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Kaisonic You All Rock
Kaisonic You All Rock
That awkward moment when......you request time off for "a convention in August", and your boss asks "What convention?", and you try to explain what RTX is.....
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Kaisonic You All Rock
FUCKI am KICKING myself for not guessing this week's murder. It was between what happened and the one I guessed, but I didn't make the full connection, so I guessed wrong. SHIIIIIIT.

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Kaisonic You All Rock
10 YearsTen years ago, I signed up for an account on a site called "RedvsBlue.com" and began chatting with other people that liked a goofy web series in the world of Halo on this crazy thing called "The Internet". It became my #1 bookmark; the first site I would visit every time I turn on my computer. Ten years later, nothing has changed. In fact, I don't even check the site on my phone - I wait until I'm on my computer. Nostalgia for the days before magic Internet devices? Maybe. Laziness and lack of a mobile-friendly site? Yeah, probably.

But anyway, I love Rooster Teeth, and I love the RT community. Here's to 10 more! *grabs imaginary drink because I don't have any money to have any alcohol in the house*
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Kaisonic You All Rock
NumberingWhy do I keep hearing all this news about the Xbox One? Didn't that come out in like 2001? There were already 359 successors! .....weren't there?

Now PlayStation - THAT's a numbering system I can follow! 1 2 3 4! Simple as that Dracula guy from Sesame Street!

*insert hilarious and appropriate meme/gif of that guy here*

What? I'm lazy!
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Kaisonic You All Rock
WellThus ends another meeting of the holy-fuck-RTX-was-awesome club. Same time next year, everybody!
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Kaisonic You All Rock
To: David "KnucklesDawson" DregerI barely knew you. I only corresponded with you a few times and met you even fewer times, but still, I'll never forget you. If you go to my image gallery here on the RT site, you're only in the second row. A result of my lack of posting pictures almost ever? Maybe. A deep metaphor of how important you were? Definitely. You were part of the reason I went to RvBTO in 2009, and even part of the reason I started doing Achievement Hunter Community Videos. You inspired me to do bigger and better things both on my own and for the Rooster Teeth community. Rest in peace, good buddy.

To the friends and family of David that knew him better than I ever could, you have my deepest condolences, and I wish you all the best.
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Kaisonic You All Rock
Featured!!In my Featured User stupor, I posted a big self-promoting journal entry, then updated my profile picture. But now the latter shows up as my "Latest Post", which accidentally bumped my big journal entry off, but now this should, I think....

Anyway, just click on my journal, I made a big post
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Kaisonic You All Rock
:-DI'm not sure if it's a random rotation, or specifically picked each day, but this is my third time being Featured User I guess I must be kinda awesome?

This is actually a great time for a little more exposure for me. If you follow the Achievement Hunter community channel (http://www.youtube.com/AHCommunityVids) you'll notice I'm in three videos today (thanks Caleb!) Two are "Things to do in.... Minecraft" - I helped @DominicMarqu show off his Epic Troll Map and I helped @LordLethonai play Russian Roulette.

I also made a random guide for Burnout: Revenge, getting the Stack the Pack achievement.

I also recorded a video with @RockinDumbas that'll be up soon showing off just a small part of his awesome Minecraft map designed specifically for AH Let's Plays. Hopefully they (we?) can figure out a better solution to submitting Xbox 360 Minecraft maps!

For anything else I do on the Internet, you can usually find your way from my own website, Kaisonic.net. It's kind of a homepage for my Twitter, YouTube, etc. And if you feel like connecting with me, my Xbox Live gamertag and Twitter handle are also just Kaisonic

If you feel so inclined to meet me in person, I'll be a Guardian at this year's RTX, helping out with Security. I'm quite large, but really just a giant teddy bear, so feel free to approach me!

I'd also like to point out the awesome group RT Community Shorts. If you're a filmmaker or lurk in the Filmmaking/Machinima forum (like I am/do) you should definitely join that group. We're planning on making live-action shorts, the first at RTX this year. I might not have a lot of time to help, being a Guardian, but hopefully I (and you!) can still be a part of it!

Additionally, I'm in between jobs right now (read: unemployed), so if you need some voice acting done, a machinima or gameplay video recorded, or just a co-commentator for an Achievement Hunter community video, let me know! I've got some kick-ass equipment and plenty of free time

Welp, that's it for me! If you like cool videos and/or marching bands, you should definitely check this video out. Or, if you just want to see me and a friend rant out about Halo, check out this video.

To Rooster Teeth and the whole community,
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