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BlackPenguin Guardian x5
BlackPenguin Guardian x5
Halo NightfallI finished it. Overall, it's decent. Feels like a solid B scifi movie but with good production value.

However, the weapons were really bulky and unrealistic. They just seemed like props and not weapons. Don't know how you can fix that.

Also, I have a huge bone to pick about the first episode. Right off the bat they introduce a new alien species and don't even give it a name or treat it with any ceremony. YOU CAN'T JUST INTRODUCE A NEW ALIEN SPECIES IN THE HALO UNIVERSE AND GLOSS OVER IT LIKE ANY ORDINARY PLOT DEVICE. Seriously, it felt like the writers were like "Hey, we need to have an alien smuggler guy that they capture and interrogate. Let's just make up an alien species for that character". WHAT?! YOU CAN'T DO THAT! Did anyone else feel that way? That stuff might fly in Star Wars or Star Trek, but in the Halo universe that's a big deal. In the story, humans only discovered they weren't alone a mere one generation ago. Each species of the covenant--and the Forerunners--are carefully documented and fleshed out in the Halo universe. There is no mention anywhere or any humanoid alien like the one in that episode. And I mean ANYWHERE. Not in any book, comic, game, movie, etc. They could have just used another elite for Pete's sake. Not cool guys. Really feels like a lack of respect or due diligence on the part of the creators.

Anyway, other than those two things, it was all right. I'd recommend it. It certainly felt in line with the aesthetic of other live action Halo productions.
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BlackPenguin Guardian x5
2015I have good feeling about it. 2014 was pretty meh. This year has a lot of potential. New dog, new projects, going to PAX South, applied to be a Guardian again (looking at you @Radius55 & @Hotpocket36).

Overall, I feel pretty good about it. I'm still in a very stagnant place, and turning 30 soon, but I feel better about my life than I have in a long time. The end of 2013 through last year was filled with bad stuff. I truly feel that I'm exiting a bad patch. I just have to reach that threshold.

Also, in the wake of people becoming discouraged with the community for some reason, don't worry. I didn't log 10 years on this website to quit now. I'll be here for a long time, and hopefully be able to help others stay here as well.
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BlackPenguin Guardian x5
Merry ChristmasMerry Christmas RT Community. This is my 10th Christmas with you. You really are the gift that keeps on giving.

Plus, I've never been able to get drunk with my others gifts either.
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BlackPenguin Guardian x5
Black FridayI don't really participate in Black Friday. However, I don't hate it either. I don't get up in arms about retailers being open. I sympathize with the workers, and feel for them, but I stop short of wanting to boycott stores or getting mad at companies. I agree that's a bit uncool to be open Thanksgiving morning, but I don't have much of a problem with stores opening up in the afternoon.

My mom worked retail for decades. She'd go to work Thursday afternoon, get out Friday morning, come home and take a nap, and go back in Friday night. She went 20+ years without having Thanksgiving off. I worked peak retail days throughout high school and college too. It's the nature of the beast.

Last year, at this time, I was working as a corrections officer at a juvenile corrections center. Let me tell you, I would much rather work at Wal-Mart or the mall on Thanksgiving than there. I understand not liking Black Friday, and voicing it, but when I hear people get to a certain level of anger I just think about what I was doing last year. Going into work early in the morning and dealing with customers in a store, pales in comparison to getting up even earlier and putting on combat boots and stopping over 20 minors from beating each other up and trying to steal each other's food. Oh, you couldn't watch the game and take a nap? I had to eat cafeteria turkey with a bunch of unstable felons, and then spend hours locked in a big room with them. One day of stress at that job is equivalent to weeks of stress at a retail store.

You know who I have the most sympathy for? Corrections officers, police, firefighters, EMS, hospital workers, city and government employees. Those people are the ones with the hardest jobs, and some of them don't even get to go home on Thanksgiving.
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BlackPenguin Guardian x5
Halo Jack-O-Lantern 2014I really wanted to make a Halo related jack-o-lantern for Halloween. I searched for some designs, and found some really cool ones. However, I wanted to do something a little more involved than a standard one. I'm not that experienced though (never done the scraping thing) so I went with a simple one.

It's called Flaming Ninja. It's an old multiplayer emblem (as well as the name of a H2 Vista achievement). I thought it was weird that the flames were scraped and not cut out, so I switched it to make it so. I wish I had more pics of the process, but failed to take any. Here's what it looked like when it was finished.

Not too shabby for my first time. That pumpkin was thick as fuck too, so the scraping took a while. It was a little rough but I was satisfied with it. Here's what it looked like when lit up.

All in all, I'd call it a success. Really enjoyed making it. I could've used some more specialized tools though. Maybe I'll find some and practice for next year, and make an even better one.
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BlackPenguin Guardian x5
Wow.Fucking Jesus man. Have you seen the achievement list for The Master Chief Collection? Not only is there one for LASO each campaign, but one for 500 multiplayer wins. The achievements are fucking insane.

This is my moment. I must prove myself.

Now only if I could 100% FUCKING SPARTAN ASSAULT.
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