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Diablo 3k i would love a to have a good group of people to role with so whose playing and who wants to add me as there friend, and yes i play a lot.....
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Marineswell the waver is sent in, now i just have to wait a month to hear if it got appoved...pray it goes through, i want to serve my country so bad. thank you
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podcastso my buddies started a new podcast. i really think you guys should check it out, you can find it at www.m2something.com its pretty good actually i like it and they talk about me sometimes....lol
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well....here we go again....so i had to break up with yet another girlfriend....why cant i just find a normal girl....who isnt completely crazy to the core.....
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creepers?is it just me...or does roosterteeth community have some of the coolest people on the face of the planet...but also some of the creepiest as well. I find this place slowly becoming the new myspace for weird people that creep on you and say weird stuff....am i totally out of place here?
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whats this?Marines is back on, waver is in washington right now, pray it goes through. enough said
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Twitterso i have a twitter, and due to the knew iphone intregretion...i will now be using it, so add me! Gangbox86
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