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Pug UFCI have two pugs duking it out on top of me on the couch. It would be kind of adorable if I wasn't trying to sleep.
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My E-Dollars pleaseI had a whole nine people watching me kill Plant 42 in REmake! Wowww! It made me pretty self-conscious about checking my map every 30 seconds.
2 days ago  |  Comments (0)
SUV vs. MedianCar crashes suck, they're also pretty damn terrifying. Flips aren't quite so much fun when they're not confined to a rollercoaster. If you're wondering, the median won.
2 weeks ago  |  Comments (0)
What pisses you off?I cannot stand when people ignore me when I ask them a question or say something that would warrant a response. It fucking drives me insane and it's currently happening with a number of people at the moment. What makes it worse is that it makes ME feel like a nag when I have to ask again, like, why am I feeling bad because YOU'RE (no, not you you) being a prick?

Anyone else have annoyances?
2 weeks ago  |  Comments (2)
Fast Five! (Facts!)I guess I've been hit by an invisible laser (@Higgmeister is being investigated for the event) or something that compels me to divulge my personal information!

1. I wanted to be a helicopter pilot. Yes, the wind around me, piloting a giant flying contraption of metal... armed with missiles and boolets a-plenty, these are a few of my favorite things. I'd probably been interested ever since playing Soviet Strike and because of various other videos and stuff. Anyways, that helo went down hard when I learned they don't allow Diabetics to serve in military, which leads me to...

2. I was diagnosed with Type One Diabetes when I was 11 years old. I remember I was going to the bathroom literally every 10 minutes, chugging water, Gatorade, milk, whatever I could get my hands on to re-hydrate. It finally got to the point where I couldn't go to school, so my dad drove me in to the clinic to see what was up. After a few tests they told us that I was diabetic and in DKA (extremely high blood sugar) and turfed me across the street to the hospital. I stayed for about a week watching a Mythbusters marathon.

Woooow look at those Fast Facts!

3. Video games are my blood. I've been playing them for as long as I can remember, and I don't see myself quitting any time soon. I blame my mom mostly, she worked at EA when I was little so we got a lot of stuff free/discounted. I've owned a PS1, N64, Sega, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance, Gameboy SP, Nintendo DS, Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Gamecube, and a Wii. And my PC.

4. I used to be kinda cool! Before my family moved up to Truckee, we lived in the Bay Area in Saratoga. I used to go skating down there with my brother and friends, and I did stuff outside and was active. When I moved I lost contact with all my friends, I was like... nine, so yea. Additionally, I was going to school in Reno, almost an hour away, so doing things with my new friends was always difficult.

Fast Facts!

5. Finally, I have the strangest eating habits of anyone ever (according to my family). I pretty much turn down any and every vegetable/fruit. Carnivore 99%, because seasoning isn't meat. I also like bread, cheese, nuts, that sort of stuff. It drives my family nuts, and it drives ME nuts when I eat out with them, because it ALWAYS comes up, no matter what. It's fucking irritating.

Oh my goodness, such Fast Facts! Woooohohohow!

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Shut DOWWNNNDamn, no joy on the Guardian application. HOPEFULLY my application for baseball security goes better. Otherwise I'm gonna be way too bored. I wish I knew what exactly disqualified me though.
1 month ago  |  Comments (1)
SleepyLife is starting to become exhausting. It's just the same shit daily, same issues, same people, same conversations, same jokes... fuck.
1 month ago  |  Comments (0)
Evolves!Streaming Evolve for XB1 in case anyone is interested

1 month ago  |  Comments (0)
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