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Damn, really?I don't use the site enough to actually give a damn about the mod system. Mainly because all of their previous updates have broken the site for me. The only thing I use it for is to keep up with my watch list and see what my friends are up to.

It was annoying enough when it showed me all the groups people were joining, or whenever they updated their "interests." I didn't give a fuck about those either. So what does RT do about that? They fill up your watch feed with more useless bullshit about people like this journal, or this image. Meh, so the one thing that was functional for me on the site on a regular basis, is now filling up with a bunch of alerts I really don't care for. Meh.
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Weird DaySo today for some reason, something compelled me to look up an old friend of mine. If anyone ever read any of my IRC/Webchat stories(you can find them in the journal index from the link on my profile if your curious), I talked about a guy named Jawfish (or Nu as he was later known) quite a bit. The guy was a really good friend of mine.

I looked via Facebook, and I couldn't find his profile. Then I decided to do a web search for him. Then I found this.

I was truly floored. I probably would not be a programmer today if I didn't hang around this guy online in my teen years. We always challenged each other with complicated programs or scripts. We played Starcraft together. He really was one of the best friends I had over the years.

I never knew about this other side of him. It's left me in a daze for the last couple of hours. Honestly, he was smarter than me, and a better programmer than I ever was. It was really a tragedy that he never seemed to make it anywhere. At one point we were actually trying to get a group of people together to create our own game, though it never really materialized. For obvious reasons, he kept this side of himself hidden. It's just a major shock to me. I really can't even find words to accurately convey some of the things it has me feeling. I'll try I guess. It's just a numbness, that someone who I used to think so highly of has fallen so far.
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Stupid AlertsThese "attending" alerts are more god damn annoying than the "interests" alerts. Because of that, I'm making a journal to give everyone who watches me an alert, so they can have a wasted alert. You're welcome.
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Still alive and stuffFor those who don't talk to me on Skype or Facebook, I'm still alive. I'm sure you probably already assumed that and don't care, but I got bored and decided to write a journal. You're just going to have to live with that, and if you can't, well unlike me you will be missed. You know how I know I would be missed? Because I felt the need to write a journal telling people I was still alive. I know that logic doesn't really work, but as stated before you will just have to live with it.

Not a lot going on these days. I've got a personal quest that I'm on that I probably shouldn't say much about while typing from a work computer.

I recently won a people's vote at a singing competition. Whether it was just my sheer talent, or the fact that I had family and friends come out and vote for me we'll never know. In all honesty it's somewhere in the middle of that.

I'm currently in a friends with benefits situation with a girl. It's odd because for the longest time I held her off because I was under the impression she wanted more. It turns out she didn't, so yeah things are what they are. I guess I have to walk a thin line since anytime I offer to do something nice she's got several friends insisting I have more of an interest than I'm letting on. The thing is, there is no b.s. with this girl. Ironically that has always been a trait I've looked for in girls that I actually desire more with. I'm a guy though, so I'll enjoy the situation while it lasts, though I foresee disastrous consequences later.

Just got the windshield on my car fixed. Fortunately my insurance covered all but $100 on it. If I paid it out of pocket it would have been closer to $400, mainly because I wanted the Mustang logo to remain on the windshield. Things are starting to "normalize" financially for me. I've had to cut back on a few things here and there. Hoping within the next few months to really catch back up and be back to normal. Winning the lottery would still help though.

Back to working on a website for dougss.
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I'm not a bad person.If I was, I would deny you the sexiness that is me all dressed up.

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Friday the 13th again!

For anyone curious, I made the first 2. The 3rd one was by Leaf here on site, and the 4th was linked to me by a friend who thought I would find it funny (without realizing I had already topped it because he had never seen my first 2). I only give that long explanation so I can say, I don't know who made it, but they're an amateur.
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Mass Effect 3 So there will be spoilery stuff about ME3. If you don't want to read it, here's your chance to stop.

Bioware announced an extended cut dlc today for the ending. All it is going to do is add a few cinematics Whoopty fucking do. They claim they're going to add closure, but stick to their original ending.

