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geoff Cast & Crew
geoff Cast & Crew
busy dayI added a sizing chart to the store today, hopefully that will help you guys and girls select the right sizes when ordering. I also made a post on the main page about the new paintball event we will be doing soon. I can't fucking wait for that thing. It's going to be the most fun ever.
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geoff Cast & Crew
Workin 9 to 5We started the process of moving into our office space today, which basically meant that we bought a pizza cutter, a pasta strainer, and a coffee pot. Matt and I also fought over which plates to get, but I fucking won.
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geoff Cast & Crew
Pink and Black SaturdayWhat a day. Painting the hallway pink and black, the dog has red mange, it's raining, and I ate too many ribs.
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geoff Cast & Crew
Painting, staining, and tilingHaving a house is a lot of work. This weekend we tiled the kitchen,stained the concrete in the living room, and painted everything. Phew. It's fume city in my house now.
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geoff Cast & Crew
Updating from my TV and the Mac Mini!I'm just testing out gus's new mac mini. This this thing is awesome.
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geoff Cast & Crew
Pics fucking galoreHere are some pics of our new dogs (since the last one died of terminal puppy cancer), and some more of the pirate room. Argghhhh!

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geoff Cast & Crew
Busy dayGriffon already posted this in her journal, but I figured "what the hell". We had a busy day today.

we also made this tonight. Take that you table saw naysayers!
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geoff Cast & Crew
Merry Christmas!Merry Christmas everyone! I hope Santa brings you all of hte nerdy things your hearts desire this year. Griffon and I will spend the whole day in airports. I don't know how he will find us there, but he is a smart guy I guess...
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