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Spartan Assault Co-Op on 360I need help with the co-op achievements on the 360. Here's what I need:

-Gold stars for 4 of the 5 missions [Dynamic Duo Achievement]
-Kill 10,000 enemies in co-op [Extermination Achievement]
-Kill it with Fire medal (50 kills with incendiary grenade, w/out being hit) [Overachiever Achievement, last medal I need]

Thinking about trying this Saturday sometime. Preferably after 6pm, but I'm open to other times. Anyone want to help?
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Fog of WorldBack in February I downloaded that Fog of World app that Burnie was talking about. After about six months, here's my progress.

#1. Austin

#2. Downtown Austin

#3. San Marcos, my hometown

#4. My overall map.

Not too shabby.
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BoredHow's everyone doing?
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My Very Late RTX 2014 RecapLike every year, words can't do it justice. I'll keep it brief, which is easy because Guardian work doesn't make for much text. Here's my late, boring, rushed, and inadequate recap of RTX 2014.

Arrived to find them full up on bag stuffers. Got lunch with @Radius55, @suppi, @bacoose, @cdlr4v1, and others. Went back to convention center. Met with fellow panel Guardians. This year I was Lieutenant for the panel department, under @Arcys. Helped stuff bags for a while. Got home around 8pm, and started packing.

Managed to check into hotel at 9:30am. Get settled in. Go to convention center and start doing Guardian stuff. Helped lay tape down for panel lines. Grab lunch with @Arcys. Go to hotel room. Take nap. Wake up and get fancy for the SideQuest charity auction. See and hang with a bunch of friends, including @agd2i, @Mikey88, @Radius55, @samurairose, @Optimizer, and others. I was really hungry afterward, so I grabbed a couple slices from Roppoli's on 6th street. I was probably the best dressed guy on the whole street. I promptly ate the slices in my room and went to sleep to prepare for the con.

Woke up and reported for duty at 9am. Made sure everything was going smoothly before entering panelist mode. This year I was lucky enough to be selected to be a panelist for the community panel. Special shout out to my fellow panelists @Caiti, @Newbs, @LoZelda, @Aidan, @Cheshire_Cat, and extra thanks to @GB330033 to organizing it. It was great to be a part of that. I met some cool people during and after that panel (including @optimus2020 and @Erkan). The rest of that day was normal....apart from the evacuation. That was pretty crazy. Shout out to the Guardians on the east side of the convention center. We had that shit down.

Friday night was pretty cool. RvBTX had a party at Fado. Decent turnout. There was booze, games, and door prizes. One thing I learned, is to never underestimate the power of raffling off free drinks. That was pretty fun. I probably got back to my room around midnight. Promptly crashed out.

In at 7am. More of the same. Kicked some panel ass. Avoided disasters and made sure the well-oiled machine was running properly. Helped get room 18 ready for the handoff between the day and night Guardians before heading off to my room at the end of the day. Ended up having dinner/drinks with @Hotpocket36. We shot the shit and had some bevs. Good times.

Bittersweet, yet satisfying. Everything went smoothly (aside from the line for the Internet Box panel, but we got it under control). At the end, we all went down registration for the post-RTX Guardian pow wow. Long story short, emotions were present and we left feeling very good about it all. Very special shout out to my fellow panel Guardians @agd2i, @Oddree13, @pinkiepoi, @dapple_apple, @artichoke, @Izzi, @IDivideBy0, @JForceHill, @ZachTheCommy, @Sailorgirl81, @Ixneyhombre, @Red420, @gherb, @Hazerblade, @kablarkin, @craZboy87, @Neverender42 and the countless others I'm forgetting. Y'all did great. Kudos the line Guardians up there as well.

After the con ended, I got cleaned up and headed out to Buffalo Billiards for the SQ lounge. Came across the crowd cheering on the attendees. Warmed my heart.

The SQ lounge was probably the highlight of the weekend. It was great to see so many notable community members in one place and one time. I chatted with a bunch of people, and had many bevs. Afterward, @Steffie, @legato2d, and I got some pizza on 6th street. Good times.

Salt Lick. So good. Much BBQ. Food coma.

The End.

I feel pretty good about this year's RTX. It was probably the most after-hours socialness I've ever crammed in for one. I went to the most SQ events I've ever been to, and also put on an event myself. I did something every night. That's never happened before. I also kept my Guardian streak alive. Looking forward to adding a fifth one to the collection next year.

Lastly, I also had pedometer on for the weekend, and kept track of what I ate/drank. Here's my RTX 2014 stats (including Thursday).

92,059 steps
28 floors
40.77 miles
18,342 calories burned

1 crostini
1 veggie slider
1 soft-baked BelVita
1 roast beef sandwich
1 Korean rice bowl
1 bag of BBQ kettle chips
1 granola bar
2 servings of potato chips
2 sweet teas
2 egg rolls
2 Sprites
3 gherkins
3 servings of fries
3 cheeseburgers
3 quesadilla slices
4 big Powerades
4 huge slices of pizza
4 small bags of beef jerky
5 glasses of water
5 mozzarella sticks w/dipping sauce
8 servings of Coke
14 gin & tonics (6 were very watered down though)
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Anybody Got a WiiU I Can Borrow?RvBTX would like to have a WiiU for our party on Friday. It'd only be for the evening. Anybody willing to let us borrow it? I'll buy you a drink or two at RTX.
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Want to See Me Get Drunk?I'm going to be judging the RvBTX Cocktail contest with @Radius55 soon. Link will be provided. Come watch!
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BlackPenguin Guardian x4

Now that you've clicked that, let me tell you that I decided to grab an all-access pass to RT SideQuest. I'll be hitting up dat auction, dat lounge, and dat Salt Lick. I'm taking Saturday off to chill though, because I want one day in there to just relax during the evening and do something on my own speed. If any of y'all are free on Saturday and want to get a bite/drink, hit me up. I'll probably be roaming downtown or something.

You should also come to the panel I'm on, Cultivating a Community: Hosting Successful RT Community Events. It's gonna be fun, so come enjoy some communal love.....and then see the panel.
5 months ago  |  Comments (1)
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