The problem is the original ending fucking sucks. The minority is defending it under the argument that "I'm not an entitled gamer" and "Artistic Integrity". I don't think it's a sense of entitlement to want an ending that actually, you know, wraps up the fucking story. I mean let's be realistic, the indoctrination theory is proof that the ending being real is questionable. If they want to end it on some type of dream sequence, I could even accept that, IF YOU KNEW FOR A FACT THAT'S WHAT THEY WERE DOING. I wouldn't like it, but I could accept it. Instead, we're left wondering if what just happened was real, and if in fact that war with the Reapers has been resolved. We just don't know. There's too many questions that circle that. Even if you show Joker somehow coming in, saving everyone's ass, except for Shepard (despite the entire ground team being wiped out according to the radio), and then for whatever reason abandoning his home planet to hit a mass relay just moments before they all explode, that still doesn't answer the ghost kid, why Shepard has the same injury as Anderson(even though he was clearly shot in the shoulder), or any other number of things in the game that aren't necessarily tied to closure with the characters.

Still, if we do want to go with keeping the ending, and assuming Shepard's story is in fact done, he saved the galaxy, despite any of the one endings that are actually there. Oh there's 3? Well I'm colorblind, so I only saw one. This is a big sticking point for me. In reality your choice feels worthless since they all achieve the same result. A game that was largely built on choice, gives you a worthless choice in the end. One option has us agreeing with a guy we fought with the entire game, and in fact just had a conversation with trying to prove he was wrong. After all of that we decide to agree with him? One option has us agreeing with the antagonist from the first game, once again not very appealing. The other option has us destroying all synthetic life, including the Geth.

I guess I can understand destroying one race for the surival of all but for the most part the Geth are the very antithesis of the Catalysts argument for harvesting organic life. The idea that Synthetic life will rise up to destroy organic life? The Geth let the Quarians escape during the first war, and then if the right choices are made allow the Quarians to share the planet with them. Not to mention the only organic life that's truly being harvested is humans anyways since the other species have shown to be worthless for the Reapers purposes. The Protheans weren't harvested either. Their entire race was just genetically modified to serve the Reapers. The entire bit with the Catalyst was annoyingly frustrating. At the last mission Javik even says "at least you get to have a final battle." Apparently that's not actually an option. Instead of seeing how effective the combined might of the races are, we just have to choose some convenient solution. Where's the paragon and renegade conversation choices with the "God Child" where we say "The races will fight to the death if we have to" or "Kiss my ass." They're certainly not in the game.

I already touched on the whole "Joker abandoning the battle" thing, but come on that's important. Why would Joker leave then? That's one of the qualities that has been shown about Shepard throughout the series. People will fight and die for him. Then in the biggest fight of all, with the most at stake, everyone in his crew just gets in the Normandy and leaves? I just don't buy that.

To tie into that a bit, I didn't like that the last bit of closure we had with characters was either talking to them through an intercom (which from an article I read here was a fight to get put into the game). You don't really know what happens with any of the characters, except if they didn't abandon the fight completely they're stranded on Earth now, making everything they fought to accomplish also worthless. Tali won't see Rannoch again. The Krogan have cured the genophage, but now don't have the ability to expand.

I know this journal is getting long, so I'll just wrap it up without really going into the ending much more. I do want to bitch about the same day DLC of the Prothean, which Bioware tries to claim wasn't an important part of the game. He was far more valuable to the game than James Vega who added absolutely nothing except a reason to put Freddie Prinze Jr.'s voice into a game. Javik's interaction with Liara was very important to the game, and helped develop both characters. If anything Vega should have been a $5 dlc. Vega is like ME2's Zaeed, except Zaeed actually had a mission that made him somewhat interesting.

To sum up, Bioware has dropped the ball, and by releasing DLC the way they are, they are just digging a hole deeper for the ball to fall into. Way to go Bioware. You fucked up.
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Vegas Vacation (not really)Alright I was originally just going to write this up about St. Patrick's day, but I had a pretty decent "staycation". I pretty much covered all the bases of a Vegas trip without actually going.

1. Get into a fight
2. Get blackout drunk and pass out
3. Get robbed
4. See some live shows
5. Lose money in a poker game
6. Hook up with a random woman

It happened in that order, so I'll take it from the top.

