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geoff Cast & Crew
Three down...1) The Missionary Position: Mother Teresa in Theory and Practice
2) Holidays on Ice - David Sedaris
3) Paper Towns - John Green
4) ?
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geoff Cast & Crew
New Years Resolution?I hesitate to post this, because I'm not very confident I'll be able to do it, but it's long been my desire to read 52 books in 52 straight weeks. I almost tried it last year, but was talked out of it by a friend. However, I just realized that Griffon and I read a book today (The Missionary Position: Mother Teresa in Theory and Practice), which would theoretically put me ahead of the game if I decided to make it my 2014 resolution...
Should I give it a go?
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geoff Cast & Crew
Top 10 Let's Plays of the year?We're compiling a list of the 10 best Let's Plays of 2013 and would love some feedback. Have any suggestions?
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geoff Cast & Crew
Achievement Hunter Holiday Prints!Our Limited Edition Achievement Hunter holiday prints are in! We have a pretty limited quantity, so if cool art prints are your thing, you might wanna grab one sooner than later. I'd hate to see you miss out, and have to beat up Gus and take his.

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geoff Cast & Crew
Back in the saddleI'm back in the office for the first time in 18 days, and after five minutes with the lads, I realize my vacation wasn't long enough.
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geoff Cast & Crew
ApologiesIn a recent video, Gavin and I jokingly discussed something called "Connect the Hots". First off, I want to say that we sincerely apologize if we made any of our audience feel uncomfortable. We want to be clear that in no way do we condone following women or men down the street, stalking, or giving unwanted sexual attention to someone. That's not funny and not something anyone should ever do.

We produce over 3 hours of content a week, and sometimes we make mistakes. We have grown our audience because we try not to censor ourselves. We try not to filter our jokes or discussions during videos. When you do that occasionally you are going to say really stupid stuff. That's what happened here, and we're sorry. To make matters worse, sometimes things we say can become amplified and exaggerated in the feedback loop of online comments. We can't and wouldn't try to control free discussion online even when we disagree with it, but we can take responsibility for our own actions and statements. For that reason, we have taken the video offline.

We know that as fans and community members of Rooster Teeth and Achievement Hunter you value our honesty and transparency with you (and we value you as well), that's why we wanted to speak to you directly. We appreciate everyone for voicing their opinion about everything we do, and we are listening. We sincerely regret what was said, and we appreciate your support, loyalty and friendship more than anything.
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geoff Cast & Crew
Looking for GTA Let's Play ideas...We're currently in the market for some Let's Play ideas for GTA IV. We're not running low or anything, Hell, I think we have about 9 filmed and in the can right now. GTA is just one of those games where everybody found a super funny/fun thing to do with their friends in multiplayer, and we want to try out as many ideas as possible.

So, if there was an awesome game you and your buddies made up and used to play, tell us about it. We want to play too.
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