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Working a garage sale in FloridaI am in a purgatory of yoga pants and fanny packs. Someone help.
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Most days I'm a little slow,but every once in a while, I go pretty fast.

Watch your volume, the wind noise is kind of annoying.

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Hi GuysSo I survived running a 5k last weekend. It has not changed my opinion that running is dumb, but its cool to know I can do it.

Hope you guys have been doing alright.
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Well looky thereI'm all graduated.

Either my father can't work a camera or I can't work my face.

I was pretty unenthusiastic about sitting around for hours just to walk across a stage, but it was definitely something to witness when all the people cheered as the grads moved their tassles over.

It hasn't really sunk in yet. I'm going to have a few busy months ahead of me trying to get my stuff together to apply to various grad writing programs and finding a means of income in Jax, but I'm looking forward to it.

I should be around more now, sorry about fading away but it has been a hell of a busy year.
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Still aroundManaged to survive my first outing on the new motorcycle.

Stuff starts zipping by real fast at 160 mph. I never went anywhere near a competitive race pace during the day, but for my first outing on a superbike I was pretty happy with the results. Figured out some changes that need to be made to the suspension and didn't break anything, mission accomplished.

I was supposed to go check out the shuttle launch yesterday with the college of engineering, but two weeks of limited sleep made 12 plus hours in a bus seem less than enjoyable. Hopefully I can make it to one of the remaining scheduled launches.

Hope things are well with you guys.
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Hi folksSeems like my vacations/breaks are always far more hectic than my typical day to day, and this one was no exception. I've been kind of m.i.a. for a while, and that will probably keep up for some time. Just got back from my first day of advanced workshop and I'm pretty excited about this semester. My teacher seems nice and more importantly, like she will be helpful.

I also officially acquired, or was acquired by, a new lady while over break. So trying to find time to hangout between a writer and engineering schedule will be cutting into some online time.

Another exciting most exciting development over break was being suprised by my parents with a 2004 yamaha R1 track bike. Dad got an awesome deal on it from a friend he works with and tricked me by saying we wouldn't be able to get it for a while, only to toss me the key to the gas tank on christmas morning. So now I have a bike that is for the race track only, that I can continue to learn on and repair relatively cheaply if the need should arise. Down the road Dad and I plan to enter some endurance races that run for multiple hours and require multiple riders, so its a bit of an investment for him.

Jackie, in advance I apologize for it being yellow. First time I scratch it up good, I'll look into getting it painted.

Most importantly, and I know it is a bit late, I hope you all had good holidays and that you each have a happy and fulfilling year ahead of you.
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Mother NatureYou're on notice. I'll let it slide this one time. You rain out another track day and I start taking trees down. You don't want to rumble with me, missy.
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Fetch me a flannel shirt!I feel as if I should go wrestle a bear or murder a tree.

About the stories I said I was going to be posting a few journals back. I got a bit bogged down by paper writing and the regular school grind, not to mention trying to get some reading for fun done. It'll happen, I promise. I even sketched out a few more ideas, I just need a couple of peaceful days to sit down with them and make them coherent.
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