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BirthdaySo today is my birthday and I am 24. Thank you that is all.

But I did get feed a giraffe today that was cool
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Achievement HuntingHello everyone its been a long time since i took the time to post a journal but i have been on the site i just havent been sharing lol but other then that let me get down to the point.

In celebration for the launch of Halo 4 i am going to be do some Halo Achievement hunting and as of now i do not at have a complete list of what i need but i will get to work on that soon. So if you would like to help me please leave me a comment or if you are one of my friends on xboxlive and you see that i am on a halo game you are more then welcome to help.

And this achievement hunting isnt just for me if youve been having issues getting your own achievements then i would be more than happy to help so let me know what you need and we can do it together.

Davo out see you soon
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First DaySo today is my first day of work, im actually on my break, but im working for a place called GTM Sportswear as a Heat Press worker. Right now im just prepping but still im having fun.

Well more about Manhattan later but its back to work! Seeya
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Cant go to RTX...So earlier this week I lost my job cementing the fate of my trip to RTX. So its official no RTX and I am very depressed like this is the first time ive been on the since I got laid off.

So to all of my friends have fun for me please.
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Hunger games and 21 Jump streetK so last night heather go back.from her trip and right after she pulled into.the drive way we left to go see the hunger games. From a person who didnt read the books I thought the movie was very go, I would give it a 7.5 out of 10. And heather has read all the books multiple times and she gave it a 7.5 out of 10 as well.

So today was fun it started with waking up early after seeing the latest show of the hunger games and driving an hour and a half for.my great uncles funeral. He was 98 and It was a good service best part was the hearse got stuck in the mud after.the service so me my brother dad uncle.cousins and the army color.guard had to to push it out of the mud all in suits and uniforms. It was awesome. But we got food hung out then went shopping then we went to go.see 21 jump street and it was fucking HILAROUS!!!! Like at some points I was crying cause it was so funny but it wasnt just me it was everyone in the theatres so I would give it prolly a 8.5 in a comedy film and heather gave it a 8.3 so both very worth it of your time to.go see.
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4 years and Movie MadnessSo i just realized that ive been part of the site for 4 YEARS now and thats Awesome and i cant wait to spend several more years on the site!!!

And i just found out i jumped up to 3rd in the SML and im shocked and so all i can say is THANK YOU LORAX!!!!!

Well talk to you'll later
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Movie LeaguesOkay so its been a little bit since i wrote about the movie league im in which there is a change in one of them so lets get it all started.

Summer Movie League: (as of Feb. 19th)

Haywire: $18,751,460
Man on a Ledge: $18,377,456
TOTAL so far: $37,128,916
Current Rank: 5th out of 8
Next up coming movie: The Lorax

Well for the Bizarro League their was a major change to my line up is that i traded The Hunger Games for Dog Fight, The Lucky One, and The Five Year Engagement. So here is an updated list of my movies. And how well they are doing so far.

One For The Money: $25,461,147
This Means War: $19,015,735
Dog Fight
The Lucky One
The Five Year Engagement
21 Jump Street
Snow White and The Huntsman
Big Miracle
Premium Rush

All right well i try to update my list better but go help my movies win lol
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