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Caiti StoryTeller
Caiti StoryTeller
Story Telling Pt. IIIn case you missed it, here is Story Telling Pt. I

The second story of the week is up! Our Lady's Little Glass by The Brothers Grimm. It's an old, short and sweet legend about the flower, Field Bindweed.

You can find all my readings on SoundCloud, and on YouTube. I post them to Facebook before anywhere else, so you can like my page to hear them first.

A gigantic thank you to @Emboi for the incredible artwork for this tale. You should check out his other amazing work!

I hope you enjoy it, and that you check back on Friday and every week after as I incorporate new learnings into the aiding of your imagination!

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Caiti StoryTeller
Story TellingI started a project to challenge myself to step out of my comfort zone, to be more independent and to stop taking myself so seriously; as that alone is one of life's great many challenges.

So, to strengthen my confidence, my voice and my overall abilities - I've started releasing The Brothers Grimm audio stories.

This week, I'll be releasing three (the first few of many, many stories by the amazing Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm) and then one every Wednesday from here on out.

Since this is something completely new to me, I'm growing and learning as I record each story. So, if you follow me on this journey, I promise I'll endeavour to make every tale-telling even better than the last!

You can find the stories on SoundCloud here, and on YouTube here.

A gigantic thank you to TheRogueSPiDER for the incredible artwork for this story.

I hope you enjoy them, and that you check back every week as I incorporate new learnings into the aiding of your imagination!

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Caiti StoryTeller
Personal ProjectsG'day!

I've been avoiding writing a journal because I didn't want to push the Top 25 Velvet Battle Gear Submissions down, but I hope it's been long enough now!

As you may have seen from my Facebook, I'm currently working on a few projects independently. One being In Real Life which some of you may remember from last year, and another being something completely different and secret - for now.

The purpose of this journal was essentially to shamelessly plug myself in order to reach as many people with In Real Life and my secret second project, but also to seek out any artists who might be able to volunteer a piece of art for the In Real Life website (which is currently under construction) and my secret second project.

I'm hoping to use pixel art for the In Real Life image, but for my secret second project, the art style i'm thinking is sort of... cartoon fairy tale? If you'd like to help me out, please shoot me a message on the site with a link to any art you've previously done (as I don't want to waste anyone's time if their style doesn't match the project!)

Rooster Teeth community members constantly blow me away with amazing art work that both astounds me and makes me insanely jealous. I know that if there is anywhere I would find the amazingly creative people I need to accomplish this task - it's in this community!

Now on to the shameless plugs I promised.

YouTube I haven't made my custom URL yet as I'm hoping that the current "caitiward" will let me have it!
and if you have them
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Caiti StoryTeller
Top 25 Velvet Battle Gear DesignsAs I'm sure those of you who frequent here know, the RWBY production team are putting out diaries for Volume II - the first right here! In the video, Monty and I announce the winner of the Velvet Scarlatina battle gear competition, in which user Munnkie's design will become the character's battle attire.

























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Caiti StoryTeller
HomesickSo very homesick.
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Caiti StoryTeller
Post Surgery ComplainingI want to cut my arms off and feed them to my dog.

I have these gas bubbles swimming around my abdomen from when they blew up my belly to remove my gallbladder. They are painful, but not only that, they're pressing against my diaphragm. Did you know that you have nerves that connect your diaphragm to your shoulders? I sure didn't. Now I doubt I'll ever forget it!

On a lighter note, I can sort of sit up for a while at a time now. I also don't have to wear pants, like, ever.

My hubby has been awesome. He has all my medicine lined up on his bed-side table to give to me at the right times. He's also perfected the art of making me a cup of tea, which he is very excited about. He painted my toes on a particularly bad day I was having, to try and make me feel better (he even put clear on before the colour! ) and he tells me I'm lovely when I'm so white I'm nearly see-through.

Emma has been the best dog ever too. She's been keeping me company and cuddling non-stop. I am totally in love with her. Jack too.
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Caiti StoryTeller
T-Shirt Design IdeaRooster Teeth is growing exponentially and fan events are cropping up everywhere. The Internet provides us with the means to communicate with people from all over the globe in ways we never anticipated - especially not through such an awesome community like the Rooster Teeth community!

So for the Rooster Teeth Community Day t-shirt design submissions, I’m calling on all the artists out there to do a mock up of this shirt idea I have to see how it’ll look!

My idea is something like this: How about a globe like these on a shirt like this…

No. One
No. Two
No. Three
No. Four
No. Five (my personal fav!)

And we make the shapes of all the countries using RT related things?

The other thing we can do is make a globe true to it’s original form (i.e. countries stay the same shape) and then put little flags on all the countries RT has fans in? (which is mostly every country!) The flags could display the logo of each fan event so far!

What do you think? Can we do it?

YES WE CAN! I am so excited…
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Caiti StoryTeller
In Sickness and HealthThank goodness for my husband. Without him, I'd have been extra miserable during this period of gallbladder horribleness.

Seriously. I hate complaining about things when I know how good I have it; with a roof over my head, food on my table, an incredible companion and loving friends and pets, but how sick I've been because of "gallbladder sludge" is the worst. But not actually the worst. I'm well aware there are many things in this world much worse than my abdomen issues.

I get the little sucker out on Thursday (happy Valentines Day, Jack!) and I can't wait to feel better.

Thanks for all your well wishes so far. I'll be sure to post a hilarious doped-up Caiti picture (similar to my wisdom teeth extraction photo) for your enjoyment.

p.s. Happy Valentines Day to those of you who celebrate it.

To those of you who don't - Valentines Day is a commercial day created for consumerism purposes. You don't need to celebrate it, and in turn, you don't need to feel bad if you don't have a partner. When you find the one you're meant to be with - every day will be Valentines Day.

So ignore the advertising, ignore the obnoxious red aisles at Walmart and Target, and do what you do every day. You are a good person and good things will happen to those that wait. You'll have your Valentine life soon enough
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