about all the released albums in the nerdcore genre over at the nerdcore group so not going to re do that here. But I will let you guys know I will be 24 as of Monday and to think that I have been here for over 5 years is crazy to me I joined this site right after I graduated from high school and I may not be around as much as I used to cause life is a busy thing and I don't seem to hang out on my computer that much anymore unless it is for writing and recording raps. If you wanna talk hit me up on xbox live gamertag is BamBamBradley just message me let me know who you are since I am friends with Geoff I get lots of random friend request since my gamertag pops up in achievement videos.....I think this is the longest journal I have made in well over a year.......
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So Lazy.This is just being made cause I realized its been almost 4 months since my last journal since then I haven't done a whole lot played a lot of video games. Writing and realizing I need a new microphone. Besides that ummmm...I dunno I've been writing a lot lately to get ready when I get a better mic so I can record an release a full ep.
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Pax and more....So PAX was awesome, gotta lot of free stuff and bought the HD version of the first 5 season finally and just ordered the box for season 6,7, and 8 and the grifball dvd. I am working on my raps as well just finished a track up with Wyrfxrssn and have confirmed that I will be doing a track with Billy The Fridge.
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Oh Noes....I just realized I'm not a sponsor anymore.......
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mc chris show.Last night the mc chris show was awesome. Math the Band was crazy tons of energy so good bought their newest album they both signed it.
MC Lars and Ytcracker did an amazing show and we're super nice talked to Lars for like 30 minuets told me to email him when I'm down recording stuff.
Helped mc chris up while he was trying to jump a wall pretty awesome meet some people I didn't think I was going to meet like Beefy and Billy The Fridge my two local nerdcore artists. It was a great time If you have a chance to go to a nerdcore show do it.
I have one to go to beefy was talking about going so that will be awesome.
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