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I love drunk people!I love talking with drunk people

Talking with a drunk friend from another town via Xbox Live:
Drunk Friend: I want to put my dick in the microwave. That way, it can turn into a magic new creature that runs off of microwaves instead of gas... but then i might have to stick my dick in the microwve all the time...

Me: yeah. that would probably hurt dude

DF: Yeah, but then it'd be the best penis on Earth... Mars, Jupiter, Satun, Uranus. Haha, Uranus... Penis.

Me: Sure bro...

DF: I can't find my pants. My testicles are scary. They scared away my pants.

Me: It's ok dude. Just go to sleep. Im sure you can get your pants tomorrow morning.

DF: Yeah. Ugh... [barfs loudly while still on the mic]

Me: ... you ok bro?

DF: Yeah. I just want to pass out now... on the floor. Its like im homeless!

[signs off Xbox]

You can't make this stuff up...
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Vegas, Vegas, VegasI've loved listening to the Drunk Tank podcast these past few weeks (yes, I'm still keepin it real and calling it Drunk Tank) because of all of their conversations about Vegas.

Their timing is strangely appropriate for me right now because my friends and I are planning a Vegas trip in June to attend EDC (www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZdXSP2ErcTQ) and we're starting to make plans. To say that I'm incredibly psyched is an understatement!

We know we're staying on the Strip, though we don't know for how long or where. We're considering the Luxor or Excalibur though. Any thoughts, anyone?
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Nerd JoyToday, the video game of the best show on TV released. Thats right, NCIS is now officially a 360 game.

But it got better. I also found NCIS avatar gear. My 360 avatar is now dressed as Agent McGee. Total nerd joy monent.
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TAKE OUT YOUR HANDS AND THROW THE HU UP!Last night was one of the best nights of my life. I got to see Hollywood Undead live in my hometown! The music was great, though it got pretty violent down in the mosh pit.

I think i'm gonna have a black eye soon lol
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...Today at work, I saw a woman who was probably 80 years old walk out of our store after buying only 2 things: a bottle of wine and condoms.

I am still desperately trying to rid my mind of, oh so many awful mental images...
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HOMEFRONTAlright. Over the weekend, I finally got around to renting and playing a game I have been looking forward to for a while: Homefront. After playing it (both single and multiplayer), I think I can write a thorogh review on it. I'll try to keep it spoiler free for the two people who actually read my journals, in case you haven't played it.

(This is gonna be a rather long post, so I'll put a TL;DR verson at the base of it :D)

Single Player

The reason I was so psyched for Homefront was because of the premise of the Single Player campaign. First, it was written by the guy who wrote Red Dawn. That got my attention right away. But the premise was good enough on its own: 15 years in the future, Korea has unified, causing problems for the US. The US is abandoned by its cowardly allies and is eventually hit by a massive EMP and invaded and controlled by Korea. You are a pilot named Robert Jacobs fighting in the Resistance trying to make headway against the Koreans.

Sounds like a unique, slam-dunk plot, right? WRONG.

To start with, the single player is ridiculously short. If anybody tells you it is a 5 to 10 hour campaign, they are SORELY mistaken. The single player campaign contains 7 levels, each of which can last a half hour at most. 3 hours later, just as you get into the game, it's over, just like that

Don't get me wrong, a short game is fine if the story works... but it doesn't. As you play, you meet 4 other main characters, but you learn virtually nothing about any of the characters, yourself included. There is no clear motivation behind anybody in the game. This results in you realizing that you really don't care about any the plot in general. Then comes the factor that the plot line itself seems to jump around between levels with little explaination, and then abruptly ends with no resolution. I get the feeling that the writer wrote a fantastic, in-depth story, and then the developers started work only to say "uh, guys? We're supposed to ship the game a week from now. How far are you guys so far. 7 levels? ... Eh, that'll work i guess. good enough."

Controlls are similar to CoD (as most shooters today are) in that the same buttons are used to reload, switch weapons, crouch, etc. Essentially, your character in Homefront moves like a CoD character would if that character was developmentally disabled. The controlls are sluggish and not very responsive, which will quickly drive you nutty. And your AI teammates are just as slow as you are, which gets frustrating as you get stuck spending 5 minutes waiting oro him or her to open a door or go up a ladder in front of you so you can continue on with your mission.

Graphics are nothing special. They seemed comparable to the grapics we saw in CoD 4, Halo 3, or, honestly, even Halo 2. I don't care about graphics if the gameplay and story are fun, but if they are not, lousy graphics prove to be just another nail in the coffin.

Also, a side note: when you load up a new campaign in a shooter, you expect to be able to choose your campaign difficulty, especially when the game has multiple achievements related to completing levels on "Guerilla" difficulty. Halo does this, as does Call of Duty, Left 4 Dead, 007, and just about every other shooter I've ever played. Not Homefront. No, Homefront doesn't tell you what difficulty youre playing (normal by default). Instead, you have to actually seek out the difficulty settings below 3 levels of menus from the main menu (don't bother going from a pause screen from in the game. It won't help you) I didn't fund this until I beat the game, and at that point, I had absolutely no desire whatsoever to load up the game again.

Overall, the single player was probably the biggest letdown I have experienced in a very, VERY long time.


After my very brief experience in single player, I continued on to multiplayer, hoping for a better experience. Needless to say, I was shocked by what I found.

Let me start off by saying I played a very small amount of the multiplayer. Some of the systems of the multiplayer did intrigue me, and I considered playing more, but I didn't. And here's why...

As it turns out, in an attempt to curb reselling of their shitty game, the developers included a single-use code for multiplayer access in the game. This means that, if you get the game used, borrow it from a friend, or rent it, you're screwed. You are allowed to play enough to get your character to level 5. You then have to BUY access for your profile to the game for 800 points. $10! They are actually forcing you to buy access to content that 1) comes standard in most games, and 2) is something that we already pay for as Xbox LIVE Gold members. Also, over 300 of the retail 1000 gamerscore is multiplayer related, yet many people who pick up and play this game will immedialtey find that they can't get any of these achievements. You're essentially being forced to pay for a DLC pack just to be able to get the retail 1000 points.

I understand a developer wanting to curb used sales of games, and that's fine. look at the Cerberus Network in Mass Effect 2, for example. The original buyer got a code to access this, which was basically free DLC that people without the code had to purchase. This gave the original buyer a bonus while not screwing over somebody who borrows or rents the game.

TL;DR Version:

I can honestly say that, before Homefront, i had never played a game where it seems like the developers are saying "FUCK YOU" to the consumer, but Homefront said that and oh, so much more. The campaign does not deliver the gripping story promised but rather leaves you feeling bored and restless, and the multiplayer system gives the finger to anybody who borrows or rents the game.

AVOID this game at all costs. When all was said and done, I spent $3 total to rent this game for two nights this weekend, and I feel like I wasted my time and money even at that price.
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Tight!I was just chillin and playin some Reach multiplayer matchmaking in Multi Team and I noticed mid game that I was playing against Knuckles Dawson, the guy that the RT guys talk about. That was pretty cool!

Needless to say, he kicked my team's ass though...
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