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Day 2: If you shop anywhere else I'll have you killed! Day 2.. ended up only seeing the Halo Master Chief Collection panel, which was awesome. Seriously, check this shit out. 120% graphics, such excite, much anticipation, wow. But yea, I skipped out on the Hall H stuff, I figure it wasn't THAT high on my list to warrant going there at 1 am. And there really just weren't any other panels of interest (besides a few TV shows that I'm not caught up on, no spoilers!).

I got a shirt! And then another? And then 2 more as gifts... and then 4 of those little Funko POP (Edit: these guys must be making a KILLING off of Comic-Con) things... 2 of which are also gifts, again. Annnnd I got a mini Mass Effect Alliance fleet... but not that mini. In fact, quite bulky, and very much a pain to carry around. Also I got my Zeratul, Zergling plush (adorable), and my brother's Faerie Dragon, as well I picked up one of the tokens they have for these little machines... but I just kept the coin (it's a RL "The Coin"). So, yea,pics when I can. Wallet is hating me now.

On the costume watch we saw a few pretty damned good ones, ranging from Eren Yaeger in Titan form, to a double-sided Unikitty (regular and angry face). And I saw a good Ryuko! A winrar is me.

Good day, bad day for wallet. Got kinda boned in the Titanfall tourney I was in. I don't understand why they wouldn't just have all the gear unlocked for everyone, instead of people only getting gear based on how previous players of the tourney played and performed. My brother and I both got kinda shafted at ranks 12 and 4 respectively, compared the most of the other players at rank 24+. Either way, I scored 4th in the game, 2nd on my team, so I didn't do TOO bad, but I also didn't qualify to advance, so... yea. Maybe I'll give it another shot today.
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Day 1: Looks like nobody's homeSo, day 1 at SDCC went pretty well all things considered. I got into both of the big panels I wanted (Focused on the prospective Battlestar movie and Halo: Nightfall) and they did not disappoint. Although I didn't get the sweet Halo Xbox 1... and Frank O'Connor plead the 5th on my question... Still, they were fun panels. I did miss out on the Nightfall signings, but I'll live.

On to my new gear. I wasn't able to get any of the Blizzard exclusives I wanted, gonna try again today, although I did get my sweet Nova pin :F stupid sexy ghost ass. Got a few miscellaneous artwork cards here and there, a whole mess of car decals to up my geek cred, and an awesome little Imperial Scout Trooper bobblehead. To top it off, I found all of the Halo comics I was missing :D

I also haven't broken the bank! Yet.

I didn't see a whole lot in the way of costumes today, which I'm hoping changes. I want at least one good Ryuko here. There's a bunch of Attack on Titan however, which was cool, and I saw one of the last costumes I ever expected, Minsk and Boo! I'll see if I can upload my pics in a minute, if not then I'll upload at home.

Overall, the center seemed like it was little empty compared to previous experience, hence the journal name. I had fun with my first day, and I can't wait for day 2. Further updates as events warrant.

Update: Looks like my camera's pictures are too large to upload from here. I gotta wait until I get back to make them smaller size.
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Got a fever of a hundred and three!Fuck it! I'm going to RTX next time around. I'm a smart guy, I can figure out a plan to make it happen. NO MATTER THE COST!!! Also because it's relevant and because I CANNOT FOR THE LIFE OF ME GET IT OUT OF MY HEAD, a message from our sponsors. Only the dead can know peace from the foot tapping and humming. ONLY THE DEAD!
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Progress TrackerWelp, 8 hour drive to Solvang, sleep for a night, delicious breakfast, and another 4 hours to Oceanside. All with a surly brother who hates road tripping. And he's angry because we can't get internet on the Xbox because of the Worldmark's internet portal system. But yea, I'VE been having fun with it. Finished my book, had a delicious workout session at the mini-gym. All-in-all I can't complain. And the hype for Comic-con is ever growing! How's your day been?

PS: I found a $20 at a gas station. Big come ups :D
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Checked up and good to go!Bring it on SDCC, my body is ready! My wallet is not! There will be casualties, but they will be remembered, and preserved in the T-shirts, posters, and other miscellaneous items that they've paid for. Godspeed Benjamin and Andrew, you too, Alexander and Abraham.
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Elevators are the titsSpecifically the ones on the back of moving trucks. Thank the unholy gods for that thing. Also I hate Summer. IT'S TOO DAMN HOT!

PS: Stop posting so many RTX pics... my jars can only hold so much jelly...

PPS: So many burn cards allowed on Titanfall now! And stickers! And Jeeves!!!! (Except not that Jeeves)

PPSSPSPSSS1: I don't think I've ever used this many links in one journal... or this many PS's.
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Squad FailWhy are Gears players so bad at teamwork D:
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FuckAnd my WoW account is unfrozen... I just can't Let it Go.
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