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WritersSeeing as I AM a writer, and always branching out for new people to meet, especially other people in my field, I looked for a writers group on RT. There's groups of all kinds here, I figured there'd be at least one writers group. And there were about 10!

That were NEVER updated.

So I've started my own. It's on my profile, and you can join if you'd like :) Feel free to invite everyone else too!
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F*CK YOU, DEAD RISINGI have tried-like Red Dead Redemption and Borderlands-to like this game on multiple occasions, but it's really hard to like something when it's such a pure piece of shit.

Go to hell, Dead Rising. Go to hell and get raped.
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E3 2011: Gaming DoomsdayMinecraft for ONLY kinect. Guess I won't be playing Minecraft because I'm NEVER buying a lameass Kinect. Halo 4 and an entirely new trilogy? Lame. I liked it the way it was. It's like Pirates 4 (which WAS watchable, but not the same). And finally, new 360 dashboard that almost resembles the ps3 dashboard? Well that's the killer right there for me. I'll probably slowly lose interests everytime I look at that dashboard. Fucking hate the ps3 dashboard, and from what I saw, I'm gonna fucking hate this one.

Thanks Microsoft, you sure know how to lose fans.
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Portal 2 (And Innovation)Let it be first and foremost known that I am a PORTAL fan. Like. Severely. Like, I lie to people about making Cake just for kicks about it. Ok, that last part wasn't true. But anyway, I am a fan. I adored Portal and was avidly awaiting Portal 2 and it did NOT disappoint. But I do have a bone to pick with games like it. I love Portal, Bioshock, and those sort of crazy innovative kind of games, but they all suffer from one flaw: Sequels. Because a game like Portal or Bioshock is already innovative to begin with, it's hard to make a sequel better than the original because its hard to innovate on the already innovative. Bioshock 2 was....not a letdown, but it wasn't better either. It almost felt like DLC to me. It didn't feel like an entirely new game. I enjoyed it, and played it a few times, but I didn't think the multiplayer was anything new, and I didn't think any of the other stuff they added in (especially playing as a Big Daddy, which did seem to be the big hook to the whole thing) was all that great. That's where Portal 2 falls in. As much as I love Portal 2, it just feels like Portal, but more replay able. I've played the first one to death, but Portal 2 has a much more replay able feel to it. But the gels, Wheatley and everything else...it didn't really make it feel too different. I loved all of it, but it felt just like the first game, which in this case was great. Don't fix what isn't broken, ya know?

Like I said, it's hard to innovate on the already innovative. Anyway, TL;DR version: Portal 2's a great game, Bioshock 2 was weird, sequels are hard to get right, and innovation is tough.

Also, Portal 2 has the best ending to a video game of all time. Bar none. I don't care what you say. The last shot alone before the credits makes it so.
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Movies RethoughtI started this Tumblr after I saw my mom watching ABOUT A BOY last night. No, I honestly don't know how I come up with these.


If you have a Tumblr, you should not only follow it, but share it too. Be awesome. Thanks.
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Why I'll Hate BULLETSTORMI just finally played the BULLETSTORM demo. It felt like somebody combined "WET" & "BORDERLANDS". To me, both of those games were terrible alone, I don't want them ever meeting and having a baby. So I doubt BULLETSTORM will ever be a buy for me. It was repetitive and super boring.

Such a shame too, because I was totally looking forward to it.
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Dear GoogleTonight, I tried to log into my youtube account. A screen came up prompting me that I had to connect it to my google account. I have gotten this screen many times before, but I could always click to the main youtube page and go about my business. Not this time. This time it was either connect them or never use the site again. As a filmmaker, this enraged me. Not only did youtube exist WITHOUT google beforehand, but how fucking DARE Google FORCE that option upon the users, especially long time users with film content like I make. Naturally, after realizing I couldn't do it without connecting them, I figured, "Ok, fuck it Google, have it your way, you giant Monopolizing piece of shit."

I went through the process of connecting my account. Then it told me that my google account was already in use by another e-mail account, and therefore I didn't have a google account to connect to my normal youtube account. INFURIATED, I signed out and signed back in with what my google account was connected to. It was an older account that I had originally intended to use for vlogging, but it never took off. I deleted the account, signed back out, signed back in, and connected my google account to my normal youtube account. I HAD BEATEN-in a sense-THE SYSTEM. But that wasn't merely enough for me. While I was filling out the form to shut down that old youtube account, it had the question of, "Please tell us your reason."
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New DashboardI love the new 360 dashboard. It feels more mature, not childish like the old one. The old one was way too cartoonish for me to take it seriously.

I think every gamer just needs something to complain about. Also the theory behind fanboys.

Simple journal entry: New 360 dashboard is awesome. A lot of Gamers are whiners. Fanboys need to STFU.
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