St. Patrick's day also happened to fall the day before a good friend's birthday. His name is Justin, so if I start dropping his name, I'm not talking in the third person. As a tradition on St. Patrick's day I get a bottle of Jameson, and we watch both Boondock Saints back to back while drinking the bottle. However we decided to let that be the after party on account of my friend's b-day. It also drink less at the bar, avoid finding dd's etc., since we knew we were drinking afterwards.

Our friend Brad showed up, and got really shit faced drunk. Early in the night he was talking about trying to start a fight. I was trying to talk him out of it, but he kept insisting it would be fun. I've never seen Brad in a fight, so I don't know what he finds fun about it. Sure enough later on he decided to get into someone's face. Apparently a couple of guys who were shooting pool against some of our other friends were cheating and moving the balls around. Instead of just telling the guys to scram, or to stop it Brad tries to act like a bad ass and put a scare in them.

Instead they waited until closing time. I was trying to get out first, so I could get back to my house to get it ready for people coming over. I got to the end of the parking lot with Justin's wife Amanda calls me, frantic, saying "JJ we need help, they came back and started a fight." I pull a 180 across the road, and another friend, Sprinkle is in his car behind me. I roll down the window and say we gotta go back.

I park as close to the building as I can, even though I normally park on the other side of the building. I get out of my car and I'm in a full sprint to get inside the bar and find Justin and Amanda. As I'm heading towards the door I see one of the guys Brad was getting into it with earlier, and just haul off and hit him. The funniest thing was I was wearing a Ninja Turtle baseball cap, that's designed to look like Donatello's head. So imagine what that guy was thinking when he hit the ground, "Oh fuck I pissed off a ninja turtle."

As it turns out the guys who came back, brought some friends with them. They waited until they had seen everyone leave and then cornered Amanda to threaten her. She tried to explain that her husband and Brad were just drunk, and they were leaving. The guys decided to give her a 30 second count down for him to leave. When I got back they had started to break it up, so I just blew it all back up again. After I knocked the guy down, one of the guys they brought climbed up top of me as I was dropping knees on the first guy.

While I was fighting him, I kept thinking "damn I can't get this guy in front of me." I did manage to get him in front of me at one point when I threw him into a car, but he still managed to get behind me again. I was told later that's because I was fighting two of them. At this point Sprinkle speared one of them, and after the guy hit him, Sprinkle unloaded on him.

Justin and I wound up getting a hold of one of the guys later and just beating the hell out of him before it all got broke up. After a lot of mouthing back and forth the guys got in their car and left. Then I left shortly after because I was walked to my car to avoid getting into a fight with someone else who stuck their nose into it, when they had nothing to do with it.

At my house Brad kept pouring giant drinks of Jameson, instead of just letting it last. It wound up with everyone either puking or passing out, and in some cases both. I passed out in my living room floor, and my good friend Lew wound up passing out as well. After that, Brad stole $100 worth of liquor from me. He's not on my good side after getting us into a fight he didn't even participate in, and then stealing my liquor. He's going to wind up in another fight if I catch him anytime soon.

After a few days of recovery I was back to normal with a few bruises and scrapes. I've been working on a standup act for some open mic stuff in Dallas, so I decided to go into Dallas on Wednesday and Thursday to see how it works. The basic things like how do they introduce you, how do they let you know when your time is up, etc. I had a good time, although the one I went to on Thursday was expensive. 7.50 for a fucking well drink. Not to mention $7 to get into the show. The other one was free, was a lot bigger club, and the drinks were $3. If I just wanted to go for a show, I'd go to that one.

Friday I played in a poker tournament. I made the final table, but found myself with only 13,000 in chips with 1000-2000 blinds. I got pocket threes and moved in. I ran into pocket queens. Better hand held up, so I couldn't complain. My hands held up all night, I wouldn't expect for someone else to have a hand not hold against me.

I got the bar around 10:30 and when I walked in I swear about 20 people started cheering. I know I've got a lot of friends there, but hell if that doesn't inflate your ego. It was also the last night in town for our friend Gatch. He was just doing some sort of training out here, and was on his way back to Atlanta. He was a cool guy who just "went for it" when he would sing anything at karaoke. He'll be missed.
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