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Steve Downes to exit The DriveThe legend is stepping down from his day job. All Hail the Master Chief!

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I have no idea what the hell you are saying so here's a animated gif of a cat chasing a duckling while wearing a shark suit and riding a roomba.

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This stinksThe new size restriction on pictures in journals stinks.

I wanted to put up picture that was hotlinked and make it clickable to a different site.

But, no, now even thumbnails can't be clickable.
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A recent conversation on facebookI offer the facebook conversation below because I would enjoy hearing comments and back and forth on concealed carry laws. This all took place before the events in Connecticut, and I believe the tragedy makes conversations like this one even more important. It is peaceful discourse, rational discussion that makes progress possible.


I wanted to let you know that I'm proud of your state. Welcome to the rest of America. Very soon people in Chicago might actually have the same constitutional rights that they have been entitled to for over 200 years.



I thought much the same when I first read this, but then I realized that DC has been stone-walling and obstructing the intended results of DC vs Heller ever since. Illinois residents have a long way to go still, but I'd like to believe this is the decisive point where it's all downhill from here!


The crazy part is that everywhere besides Chicago the people of Illinois are gun loving, god fearing, hardworking patriots. It is Chi-Town that forces its twisted views on the rest of the state.


Welcome to New York State.




You know, it bears pointing out that for the last week around home, I've been as well-armed (if not better, if you argue pistol quality and caliber) as I was [when deployed], and surprisingly, no one has been killed yet.

It's actually a very similar setup. Long gun is back at the house set up for the apocalypse / broken arrow. Pistol is daily carry because it doesn't scare people as much and allows me to fight and survive long enough to get back to heavy weapons.


I'm guessing you're more proud of the appellate court of appeals and Judge Posner than you are of Illinois. Should the ruling stand, it will be at least another six months at the earliest before any kind of concealed carry law would be enacted. I'm still firmly in the camp of 'more guns in public, more opportunities for more people to get hurt.'

Of course, on a slightly related note, Judge Posner's decision also included this gem, "the interest in having sex inside one's home is much greater than the interest in having sex on the sidewalk in front of one's home."

Word here is that many legislators who supported the ban will work to enact a permit system like the one in NY. Very restrictive and very selective in who actually receives a concealed carry permit.


The NY (and moreover, the NYC) system is an abortion. Registering specific weapons by serial number with your local sheriff's office after an application process that takes over 6 months is little better than what Illinois has now. I've carried weapons personally and professionally for over a decade and have a security clearance most of them have never dreamed of, yet some pissant county sheriff gets to decide whether I'm good to go? BS. That's grudgingly honoring the minimum letter of the law, not the spirit in which it was intended.


Well, that is the crux of the matter. The spirit of the law in NY is obvious. Obtaining a concealed license should be and is ridiculously difficult. The spirit of the court decision or a more expansive reading of the 2nd amendment is something else.

The question now is will Illinois appeal this all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court? My feeling is the full panel of the 7th Circuit would probably follow Posner's lead, but that's just a guess. Given Posner's past writings on the Heller decision, his decision in this case was surprising. Despite the ILNRA lobbyist's foolish empty boasting about "they're" unwilling to compromise now that "they" have this decision, mouthpieces like him seem to forget who controls both houses of the legislature and all statewide elected offices except for one. If his "they" want to get anything done, it will have to be done the old fashioned way through compromise and give-and-take. If not, leaders in both parties will go end-around on the ILNRA and other associated hardliners and pass something without their input. Things like that happen in IL all the time.

Admittedly, the governor might not survive his next primary much less a general election. But the IL Republican party is legendarily incompetent in the last 15-20 years. The last one worth talking about was Jim Edgar, and he hasn't wanted to wade into the morass of IL politics in over a decade. Plus, most of the major R candidates other than the state treasurer are in some way connected to DuPage Cty. And many people remember that in DuPage they were more than willing to execute a few guys for being Latino who they framed illegally rather than actually find out who really murdered a little girl. The state treasurer is the only R who has a snowball's chance of winning the gov's election, and even then, he won't have a majority in either chamber.

If it loses the appeals process, Illinois will pass something like NY. Especially if there is actually something important going on that is also being debated. Right now, people here care a lot more about pension reform, budget reform and tax reform than they do about concealed carry. Also, I will be stunned if the price of a concealed carry license is reasonable and a good value. With the way Illinois needs revenue, we can expect the price to be ridiculously expensive.
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Really? You scheduled it for today?So as most everyone knows, the presidential debate is tonight. Gov. Romney and President Obama will be focusing on foreign policy issues during this debate. Most people who work on federal elections will collectively all say, "Oh happy joy, no one gives a shit about foreign policy issues and even fewer want to watch a debate on it." Unless the country is gripped in a generational conflict that will change socie-... Oh, wait, that's right, Tricky Rickie Nixon beat the late Sen. George McGovern, may he rest in peace, like a rented mule in one of the most lopsided elections in U.S. history. Yes, 19 months later Nixon resigned in disgrace. No, even if he hadn't been running a dirty tricks squad, he probably would have stomped McGovern like a tank on a cockroach. And the United States was gripped in national angst over the Vietnam War.

Beating an incumbent president is ridiculously difficult in modern times. See Reagan, Clinton and Bush Jr. Gov. Romney is going to lose the election. Bush Sr. was a burp in the universe, and his campaign team was legendarily bad at their job.

Romney is going to lose because he has given the American people no salient reason for them to vote for him and no reason whatsoever to believe that he is going to do anything differently from George W. Bush, regardless of how much smarter Romney is compared to Bush.

The point here is not that Pres. Obama is going to be re-elected, even though he will be.

The point here is why the hell did they schedule the debate for tonight!?! I mean, c'mon, guys! The Bears are coming off the bye week against a division opponent who doesn't suck unlike the Bears' last two games. And let's not forget, the Bears were beaten like they stole something by Green Bay, which admittedly is having an off year, but you can't count them out. The Vikings are going to fade, because, let's face it, they're the Minnesota Vikings, and that's what they do. The Lions are the only real team they'll have faced after today. The Cowboys suck out loud, so it was no surprise the Bears won there.

I have to choose between the two? My PC is not located anywhere near my TV and it ain't portable by any stretch. And I definitely do not have picture-in-picture.

Not cool scheduling, guys. Not cool at all.
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I love this - It's fanstastic
The "No Spill" Kangaroo Cup

Link to promotional video for the Kangaroo Cup Kickstarter project

No spill cup invented by a little girl, originally to help her grandfather. They've been to China and now ready for production.

We are a father and daughter team. Lily is the inventor and I'm the product development professional. I've brought dozens of inventions to market, including the skipdoctor, totaling hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. On this project, we're supported by YanJun Weng and his expert ceramics team at Wow Tao Ceramics and the China National Ceramic Art Center in JingDeZhen, China. Many thanks to Jared Schmoker for his tireless craftsmanship in prototyping our many samples. This project would not have ever started without the unflinching support and inspiration of Andrea Horyn at Bughouse Studio. And of course, a special thanks to Gramma and Grampa and Aunty Kate for inspiring and collaborating on the invention every step of the way.

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