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BlackPenguin Guardian x4
BlackPenguin Guardian x4
Might as Well Get This Over WithGeneral
Username: BlackPenguin
Age: 29
From: Texas
Sponsor: Yes
Date Joined: 10/04/2004
Last Signed in: 1 week ago (I stay signed in.)

Rooster Teeth Content
First Rooster Teeth Video you saw: RvB Season 1, Episode 4
Last Podcast you watched: RT Podcast #292
Favorite member of the Rooster Teeth Cast & Crew: Probably Burnie
Did you watch a RT video today: Yes
-If yes, which one: The Know, about Spartan Strike
-If no why:
Favorite RT Series: RvB or RWBY
Favorite RT Video: That’s a toughie. Probably something from RT Shorts Season 1.

RT Site
Current Number Of Notifications: 0 (I’m not that important)
Name of first Journal: “My First Journal Entry.”
Name of your latest Journal: “Wow.”
Last Photo you uploaded: Screencap of “Signed Up 10 Years Ago” under my avatar.
Last Thread you commented on: Probably a Guardian one.
First group in you group list: Blue Team
Last Private message sent to: @agd2i

Achievement Hunter
Gamer Score: 14,310 (Mostly Halo)
Team Lads or Team Gents: Gents
Favorite Achievement Hunter: Probably Geoff
Minecraft Skin: Penguin, sometimes Emile from Halo:Reach
Favorite AH show: LP Minecraft (by far)

The Community
Favorite Group: RvBTX
Have you gone to a community event: Yup. A bunch.
Have you gone to RTX: Yup. 4-time Guardian.
Favorite Fellow Community member: It’s a tie between all my RvBTX peeps.
Tag 5 people to do this: No, IT ENDS WITH ME. I’ll bite the bullet and not pass it on. Hopefully I won’t get a call from Burnie telling me “SEVEN DAYS”.
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BlackPenguin Guardian x4
Wow.Fucking Jesus man. Have you seen the achievement list for The Master Chief Collection? Not only is there one for LASO each campaign, but one for 500 multiplayer wins. The achievements are fucking insane.

This is my moment. I must prove myself.

Now only if I could 100% FUCKING SPARTAN ASSAULT.
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BlackPenguin Guardian x4
Ten. Long. Years.October 4th, 2004
11:32pm Central Time

19 year old BlackPenguin walks into a cyber café to maybe play some Halo CE on PC. He checks to see if a new episode of Red vs Blue is out on redvsblue.com, and is greeted by a new sign-up page and a new community site.

The rest is history.

Years of hanging on every upload. Years of “+1 cool”. Years of more and more awesome community members. Years of community organizing. Years of Guardianship and RTX. Years of seeing my second humble home grow into a sprawling civilization. Years of more to come.

Upon reflection, it’s staggering how much of an impact Rooster Teeth has actually had on my life. Not for just a moment, but for ten whole years. There are no words.

Fuck, I feel old.

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BlackPenguin Guardian x4
PAX SouthSssoooooo, who is going? I'm really looking forward to it. Who wants to hang out, get plastered, and go eat in the evenings? This is the first con I've been to that I'm not volunteering at, so it's going to be a carefree weekend of many funs.

Me and my roomies (@agd2i & @Radius55) are also looking for a fourth person to share our hotel room.
--Marriott Plaza (under 5 minutes from the con by foot)
--Check in 1/22, check out 1/26
--$250 total per person
--Let us know if you're interested
4 weeks ago  |  Comments (2)
BlackPenguin Guardian x4
Spartan Assault this Saturday?I need those gold stars for cheevos on 360. Who wants to help?
1 month ago  |  Comments (1)
BlackPenguin Guardian x4
Spartan Assault Co-Op on 360I need help with the co-op achievements on the 360. Here's what I need:

-Gold stars for 4 of the 5 missions [Dynamic Duo Achievement]
-Kill 10,000 enemies in co-op [Extermination Achievement]
-Kill it with Fire medal (50 kills with incendiary grenade, w/out being hit) [Overachiever Achievement, last medal I need]

Thinking about trying this Saturday sometime. Preferably after 6pm, but I'm open to other times. Anyone want to help?
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BlackPenguin Guardian x4
Fog of WorldBack in February I downloaded that Fog of World app that Burnie was talking about. After about six months, here's my progress.

#1. Austin

#2. Downtown Austin

#3. San Marcos, my hometown

#4. My overall map.

Not too shabby.
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BlackPenguin Guardian x4
BoredHow's everyone doing?
2 months ago  |  Comments (7)
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