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Things & MusingsMCC grind is coming along.

Fit4RTX? More like TomorrowI'llEataSalad4RTX.

RvBTX is going bowling on the 18th. Also, there's archery in DFW the same day.

These sentences/paragraphs are ordered by length, for the most part. I think it looks prettier that way.

I really want to learn Japanese, but I feel like I should finish learning Spanish first. It was my dad's first language.

The San Antonio Spurs are doing great. I'm a big fan. I think they have a good chance of getting the championship again.

I need to get a move on in life. I'm so stagnant. It's all my own fault too. I'm just too spoiled and picky to start down any good paths. Hopefully that'll change soon.

I really want to make marbles. It won't happen though. I'll just add it to the list of projects never started on. Along with soap-making, inventing pie recipes, and candle making.

I really hate people who play video games and ignore objectives. Oh, you got a triple kill 360 no scope ninja hail mary? Great. Your team is down 2 to 0 in CTF and you never go near the flag. Your montages fucking suck.

Went to a music store yesterday. Like, a real one. One with instruments besides guitars & drums. Took me back to my music days. Need to pick up the trumpet again. Have you ever played for money on a street corner? As a musician, it is one of the most rewarding experiences. I'd never do it again, but it feels so primal as musician. Like a farmer with his hands in the dirt.

Watching R.O.D. again (tv and ova). Great anime. You should watch it. The series is on Crunchyroll, but you'll have to search for the OVA (which came first). There's a whole bunch of light novel & manga source material too. Might check it out. It rekindled my love for books. I've always really loved books, and libraries. One of my favorite things to do is go to bookstores and buy discount books. Cooking, history, crafts, foreign language. In grad school in my free time I used to wake up, get something to eat, and then read books in the sunlight until dark. It was the best.
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What? Me FU?Just found out I'm the Featured User today. That's so cool. I've never been before.


Hey Community. My name is Gus. I've been a member of the community for a little over 10 years now, and I can honestly say that it's been a huge part of my life. So much in my life has changed in the last 10 years, and this community is one of the few constants. I don't appear very active on here since I don't post or comment that much, but just know that I'm a hardcore lurker. So much so that I use my phone more than my computer. I watch threads, watch users, and check the site every 45 minutes at a minimum. No seriously, I rarely go more than an hour without checking the site. Maybe when I'm in a movie or on a plane, but that's it.

In the past five years I've gotten very involved with the community. I help run RvBTX, a fan community in Texas dedicated to meetups and gatherings. We promote and organize various functions in the state. If you live in Texas, join up! We routinely put on events and we love to help community members promote their own.

I'm also an RTX Guardian. I was lucky enough to volunteer at the first RTX, and have been doing so ever since. I love it. Seeing the crowds at RTX, and helping bring a positive con experience to attendees is very rewarding. I feel a deep kinship with my fellow community members, and it gives me the warm fuzzies to give back.

Also, I have an archive of all my journal entries. And I mean all of them. A sort of masterpost, if you will. It's organized by topic, and then by date. Check it out here!. I'm updating it right now.

If you are a user on this site, just know that you're part of something. Even if you don't know it, you have a family here. So write some journals, lurk in the forums, post some images, and reach out to fans in your area. I highly recommend using RT SideQuest's Community Compendium. It's currently under construction but it's a great resource for finding community members in your area, as well as organizations on this site that may be of interest to you.

I guess that's it. I'd start tagging individual people and tell you why they're so awesome, but I wouldn't be FU anymore by the time I finished. So, thanks for reading.

Thank you Community, and thank you Rooster Teeth.
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Might as WellOnce, at RTX 2011, @Dopp gave me a ride back to the hotel. We got McDonald's on the way there. It's been downhill ever since.

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I Made a Machinima ShortI got a couple positive responses on this, so I thought it'd be okay to actually mention it. I made a machinima short. It's called Spanish Soap Opera, and you can watch it here.

The title and description pretty much explain it all. I made it last year, and finally got the courage to put it out there. It was just an idea I had that I really needed to try out...even if it's cheesy as fuck and I did all the voices. So, yeah.
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So, I Made a ThingRecent events made me want to tinker with creative endeavors. Not huge projects, just small stuff for myself. I can't draw worth a crap, but the other day I bought a cheap Wacom Bamboo tablet to mess around with. Well, the first thing that came to mind was to make an ACHIEVE style shirt design inspired by Monty. I struggled when deciding whether or not to even make it, not knowing if it was appropriate or if I even had any business doing so as a non-artist. However, I could not find any similar designs out there. As a result, I decided to go through with it.

So, here it is.

I also made an alternate version, with the RWBY colors filling the text at the bottom. However, I wish I had taken the time to make the text thicker.

I must confess, I am not talented enough to make this from scratch. I first sought out an image of Monty that I could use as a base. Something wider than a face shot, but simple in the presentation of his body. In the end, I chose the following image.

As someone relatively new to digital artistry, I was surprised how fast this came together. Once you grasp the elusive simplicity of the ACHIEVE designs, it's pretty straightforward. Clothes and hair should be the same color, with exposed skin being the same color as the background. Though the background and skin are the same color, you just need non-skin objects to reveal the hidden contours of the body in order to guide the brain into recognizing bodily forms (that could be worded better). After that, it was just a matter of tracing and layering objects.

