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A phrase...I'm particularly fond of the phrase "On a scale of one to pissed, how upset would you be?"
Just saying.
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Stupid Super VillainsWhy the shit do villains put timers on their bombs? Just make it remote detonation with a dead man switch and an automatic detonation in case of power supply cutoff/getting defused. retards.
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Big Fucking Shout-out to my bud CodiSo, My x-box rrod'd the other day. I tell my friend Codi this, and how I'm lamenting that I'll miss the ODST launch, and what does this rockstar do? He loans me his spare 360. So, i just have to say that Codi is awesome, no matter how many times I cal him completely worthless and a waste of space/carbon.
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I Can't be the Only One that Does This.When a company changes a product that I like, I curse the entire company. No matter how small the change. Today, I purchased a new set of Philips headphones, the kind with the earbuds and the thingy that goes around the ear. I've used this kind almost exclusively for as long as I've had personal music players, and they're great. Seriously. Even with this small change, I still plan on using them exclusively. But they HAD to go and change the jack. It used to be the plug that immediately bent instead of going straight out. Now, though, it goes straight out. But, it's short, so that's okay. And they're more comfortable. I guess. Why am I bitching, then? My Xbox RROD'd today, and people are still making that "Obama-Biden sounds like Osama bin Laden" joke. So fuck everything.
AND I got asked by a religious zealot today if I was interested in God's forgiveness and gaining entrance into heaven. At the time I just said "No," like in those anti-drug commercials. But, time does strange things to the human mind. I started thinking of shit I could have done to this guy. Things like:
::: "Hey, you're only doing what you believe is right, and I respect you for that. Thank you for your concern, though." (This is the uncharacteristically nice me, who handles religious situations).
:::"Sorry, dude, but I'm a scientist. My ultimate goal is to kill your God, and steal His powers for myself. Best to be honest." *hard pat on shoulder*.
:::"Oh, I'll take you to heaven sailor." *Grab zealot's junk* (The me that just wants to make everything uncomfortable everywhere, at all times).
:::"Don't worry, buddy. There's a special pain in hell reserved for my kind. Wanna know what exactly 'My Kind' is? Hey! Where're you going? I thought we were talking!"
:::"Heaven is just a name Hell came up with to get people to go there voluntarily. So, Hell's not too bad. Like Purgatory, but slightly uncomfortable."
:::"I will murder your face. Murder it dead. That is not a threat. Your face will be all ' Oh, no. I am dead.' And I'll be all 'What now, face-beeatch.'"
:::"You know, this is why the world is in disarray. You religious types always trying to convert people to your cause. Like... Zombies... or something. Does the bible have zombies in it? That would be awesome. Lazarus does not count. He is fine after dying, and does not shamble or groan. He is just an atrocity that gets shunned by his family because the funeral costs were non-refundable, and later kills himself anyway. Betcha you didn't hear that part."
The great headphones make up for it, though.
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Just a Better GamerSo, today, at work, I was complaining about Mirror's Edge. My friend, who is like a brother to me, said "Nah, man. Facebreaker is worse. Trust me." So, he had me over tonight to prove it (That, and I said that 'I'm probably just a better gamer, so it may not be as tough.'). So, he had me pick out a character to download (Ronald McDonald, FTW) and go through a type of training.I won easily. He had me go through the tournament mode, and I lost handily. So, seeing that I was no threat, he challenged me to a match. He won in less than 20 seconds. Rematch: he never got close to taking me down again. I beat him six times in a row before his girlfriend and I convinced him to switch to Halo. So Tom, if you're reading this (which you're not), Suck it. And stop cheating at the Rubik's Cube.
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Internet back up...Okay, so... this is weird.
My internet has been down for more than a month. I've been on at my aunt's and friend's houses, keeping up on stuff (for the most part), basic shit like that. I didn't check my profile views on here, though. Not a usual thing. But it skyrocketed. A lot. That's all I want to say.
September first can't come fast enough.
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The HungerSo. I'd been playing inFamous a lot today, looking to finish the trophies before I get Prototype. There's on that has really been pissing me off: The Hunger. I had been running around, punching and draining civilians for hours, and getting nowhere. Then I look at it, and see it's 100 enemies. I just killed off the population of a small country for naught.
Go me.
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What I Love About the InternetOh, hi RT journal! It's been a while. How have things been? ...MmHmm... Listen, shut up for a second. I'm making an entry.
I love the internet, but only a few areas of it. It's mostly a cesspool of people that can't accept that things aren't how they think things should be. Take, for example, video game and movie reviewers: "This movie didn't live up to the expectations I (And, by proxy, everyone else in the world) had for it, so it was terrible, even though it was still pretty good and I couldn't have done any better, even at my best." (My theory on criticism is that you should not be allowed to say something is bad or poorly done, unless you have done what you are criticizing; and those who criticize without experience leave themselves open to criticism of a similar manner. I.e, Steven Tyler can say "The newest Rolling Stones album was terrible," but Sarah Palin can't. Not that any of this matters, I just had to get it off my chest.)
However, there are things I like.
Well, there are quite of a few of these that I like. To list a few: Xkcd, Dinosaur Comics, RT Comics (Duh), Dr. Mcninja, Yu+Me: Dream (I feel this one deserves mention, as it's all-around great. Great writing, funny, and emotional depth like nothing else. ), and I'm sure I'm missing some.
The RoosterTeeth network of sites:
If you're reading this, you know why.
I'm a guy. Sue me.
Well, that about does it for updates on What I Love About the Internet (not sure if I did one here before, or anywhere, for that matter).
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