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Heretical BondingMy name for gay marriage. Which is a contradiction in my opinion. But, whatever. That's what I'm calling it and that's not changing.
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So...Yeah, this past couple of weeks has sucked.

Bad mother friggin' weather has deprived my family of a truck, a trailer, two bales of hay for our farm animals, and a calf. And now I'm kinda scared because I think this may have a rather seismic on my dad.

If I don't ever get on again, or for a while, check out incidents in the East Tennessee area.and you may find clues. I'm not naming names, but it will probably have something to do with a longhorn ranch in Washburn.

Direct and brash actions are not intended in this message.

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To the people who may be concernedI was looking into 40k lore,and it got me thinking about this hard, and I haven't come to any sound conclusions, only a very mixed series of events,and it's got me thinking...

What happens at the end of the 41st Millennium for Humanity?
I mean, I've read about how far the conflicts have gone and how much more dangerous the galaxy has gotten, via the Lexicanum. It's got me thinking about whether or not Humanity has a role after the grim fact that their God-King may die, and their ways of life completely turned about. At that point, I'm beginning to wonder whether Humanity is supposed to be aligned with Chaos. Whther they like it or not, Chaos is linked to Humanity, and vice-verse. Without Humanity, the Gods of Chaos may have never formed, and without the Warp, the stars would be so incommunicable to Humans they'd have never gotten an Empire.

Anyone feeling like debating this with me, send a message. I'd like to know if Workshop Games has a plan, or if it's sort of open ended.

P.S. Flounder here was gonna post this to 4chan, but I think people here have a bit more...personable ways of saying "don't be a retard" in a sense.
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COLLEGE!Your friendly neighborhood flounder has arrived! And he's here for some news! College,for instance. I've started it! Isn't it great? To think only a few years ago,I was threatening a revolution and execution to every member of the groups I don't agree with. Now I'm too busy to care about those worthless lives. I'm onto the future,with ranching,schooling,and marketing to lie before me! WHOOP WHOOP!

Also,to anyone it may concern...

I have no idea why,but I get the sense that roosterteeth has gone...quiet.

Make some noise,
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Zero Dark ThirtyMovie review time!

This evening,it shall be as the title assumes,the movie "Zero Dark Thirty"

I just saw the rest of it. I have to say,the first hour was pretty neat. It showed the personal drive one woman had in the entire effort by the CIA to confront and capture or kill Osama bin Laden. It was very intense,had a lot of espionage,politics,and teeth gritting moments that all around placed you in a sense of hunter/prey. It was the CIA pursuing this man's trail,relentlessly,and everything from dumb-ass politicians to suicide bombings to dead ends halting them at a brick wall. It had a few moments where it sort of got out of hand,where it really looked like it was this woman's blood thirst and dedication was behind it,but you saw she was apart of a team,almost a crusade,led by this ginger-Joan of Arc.

Then the second hour comes.

I have little problems with fictionalizing actual events,basing them on a true story. I see it on SVU,where I don't even know the story,but I could probably tell the areas they filled in with fiction,if I knew the story.

The second hour of Zero Dark Thirty kind of shot a lot of the "we are in this together" thing apart,and literally slid the blocks together in tetris fashion to make sure one point; this woman spearheaded investigations,stained with blood and tears from her comrades lost to political strife,internal bullshit,or some other third thing (like bombs...) and made sure to send this message: THIS BITCH DONE IT. AND SHE WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CONFIRMATION OF THE BODY,AND E'ERYTHANG.

Now,I don't have a problem dramatizing,as I've said before,but they literally made it look like this woman was the only one left,and no one was there to back her. The CIA fuck wads were out to get her. The director would second guess her. People tried to kill her. Even the SEALs were sort of hesitant to get in on the op,and that brings me to my next point of contention,the operation following through.

I once read a review for this movie,and he was....a little more than agitated about the movie's appearance to the SEALs. I'm not naming names,and I'm not out to get this guy,but from what he said,I watched,and my point of view...

It was done well. Granted,I don't know the ins and outs of a successful,well done breech,sweep and clear,but I think it was done well.

The characters were rather human,they weren't done up as these puffy "we got the guns,let's use 'em" types,they weren't the "let's kill every fucker there" type,and they weren't the "prolly should've used rubber bullets first" type. They,in my opinion,reacted to the situation like any soldier would with the intel they had.

They were going into a country that was our political allies (personally,we should sever ties with anyone NOT backing Israel,but I digress.) on a hunch,they didn't know if the target was actually there,they were going in on experimental crafts,they had their orders,and they followed through to the best of their ability.

Not to try and make this out to attack the other review I read,having not watched the movie before then,but in there it said they acted like mercs. Well...it's the field. They aimed guns at the women and children because that kind shuts up or straightens out any unwanted behavior,and when you're not sure who's there,you don't want anything getting out of hand.

A particular scene showed a woman taking a bullet alongside the (supposed) husband,but the only reason I could ever call that necessary is to protect the stealth aspect,and she was rather loud. I'm not saying to do that in every case,but it may not have even been on purpose;she did look like she was trying to grab her husband before he died to console him,only to take a stray bullet.

From what i might know or might be undereducated about,the breaching seemed pretty clean. I did notice they were all pretty well spaced out,so they acted the soldier part pretty well.

One thing I did notice,and this was pointed out by a friend of mine who saw it before I did,was when they were in the actual bunker,and they were all REALLY packed in the hallway. I mean,a single 'nade,and they would've been dead,incapacitated,and/or susceptible to small arms at just about any given point. But I digress,because it wasn't exactly spacious there.

