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Long TIme no talkWell Hello everyone
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Ambassador... Whats that you say??!Why thank you Xbox for allowing me to become one of your prestigious Ambassadors!!!! Now time to go here people whine about issues and help them out without making them cry!!
2 years ago  |  Comments (2)
Im around and not dead!Hey guys so im still around and not dead! Just been super busy this past year with summer, the Navy, and now im currently on deployment! Some new stuff with me is that Im in a fantastic relationship and will ask her to marry me later this year. I do VBSS (Visit, Board, Search, and Seizure), you can see some of those pics on my profile! and now im waiting to get promoted to E-5 if i can make it! But for real I have just been super busy! I still kick everyones ass at CoD and Halo 4 is the 2nd best Halo made so far behind Halo 2!

But whats new with yall? Im on deployment now and have nothing better to do so ill be on here more often, even though my gaming is close to none out here!
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Sorry Guys... and Gals!SO I have been a way for a little while due to work! Im working on getting ready for deployment coming up in January. Obviously the Navy takes precedence over most things in my life, but things are still busy but i will try and make time to come on here!

ALso who is a good graphix artist?
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E-4Found out today that I made E-4!!!!
3 years ago  |  Comments (1)  |  + 8 Cool
The AvengersWatching it right now and all I can say is that there are weird things happening to my body!!!

I cant even describe how awesome this movie is so far!
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MoviesSo my friend lost my hard drive with all of my movies I have EVER downloaded on it! and so now I start my collection from scratch and would like to know some must haves for it since I cant remember what all I had!
3 years ago  |  Comments (4)
FINALLY!Just pulled back in from sea, time to spend some time on land!
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