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A Letter to Texas State TrainwreckThe 2014-2015 season was going to be my last season coaching Texas State Trainwreck. As much as I had enjoyed coaching the previous two seasons, it had taken a toll on me. It had strained my relationships, my mental health, and eaten a lot of my free time. Did I regret any second of it? Of course not, but I was tired. Feeling this before the season began, I knew in my mind I wouldn't be able to carry on for much longer.

With the start of the fall season, we saw tons of new recruits come out over the first few weeks (big thanks to the 5 of you who stuck around). Almost all of the vets were attending every practice. Everyone showed how much they wanted to play, improve, and work hard. As a coach, there isn't much more you can ask for. Yet, in my mind, this would be my last fall.

Part of the drain of coaching Trainwreck, was missing time with my wonderful girlfriend, Holly. You could imagine I was nothing short of elated when she offered up a night a week to help me coach. Not only would she bring tons of high level experience from the women's game, but it also meant she had to spend a 90 minute commute listening to me talk nonstop (mostly about Trainwreck)! Still, in my mind, the coming spring would be my last.

Throughout our spring season, I kept trying to remind myself it was the final semester for me. Apparently, Trainwreck had other plans, as at almost every practice and tournament, someone did something exciting. Whether it be as a team, or one individual, I witnessed humility, unity, growth, or strength. This team rallied around each other everyday for the better. I was fortunate each week to see growth of character and skill, see our team support each other through the good and the bad, battle through rough tournament conditions. Even in it's worst moments, Trainwreck shone with spirit, passion, and love for one another. Yet I still knew, my last days with Trainwreck were around the corner.

Driving to the team banquet Sunday, Holly asked me "Are you sure you don't want to coach next year?". My response was something along the lines of how I was sure I was done coaching, how it's not logical to do it. The commute was long, it's a strain on our relationship, etc. The more I spoke, the more I realized I didn't believe my own mind.

I love this team. I love it's passion, I love it's work ethic, I love the respect everyone shares. Heck, I even love the sass (sometimes)! So thank you Trainwreck for putting up with my game-time speeches, my ramblings at practice, liking all my super long, "inspirational", Facebook posts. Thank you for respecting me as coach and as a person. Thank you for believing in, and fighting for my beliefs on balancing spirit and competitiveness. Thank you for believing in yourselves. Thank you for an incredible 3 years of ultimate and friendship. Holly and I both look forward to coaching for the the 2015-2016 season!

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Send me Over the Edge......of a building! A 38 story building to be exact!

The Make-a-Wish Foundation of Central Texas hosts an event every year where they send participants rappelling down the side of the W Hotel in Austin. The catch is that only those who raise $1500 are able to rappel down and even then, spots are limited.

If you'd love to send me rappelling down a building, please donate to my page. Every dollar helps get me to my first goal of $1500.

While $1500 is a great goal, I'd really like to raise $5000. That's the rough cost of granting a wish to a child. While I don't have a full idea of what I'd do if $5000 is raised to my page, it's been suggested I'd rappel dressed as my Minecraft character (I don't have a costume though). Please feel free to share some ideas you'd like me to do if $5000 is raised.


TL;DR Donate money to my Make-a-Wish Foundation page to send me rappelling down a 38 story building for charity.

P.S. Thanks to the lovely folks at RT SideQuest for sponsoring me for this event. You are such an incredible group that do so much for charity and for our community!
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Dopp vs Doop
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5 Facts are TrendyI saw @roadblock and @dopp had posted 5 facts journal, and like the leader I am, I am following their example.

1. After a few years away from regular practice, I've started reading again. It's been a slow start, but a little over a week ago I started reading the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. I read all 5 in a week and have now moved onto the sequel series, The Heroes of Olympus (another 5 part series). I also highly recommend the Graceling series and for a cute read, the Origami Yoda books.

2. With my increase of book reading, my gaming time has gone way down. The last game I beat/100% (with an actual campaign) was the Walking Dead Season 1.

3. When I lived in California, I went to the movies at least once per week. I'd see almost every movie that came out at midnight on Thursday. Now, I see maybe a movie every two months.

4. My two favorite foods are cheese and potatoes. There are so many types of cheese it's amazing and the potato is super cheap, tasty, and can be prepared so many different ways.

5. My new favorite color is purple. For a long time I didn't have one, then a few years ago a joke between my friend Dan and me led to it being pink. A couple months ago it hit me that my true favorite is purple.

I encourage you all to go out and make a 5 fact journal. Just be sure to think about what you post, try to share info people here wouldn't know!


P.S. Feel free to tag me in your journals, I'll read them all (might not comment though).
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New to Achievement Hunter?If you were to introduce someone to Achievement Hunter, what videos would you show them? What videos would be good for explaining inside jokes? What series should be shared? What episodes?

I'm asking for reasons.
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New Years Resolution UpdateEvery 4 years, the World Flying Disc Federation hosts both a World Ultimate Club Championship and a World Ultimate Championship. The first, is a tournament featuring the best club teams from countries all over the world. This event was most recently hosted in 2014 in Lecco, Italy. I was fortunate enough to play with a coed team from Mexico.

The second of those events, the World Ultimate Championships, features one team from each country (about 25 countries in total). That team is formed from the best players in each country through a rigorous tryout process. In the US, you have to submit and pass a written tryout to even be considered for tryouts.

Why am I telling you this? Because as I stated it my New Years Resolution journal, I've set a personal goal of trying out for Team USA and they've just announced the location of the event. #HYPE

The 2016 World Ultimate Championships will be host from June 18th to the 25th in London, England!! I've always wanted to make a trip to the UK, so why not do it with a chance to be a world champion?

As for my minor resolutions for 2015 (the ones to aid me to reach the big goal), I'm actually doing really well aside from still drinking too much soda.

How are you all doing on your resolutions? If I make this team (my goal is simply to get an invite to tryouts, but a guy can dream!) who of you will come watch?

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New Years Resolution 2015In the past I've always set little goals for my New Years Resolutions. Each year I meet most of those goals, but don't feel accomplished as none were actually a challenge, or took everyday focus. This year I've decided to challenge myself. I want my goal to be something I work on every day. I want it to be something I'm scared to strive for. That's why my goal for 2015 is to try out for Team USA at the end of the year. Of all applicants during the last World Games, only 100 were invited to try-out and only 15 made the team. Below are the steps I'm taking to reach this goal:

Diet Change:
-Limit processed sugar intake
-Eat out less
-Healthier home cooked meals

Working Out/Injury Prevention:
-Monday/Wednesday/Friday at Clock Work Body (workouts to build strength and endurance)
-Play pick up to maintain cardio endurance during offseason
-Once Doublewide season starts I'll lift less and add sprint workouts

Improve Specific Skills:
-Work on I/O flick and hucks
-Develop better awareness in order to help more with team defense
-Work on footwork to improve cutting and agility

This is a lofty goal, as there are many talented players out there who would love to represent the USA next year and while I would absolutely love to represent our country, the honor of trying out for this team would mean the world to me.

Any of you make some New Years Resolutions?

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Game Kids UpdateA tad over a month ago, Geoff and I launched a new channel aimed towards creating family friendly gaming content. It was a huge change for my day to day, but an exciting one. One that would finally allow my brother and I to make videos again!

I'd love if you all would give our series a watch! I personally think episodes 2 and 3 of the Minecraft Life are our best work, but recommend you start the series at episode 0. Please let me know what you think!


That's enough about me, how were all of you? What all did you do for New Years?
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