This review is just my look at it. For the person who's review I mentioned,I just wanted to use that to plead my opinion from what somebody else might have said.

All in all,the movie was alright. There were some slow moments,there were some filler moments that really probably could have been left out. But aside from what I've said on it,there's not much else to really pick at. It was dramatic,it was suspenseful,and I think it did well (for the most part) to show the depth of how hard it was and why it took ten years from Osama's infamous order to destroy the world trade center to find him and put the rounds where they needed to be.

Flounders final repute: Pretty good,but,you know,I probably wouldn't be able to rewatch it.
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Fallout New Vegas Ultimate EditionWell,I have a character at the lofty heights of 20,so far. I'm hoping doing every quest,unmarked and marked,can get me to level fifty. At the same time,I want to see the end to know what happens. A few things I'd like to note,seeing as I have always been a fan of Fallout 3,and Having the GOTY edition of that too.
~Survival. I like that skill. I want more of this.
~First person ADS actually has ADS. It makes it better now for firing down sights. Especially since I can't trust VATS too often anymore.
~I kind of like how energy weapons and guns are now more split up,guns being the combustion ammunition,energy weapons being the laser or plasma round weapons. Also,I'd like to note how cool it is to put explosives as a category of weapons involving more than just mines and grenades.
~I enjoy the company of the followers,and I like how they are a little more durable,and on normal,cannot technically die.
~The ending bit on the DLCs make them more....memorable,and the openings are the same way. They make them more like miniature campaigns,like a main story in a main story. I've only played one,and I'm on my way through another.
~My opinion of the weapons and armor is not what it is for Fallout 3. In fallout 3,you're usually looking around for something that is or is similar to your weapon. In Fallout new Vegas,you're doing the same thing but almost in a different light;there isn't an urgency. Just a sort of a passing "gonna need that later" which usually helps.
~I haven't played too much into it,but I like hardcore modes almost realism. It does add to difficulty,but it also adds that challenge of playing as though you were actually kind of shot in the head and down on your luck. It doesn't help I have all the courier stash packs,so that weighs you down a little more...yeah.
~I hate the Legion. They're sort of...Enclave lite. They aren't as bad because they lack the tech and the overall "looming doom" factor,but they are tenacious. And I'm a holy roller arch type,so...yeah. There's that.
~If there was one thing I don't like about it,it would have to be the same thing for most of the rpgs I have. It's a Bethesda game. Lots of memory,big game,and VERY glitchy. Even a few moments of game play,and if I'm not careful,the damn thing freezes as I am in the middle of a very intense argument involving bullets. Or what's even worse is when it doesn't outright freeze,and I'm stuck two or three frames behind what I'm doing.
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Quote from Thaddeus Guy McWhat"It's belt fed and runs on a hemi engine."
Other:"It's a car?"
"It has cartridges."
Other:"It's a gun? A big gun?"
"I don't think so. It's called a minigun."
Other:Why is it belt fed and has a hemi engine if it's called a minigun?"
"...It's a big gun."
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Nerd RantSo,I've been playing Skyrim gratuitously. Like,abused like a cheap whores asshole gratuitously. And I have some things to say about it,having the downloadable content and all,and having beaten the story a few times.

First,I hate the downloadable content. Yes,the first (last for ps3) is interesting with the content. The last (first for the Ps3) is kind of nice with a change of scenery and again,additional content in craft and stuff. References to Morrowind,which I never played,and the like,was cool. But repetitive story wise.
Don't believe me?
Knights of the Nine from Oblivion: Evil lord,broken knighthood,hero fixes it and everyone is safe.
Dawnguard: Evil Lord,broken knighthood,hero fixes everything or breaks it.

Shivering Isles: Enter Oblivion,meet a God,fix things,become a God.
Dragonborn: Enter Solstheim,find book,enter Oblivion,meet a God,fix things,become a God('s tool)

Repetitive. So,to fix this,let me rant about this:
What the fuck happened to the Dwemer?
Why is it that the Falmer seem to be advancing,slowly,but no one cares?
What about the Blades? The Thalmor?
With the civil war over,depending on which side,what happens to the political balance of Skyrim?
What about the Dragons? If they just seem to appear from creation,what about when the last one dies? What about Paarthunax?

All this,and more,seems to be just scraped aside. "Oh,we need to make a downloadable content for Skyrim? Why not a cleverly hidden ingenious idea from oblivion and cover it up with a completely lame concept on an existing factor from the previous installments? Then,for the third one,we just sorta turn about being a Daedric Lord to serving one indirectly. And add some shit about owning a house."

Bethesda,Bethesda,Bethesda. The fans are very much the priority to keep your cocks wet,so as one,I'd like to tell you you are SUCKING AT YOUR JOB. I like Skyrim at its base. At the core,it is a game that I can munch on all day. But the extra content is almost not even worth it. It's almost contrived,and makes me not even want to spend time discovering the new worlds and makes want to stay more to where I want to finish the basics: The Dark Brotherhood,Thieves Guild,Companions,Mage's College. That stuff. Then afterward,I realize I need to pretty much create a new character to personify all the options for the new quest lines.

I just want something new. I want some answers. in fact,you know what? Because I know so much about TES universe,I'd almost want to go to the island of Akavir and fuck me a snake person with a dragonbone axe. Something outlandish and interesting instead of a fucking vampires. And a dragon priest storyline.

God bless,
Flounder the Spawn,Argonian Mage of the College of Winterhold
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