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madmanmoe Muslim4Life
madmanmoe Muslim4Life
CharityWas looking at @Kaoru27Umi journal and made a joke on her vid that opened up some more vids that were both funny and awkward.

long story short, bad video led to this awesome video that i figured I'd share. Do you feel the feeeeeeels!?

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madmanmoe Muslim4Life
Financial Freedomholy cow, I saw this video and thought about what @joel was always saying about Gold.

Note: click on the [cc] below the video for subtitles.
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madmanmoe Muslim4Life
DRUNK PEOPLE!!! I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL!first of all, me post:

and then, me after

now, story time: So fortunately, my roomate was super cool in not only taking me to the dentist today to have my wisdom tooth removed, but to also drive me back home. All the time i was like, "Yeah, I just need a ride there, but its ok I can get a taxi back home." MAN WAS I WRONG

All I remember was putting my phone and flipflops on the side as I sat on the operating table. The Doc was like, you feeling it yet? And I was like, I aint feelin shi--zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

After that, everything was blurry. I remember a car. I remember something about Jack in the Box. There might have been some milk shake, then POOF! I'm waking up in bed wearing my pajamas.


I've NEVER in my life had a blackout ever in my life. I was all: Where am I!? HOW'D I GET HERE? WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING IN MY PJs...WAIT, HOW DID I GET INTO MY PJs (btw, PJs is just basketball shorts and tanktop fyi).

I was going nuts man, I didn't understand what's happening. Thank god eventually I got a hold of my roomate and he told me everything. basically I was HIGH AS A MOFO when I came out, yet, according to him, "surprisingly pleasant". I apparently made jokes, asked him to get me milkshake from Jack in the Box, even held decent conversation all the way home. I didn't need help or anything like that, i just acted (thank god because...i wouldn't feel right if he...the room...ok i'm blocking thoughts)

So yeah, now I know what its like to wake up from a hangover and not knowing what the hell happened the day before: except replace pounding headache with pounding jaw.

Another thing I'm glad to learn is that I'm not some kind of psycho dude with deep repressed anger as I thought I might be. Being drunk/high basically takes away your inhibitions and i'm happy to hear i wasn't an ass.

BUT NEXT TIME! I'm getting all this taped! Still got one more wisdom tooth to take out, gotta make it count.
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madmanmoe Muslim4Life
Update: insight fear....NOWSo I'm going to get my wisdom tooth taken out now, and I've only heard tid bits of horror stories and what happens after the procedures.

So what better way to get psyched about taking out the worst body part by the worst kind of doctor than to have your friends tell you all the scary crap you're going to go through?

So come'on, lay it on me! I dare ya!

my skin just crawled for some reason.

update: You Win! I postponed my surgery to next week. Actually I drank water before the surgery so they couldn't put me under for reasons. Bummer
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madmanmoe Muslim4Life
Dragonball Z the MovieFirst of all, don't worry, I wont do any spoilers.

So I just came back from watching the Dragonball Z: Battle of the Gods movie, and here's not what I think, but what the entire theater thinks: Its f-ing Good!

I have to say I was nervous going in, thinking that maybe not that many people would show...I was WRONG! The Entire theater was packed. And not just yungins either. Agest from kids to my old fart age were there, and everyone had a blast.

Now, I have to nit-pick. The voices...are off. Goku sure is the same, but the others you can tell are not the same. That almost ruined the movie for me, but just 3-D movies, you get into the movie so much you forget that they even existed.

The movie was pretty damn funny. No, seriously, it was funny. The entire place was bustin out laughing, and that was pretty cool. So expect some good laughs.

The movie is definitely family oriented. So no problems taking the yungins there, which DBZ has pretty much always been that way except for the occasional blood. But no blood this time. Just puddin.

Don't expect super deep story though. Just some good ol' fashion DBZ action and some comedy. I do reccomend it. Take the youngins too, they'll love it. I'm just happy to see that the new gens get to see DBZ; I'm hoping this is some kind of initial trial to see if its still marketable. and if it is, I hope they either revamp or try a new path with my favorite anime series of all time.
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madmanmoe Muslim4Life
The Last Of Us LIVEOh man, I just found out about this. Twitch is hosting live reading and performance for the Last of Us.

Yall should check it out. Its on right now as of 9pm Central.

So the stream is over. I have to say that The Last of Us is by far my top favorite game of all time. And yes, that goes beyond uncharted, batman, final fantasy, and all other games out there.

Im psyched that its coming out on the PS4 today. Even though I dont currently have a PS4, but be damn sure that I will own the sucker soon enough.

With that said, the live cast today was...so-so. I have to be honest I was hoping more for showing off the game. They did a bit of the behind the scenes which was good, but the live acting showed that they didn't exactly plan things out. I think its more improv than anything really.

I also think they should have emphasized that there are major spoilers in the game. I already knew the story, but someone else might have been apoiled from the show.

Anyways, final word. This is an awesome game, it deserves a reboot in PS4, its probably gonna be a classic of classics. definitely worth a second playthrough and i hope to god they dont make a part 2 of the game. the way it ended is just perfect and doesn't need to be ruined or milked.

what do you guys think of the game or the live show?
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madmanmoe Muslim4Life
Eid Mubarak

Happy Eid to all my friends and brothers and sisters out there!
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