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madmanmoe Muslim4Life
madmanmoe Muslim4Life
Interesting and funWow, i haven't posted in forever. Sorry about that, i should get back in the game and start posting some journals....maybe.

In the mean time, @MrWithay is making these nifty gif mini games and i thought it was pretty cool. he updates them every day and there is a story to follow. check out his minigame.
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madmanmoe Muslim4Life
It just HAD to be doneMicrosoft backtracks on Xbox One Sharing Policies

News courtesy to @jegsimmons1

pic and comment related:

Looks like Microsoft
*puts on sunglasses*
...Pulled a 360.

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madmanmoe Muslim4Life
Let the numbers speak for themselvesAnyone still debating the Xbox vs PS4 war should probably read this article.

i think this picture pretty much speaks for itself for those light readers out there.

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madmanmoe Muslim4Life
ReviewXbox One:

game reviews:

Metal Gear Solid:
Looks awesome. Open world. but something of an AC feel. I'm interested, could be fun. one thing i can't wrap my head around is the timeline of the story. right off the bat you have revolver ocelot with Snake. I mean...what? Ocelot died in MG4 didn't he? im so confused!


finally a good platformer that looks fun and brings back the joys of the olden days.

Dark Souls II:
Too much armor, reminds me of how GoW initially designed Kratos with so much crap then stripped him down bare and that actually made it better. dont feel connection with character. some moves too PS1

I can't say im crazy excited about the game. It looks decent. It could be fun, but I dont feel the firey URGE i felt for games like God of War, Assassin's Creed, Mass Effect, or other amazing titles. It seems massive so I will hold judgement and just say that i'm not excited about it. Im more excited actually about Max than this game. Maybe my mind will change if i play it, but as of now it doesn't look like it unless Xbox change their mind about the online connection thing (PS4 still winning for me in this front)

Killer Instinct:
OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG nerdasmic explosive insanity arcade memories awesome wow hell YES!

Sunset Overdrive:
WOW! that game looks fun. i know its not a live demo, but i like the concept. very cartoony yet serious.

Forza 5:
For me, as a car enthusiast, i was more excited about seeing the McLaren P1 than the actual game. I know the graphics are fantastic, but im not super excited about the game. I like racing games, I'd probably get it, but im not super crazy about it.

Cloud processing sounds very "wow", that is true and it actually is, but again that's dependent on internet speed and for most of you US gamers out there that's not a problem. Personally, even if I had excellent internet, I dont want to be dependent on it. Besides, who the heck wants to play a game where the "Cloud AI" can take over by learning how you play and just sit back and watch? If i wanna do that, I'd watch F1 racing on Eurosport or something instead. The Geek in me is having multi-orgasmic excitement about the tech behind this...but the gamer/car guy in me is like "WTF do i wanna do that? Just give me better AI to race against"

NOW, add the Warthog into the game (even though its for sure going to lose in the super car race) and you got me more interested.

Project Spark:
Holy Cow! i see huge potential with this game. I think its better than Playstation's puppet game i forgot what it was called.

Ok, that's pretty damn fucking cool! I can tell this would be a great way for the RT guys to do their Let's Play and not be bothered with requests to join the game. just watching live is awesome. Hmm...not having an internet is really sinking in the heart deep.

Crimson Dragon:
HAHAHAHA, ok that was bad i know how that feels, but oh well...glitches happen. Anyways, game is a meh. not super interested in it.even graphics look around PS2 style.

Dead Rising 3:
hahahaha, i actually jumped there a bit when the zombie jumped in. anyways, open and massive worl, zombies all over, everything is game in terms of weapons...looks like loads of fun! even the sledge-saw is pretty fucking sweet. I'm actually excited about this game! i'm not much of a zombie game, but this is interesting.i haven't seen an HUD in the preview though, is that a good or a bad thing?

Microsoft is really pushing hard for the smart glass implementation. its pretty cool and interesting to see how technology is really expanding.

The Witcher 3:
Saw an almost naked lady! Honestly that's all I can say about it.

Battlefield 4:
I think everyone already saw the game in its premiere. uh-oh moments are always funny, but gotta be terrifying for the presenter. the crowd is rutheless though man wow! anyways, honestly if you seen one battlefield/call of duty game, you've seen them all. the multiplayer will fun of course, but in terms of story they always left me with a "so what?" sensation. Halo I feel more fulfilled.

What Lies Below:

Black Tusk:
can't say much since its so short. they claim its AAA title, but we'll see

Halo 5:
Oh yeah, MC is back baby. you know, though, MC is in bloody freaking armor...why the hell is he wearing drag over him?

I'll tell you why, for the "MYSTERY!". LOOL. I'll be honest though, that bird thing that came out of the sand made me think its another Metal Gear game at first.

Just another FPS that's a somewhat cross of Battlefield and Halo (more Battlefield than halo though). There is just too much FPS out there and its hard to make an immersive story for FPS (unlike Bioshock or Portal).

Overall Impression:
As some of you already know of my situation (especially about used games and internet access), MS had to really impress me with the games to make me go nuts and get it. Max, twich, Dead Rising 3, and even Twitch all look really cool and got my heart jumping. Halo 5 is just a given must, but im afraid that MS is just milking its cash cow by now with this game. all the other games were either non-exclusives or just plain silly with overgraphics.

The Xbox One is a powerful machine, there is no doubt in that. its a full fledged entertainment system. however im still more focused on the games and the games are pretty nice. I still have to watch the Playstation 4 presentation then after that i'll give my final judgement. i know there is already game footage, but lets see what else they have to show.
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madmanmoe Muslim4Life
Preliminary thoughtsSo I haven't watched the full videos of the xbox and PS4 presentations at E3 yet, but the prelims are tilting towards the PS4. I will watch the videos and give you guys a full report, but already this article grabs major win in my neck of the woods.

PS4 supports used games and features no online check ins
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madmanmoe Muslim4Life
E3So I haven't been able to catch up on the E3 presentations...did I miss anything?

Did i miss the Playstation 4 reveal? Im interested to see if there is any difference from what they showed a few months ago.

Xbox showed games...still no clue about the other "issues" they have in store for us. Damn it i just want a youtube channel that has the full show. I can't find any.
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madmanmoe Muslim4Life
Halo StringsFound this awesome video by Lindsey Stirling (you guys probably heard of her).

but about time she finally did a Halo Theme. Check it Out.
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madmanmoe Muslim4Life
Vive la révolutionOut on some more business, this time in La Defense:

pic related

So figured I'd hail y'all from La Terre de L'amore. Its still cold, but I know those in Colorado and other Midwest/Nort-East guys will just tear me a new one so i'll just say its chilly.

This is purely business, and honestly I only got 90 Euros to spend after the crazy hotel cost until Saturday. So what's there to do?

Also, WTF France?

I thought you guys were supposed to be artistic and creative and shit. LOL. oh well

I'll try and take some more pics while im here. any requests?

until then: Bonn journee
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