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Mass Effect 3.Today Mass Effect 3 was all like, "Mass Effect 3". I, of course, replied with the customary, Mass Effect 3. SO then Mass Effect 3 got all Mass Effect 3 up in here and I had to Mass Effect 3 my way back to Mass Effect 3. After Mass Effect 3 got back to Mass Effect 3, I was finally able to Mass Effect 3 with Mass Effect 3.
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My wife is out of town for 3 daysAnd I have three new shooters to fill my time. What should I play? MW3, Battlefield 3, or Crysis 2?
What Shooter should I replace my wife with?
A) Modern Warfare 3
B) Battlefield 3
C) Crysis 2

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Having a baby...increased my gamerscore?Almost a year ago, I found myself between Tucker's rock and a hard place. The birth of my first child was imminent and I couldnt have been more nervous. Not because of the responsibility or the pressure of rearing a child in the same country that Glenn Beck lives in. I was nervous, because I thought my days of playing games and hunting achievements was quickly coming to a close. I had my Xbox 360 for just over 1 years, and my Gamerscore was a decent 20,000. When my son, Commander Shepard Kratos Addai was finally born, I found out quickly that my preconceived notions of parenthood were all wrong. All this talk about how babies will suck the sleep right out of you is totally true. But as a gamer with a wife and a full time job, random sleep habits were already the norm! Nobody told me that babies sleep all the time; just not at night. I mean seriously, in the first 6 months, they sleep 3 out of every 5 hours; giving me ample time to shoot zombies, assassinate templars, and race Hawker Solos in Paradise city. In the last 8 months, Ive added a quick 10,000 to my Gamercore. So here I sit, at the cusp of 30,000 Gamerscore and I couldnt be happier. Not because I can still play games (even online!), but because my wife let me name our son Commander Shepard Kratos Addai.
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The Best Need for Speed Player is...Yesterday, I created a Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit group here RoosterTeeth. As of today there are two members of the group; and one of em's just a forum mod. I think it's a safe bet that I am the best Need for Speed Player in the group. Score one for me! As long as nobody joins my group, I'm going to crown myself the greatest NFS:HP player in the galaxy.
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