I'm not sure if his gloves translate over in the final image. I tinkered with making them more apparent but lacked the skill to do so properly, not to mention that any alteration made the image noisier. The ACHIEVE shirts are so minimalist, that I decided against addressing the gloves. I had a similar debate with the metal, belts, etc. However, I still felt that his jacket needed some attention. Not fully satisfied with how it came out, but I'm okay with it.

As for what text to put, I could not think of anything better than CREATE. It seemed appropriate. It was difficult finding the right font, but I think I came really close.

Admittedly, the perspective of the original image may not be conveyed. I've been staring at it for so long that I'm not sure what it looks like to someone who hasn't seen the base image. Hopefully the orientation of his silhouette is apparent, and doesn't look skewed or warped. If it's not apparent, then a different base image would probably have been a better choice. For that matter, I'm not sure if it's even evident that it's Monty in the picture. The Achievement Hunters are so iconic, that their images are easily recognizable on the ACHIEVE shirts. I'm not sure if that's the case with this image.

So, yeah, there it is. I just really wanted to make something Monty-inspired. I've wanted to for a while now. I didn't know whether to put this out there, or to just show it to a person or two. Whether that's because it's not my place to make such a thing, or because it's a novice's inadequate work, I don't know. But I just thought I would share this little thing I made with y'all.
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My Favorite Monty Oum StoryI only ever had a handful of interactions with him, even so, I count myself lucky. There was the time at RTX 2011, when I told him I liked Dead Fantasy. He told me thanks. Then there was a time last year, when I was in the RT office. I was holding a small bag with some fragile equipment in it, when I walked into the RvB area. Monty was laying on a bean bag, looking intently at me. He then said, "Oh, I thought you were holding a puppy". I laughed and said it might as well have been, because I was trying to be careful with the bag. I'm glad I was even able to have those moments with him, knowing what kind of person he was and his level of drive and motivation to his craft.

However, my favorite Monty story is from RTX 2013. RT had released the RWBY trailers that year, and premiered the first episode that weekend. I was one of the Guardians working the mixer on Saturday. I was returning to my post, when a girl stopped me. She couldn't have been older than 14. She was with her mom, who appeared to be happy to come along and supported her daughter. The daughter asked me, "Do you know where Monty is?" I told her I didn't know, and that she could maybe look for him tomorrow after a panel or during autograph times. Apparently that wasn't a good option, as he wasn't on the schedule anywhere or they were leaving tomorrow. The daughter looked really disappointed. "I really wanted to ask him a question about Maya". I had expected her to want to get a picture or autograph, but she only wanted to pick his brain about animation software. She wanted to be an animator.

I continued to speak with them for a few minutes, trying to help the mom alleviate her daughter's disappointment at not being able to find him that weekend. They weren't mad, just really bummed out. Then the mom pointed and said, "Hey, isn't that him?" There was Monty, walking hurriedly towards the mixer right by us. I couldn't believe it. "MONTY" the daughter said loudly, sidestepping to him. Monty stopped in his tracks, and spoke with her. I couldn't hear the conversation. I was mostly in awe of the circumstances, and odds of Monty being right there. I told the mom that her daughter was very lucky to find him and be able to talk to him one-on-one like that.

After what could only have been a minute, the daughter said thanks and goodbye, then walked back to us. "Did you ask him what you wanted?" the mom asked. The daughter was just silently standing, holding her hands. "Yes", she said quietly. The daughter looked to be in a state of utter content. Pure and silent happiness. Her primary goal that whole weekend was to speak with him. That experience made her whole weekend. I don't remember where they were from, but I know they flew in. Pretty much just for that.

It's a memory that I sometimes think about. Especially now. This girl saw his work and was inspired by him. She wanted to be an animator, like he was. She flew to RTX with the singular goal in mind, to find him and speak with him. And she achieved that goal, happily. I was just lucky enough to be a bystander when it happened.

Monty entertained countless people, but inspired them as well. His work ethic was legendary. Motivating. Aspirational. We'll remember him for many things. For the content he gave us. For the universes and mythos he created. For his drive. For his being a damn good person (with fantastic dance skills).

I just know I'll remember him for influencing a little girl from who knows where, who wanted to be just like him.

Rest In Peace Monty.
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PAX South Recap-Good con. Wished there was a bigger Microsoft or Sony presence.
-Roomed with @Radius55, @agd2i, and @aithi. Solid roommates. We watched Bee and PuppyCat.
-Got 2nd place in the Halo 4 tourney. Pretty proud of that. Didn't expect to do that well.
-Favorite game there was Just Shapes & Beats. Really cool Geometry Wars-esque music game.
-Bought some merch (dice, a shirt), and got like 5 free shirts too.
-Had multiple meals with awesome people.
-Saw someone get really fucking wasted.
-Was surprised how much I liked downtown San Antonio.
-Got drunk multiple times.
-Now have a serious McNugget addiction.

Obligatory shout out tag section for people I hung out with and talked to. Sorry if I forgot you.
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