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MichyGeary Forum Mod
RTX and the likeSo I'm heavily considering going to RTX but a few key unknowns need to be squared away first, so to you, RoosterTeeth community, I pose the following queries:

1) Is anyone driving/carpooling from or through the Los Angeles area and care to add one more hitchhiker for a share of the cost of gasoline?
2) Is anyone looking for a relatively low maintenance hostel, hotel or house guest to either contribute to lodging costs or eat your food and sleep on your couches as the case may be?

Any and all light shed on the matter is greatly apprecaited.
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MichyGeary Forum Mod
Watch out guysI'm like starting to get obsessed with this place.
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MichyGeary Forum Mod
Pokemon XY?Friend me!


Leave your friend code in the comments. (My friend Safari is Normal, FYI.)
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It's all part of the plan!Really quickly, because I'm at work, I want to share something with you all.

I've been in Los Angeles for about a year and a half now, and I've been doing a lot of projects. This is the first time that something I've been a part of, production-wise, is released and available for viewing. I hope you'll check it out! It's really funny, and I'm really proud of it. It's episode 5 in the first season of this web series, but you can just jump right in with it and still appreciate it. :) Please tell me what you think!
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MichyGeary Forum Mod
First Geocities, now thisFucking hell. Just found out that my forumer board is completely gone.

I got an email about 9 months ago saying that it was going to change over to a new server. It did NOT mention that I needed to manually migrate it myself. Come to find out I apparently had two months to do so before they shut down their old server and all my information is now lost.

So peeved. They never sent me an email to migrate. They just sent me the notification of the changes. Fucking everything is gone. I am so upset.
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MichyGeary Forum Mod
Living it up in HollywoodMy script supervising gig was amazing. Thanks to everyone who liked our Facebook or Twitter and showed an interest in the film! I can't wait to see what it looks like when it's all done.

After we wrapped, I went back to my internship with One Day On Earth. We're currently working on a project called "One Day In Los Angeles." We've submitted a grant proposal and we're hoping to get as much support as possible! There's about 18 hours left of voting, so if you have a moment, I would love if you could vote for ours. You can use your Facebook or an email. Just make sure to make it all the way to your vote being confirmed.

Incidentally, if you have anything you need votes for, leave me a comment and I'll be happy to return the favor.

I have a ton of more exciting stuff coming up soon that I can't wait to share with you guys! (If you still care, haha.) Life is good!
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Spoilers. You've been warned.Hey guys! You know what I think is really cool? People on this site.

And you know who's a really cool people on this site? Amy.

You know. The artist of Citation Needed. The artist of Burnie's profile photo. Yeah. Her.

Well. Now she's "that girl from Penny Arcade's new reality show, Strip Search." And she's not just "that girl." She's "that girl who won that first challenge they did."

So you know what I think would be the coolest? If we could all check out the episode and leave some nice comments on the thread there about how talented and pretty and awesome Amy is. Because like. Fighting on the internet is dumb, and we should all just love and support people we care about and tell them that they smell nice and they can also draw really well too.

And there's also like a poll and stuff asking who should have won the competition, and I'm just saying, Amy's name is on there.

So like. If you have a mo. Go say something about Amy and how she's a winner. Because like. Clearly she is. And people should know so.

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MichyGeary Forum Mod
I'm a movie star!Okay, not quite. But I've been out in LA for almost a year, and I'm making some good headway in the entertainment industry. I've worked on a reality TV show and a documentary, and now it's time for my first feature film!

It chronicles the story of a musician in Los Angeles trying to make it. There's also a bit of expose on the art world and what it's like as a painter/photographer. It's very artsy and gritty and I'm really excited to be working on it.

If it sounds like something that interests you, check out our Facebook page! We'll be doing a Kickstarter soon where you can get really cool exclusive stuff from the set and the cast, so like us if you want updates. I've also posted on Reddit, so for all you Reddit-goers, a thumbs-up would be super!

I haven't talked to you guys in a while. Please leave a comment or message me what you're up to these days! I want to hear from all of you.
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