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Tell me true...Did everyone have a fantastic Christmas break?!

Mine was full of art-making and family. I got a lot of pieces worked on and I got to see every member of my family all at once, including meeting my 4 week old niece. Her name is Laurel Mae and she's such a peach. Her older sister, Amelia, is turning 3 on the ninth and we're having a party at Chuck E Cheese (which I am more excited about than a 21 year old should be...) :)

We went to the zoo and has a blast! Here Amelia and I are showing off our shades :)

How about you all? Anybody do anything crazy?
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ANNOUNCEMENTThis shrew has been tamed.

Well kind of.

This knucklehead...

is MY knucklehead :)
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Day 6!Favorite Book character (can't be from a movie)

You know, the creators of this challenge probably didn't want a character in a movie because they wanted the artist to use their imagination when they drew the character. Me drawing a character from a comic admittedly defeats that purpose. However, I don't care.

I have a few book characters that I could have drawn for this, but the Sandman comics have really been some of the most enjoyable comics I've read, and, honestly, I really just wanted to draw Morpheus.

I like this sketch and would like to do it as a more complete piece someday. Maybe I will since I enjoyed drawing it so much.

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Day 3 Day 4 Day 5!Continuing with my 30 Day Drawing Challenge (after a short hiatus because of classes starting...)

Day 3 is my favorite food.

If you've ever experienced Hungry Mary, then you know that my favorite food is pizza.
I drew myself being crushed by a giant pizza which is simultaneously a dream and a nightmare of mine.

Day 4 is my favorite place.

Lake Ella is my favorite place. It's a park in Tallahassee that has a lake and a path around it with little shops and food and coffee places, too. My favorite thing about it is the adorable ducks that live there :)

Here's a momma duck and her lil' baby ducklings!

Day 5 is my best friend.

I don't have a best friend. I have THREE best friends. I couldn't choose which one to draw (because I can't choose favorites!) so I drew all three!

Marah, Summer, and Meagan your faces are now immortalized as cartoons on the internet.

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OH HAIJuss doin' some readin'.

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Rest In Peace, Mr. Armstrong

I'm sad about Neil Armstrong's passing. This picture is sweet, though.

RIP, Mr. Armstrong! You were a hero to many, including myself.
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Day 1 and Day 2So, as my last journal entry told you all, I am embarking on a 30 Day Drawing Challenge! (wheeee)

(If you're my FB friend then you've already seen these. Ignore this journal and carry on.)

Day 1 is a self portrait. If, after 3 years of art in high school and another 3 years of studying it in college, I can't produce at least a semi-acceptable self portrait then I have failed forever and must find some sort of unhealthy self medication to assuage all the shame.

This one's alright and it's in my style, but I can't figure out why I'm so SAUCY in it.

Day 2 is my favorite animal. All I have to say is... CATS. Also, I haven't drawn an animal in probably years. The last time I can remember doing it is when I was a kid. So... CATS.

Tomorrow... PIZZA >:D
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