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Is it clich to make a 10 year anniversary journal now?So my entry into the world of Rooster Teeth is not quite as dramatic or profound as say @Axialmatt or many of the other journals I've read today. Funny enough, my first exposure to RT was when there was an RvB episode that could be downloaded on Xbox Live sometime between 2006 and 2007 (I don't know the episode, I think it may have been one of the side series). I forget the how or the why I downloaded it, but I watched it and, honestly, didn't know what was happening as it was en media res for me and I think I may have been drunk at the time. Suffice to say, that one experience left me somewhat disinterested in RvB and Rooster Teeth, and I didn't really care whenever I would see those names again.

Fast forward to summer 2010. I was really good at Guitar Hero and saw that many people would upload their play attempts to YouTube and I wanted to do something similar. I bought a Hauppauge HD-PVR, but for some reason decided to do walkthrough guides of Star Wars: Dark Forces and Limbo. That was the first time I had done any video capture and editing, so suffice to say it took me a while to do videos. I put it on hold since I was returning to school, and didn't pick it up again until Halo: Reach came out the following September. I loved the game and made a couple guides for it on ways to get easy credits. During this time and through watching various Reach videos on YouTube, I stumbled upon @Jack and @Geoff easter egg video of the Spartan replica in Halo: Reach. Even though I thought Geoff sounded like a total dork, I thought they were entertaining and informative, and watched a couple other videos they made. However, I still wasn't hooked quite yet, and forgot once again about RT.

Shortly afterward, COD: Black Ops came out and I enjoyed it quite a lot, especially zombie mode. When playing zombie mode my first time on Kino Der Toten, some music came on and it sounded really cool. However, I didn't hear the music in any subsequent play throughs, and once again looked online to find videos or information about it. There had only been a couple videos about it, and I wanted to make my own. I don't remember how, but it was around this time that I remembered Jack and Geoff's video on Achievement Hunter, and wanted to see if they had made a video for the easter egg. After looking at their YT channel and website, I saw they hadn't, and it was also this time when I stumbled upon the Community Hunter group. I also saw that many people weren't doing anything with it, so I figured I could make a video that would have the AH slides and channel for use. I followed the slate instructions and what not, and uploaded my video.

Much to my surprise, my video was on YouTube the very next day! It was definitely a cool feeling knowing that my video would be viewed by many (to a channel that, at the time, had about 12,000 subscribers, and now has 160,000!). I was so excited that I couldn't wait to do more. I made two videos for Perfect Dark on XBLA and uploaded them. To my dismay though, my videos didn't end up on YT the next day (oh how spoiled my first experience made me). I created this thread on the CH forum, which felt like I was shouting "Hello??" in a big empty room and could hear my own voice echoing back. Lo and behold, @Tudor and @BioHRay responded to my inquiry. Wow, I was getting an actual response from someone listed as a "Forum Mod" and another person who seemed to know what he was talking about! The instant feedback kept my spirits high that my videos would get posted and my voice wasn't being ignored. I continued to make more and more videos.

This was also the beginning of my friendship with BioHRay, who I can officially claim as my first friend I met on the Internet. Not to toot horns or anything, but he and I, as did others (namely @Tonyski, @Ray (Brownman at the time), @Soothsayer57, to name a few) kept pumping out videos of high quality in what appeared to be a dying community hunter group, which fortunately breathed some life into the community and the YT channel. I really felt like we were rebuilding the community hunters, and this really started happening when BioHRay was added as an admin to the CH group and started making regular posts. We started seeing an influx of video submissions, and it eventually grew over the next year and a half to the ginormous community that it is today. This was also around the time that my real life was becoming increasingly busy with school that my submissions slowed down significantly and there were some that were becoming the new go-to's for regular submissions, such as @Franco, @Hightower, and @xBRITxHyBriD. The community had really taken off (a big thanks to BioHRay and @Caleb for that), and though I was (and still am) bummed that I just don't have the time to not only play video games frequently but to spend the extra time recording footage and making videos and co-commentaries, I damn well enjoy watching what everyone else puts up.

During all of this, I've watched virtually everything Rooster Teeth has produced. The RT Shorts are amazing (I really hope they start bringing those back), Immersion was brilliant (another one I think EVERYONE wants to see a return of), and I finally got caught up with every episode of RvB shortly after the RvBX blu ray set came out (I had only gotten up through the Blood Gulch Chronicles prior to that). I've made more friends in the SoCal area (Soothsayer, @opticalspy24, and @Kevin when he's in town) who I've met up with on occasion, including a 24-hour Extra Life stream. I haven't made it to RTX yet but I'm pretty sure I'll be there this summer. During all of this, RT has become such a big part of my life, even if my role in it lately is mostly passive.
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One of the best times of my life......was watching Mark (aka @deathreau) attempt to eat 15 McDoubles in 20 minutes during our Extra Life stream last November.

He did it for mecocks folks. For mecocks.

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Green Mushroom!Hello everyone to whom I have not posted a journal to in ages! Suffice to say, graduate school is eating my away and slowly deteriorating my inner soul. But enough about my turmoils; I'm putting all of that aside for 24 hours this weekend (and on my birthday no less) when I will be participating in my first ever Extra Life stream! I will be joining the other Achievement Locked Podcast members as we game our way to helping raise money for children, earning some much needed achievements, and retrodating our cognitive processes by many many years (i.e. we'll probably act and talk like idiots).

Click here to donate!

Click here to view the live stream on Saturday, November 10 at 10 AM PST (1 PM EST, 6 PM GMT)!

Why should you watch? Besides for the antidote to the poison you just drank? Why for free shit, laughs, good times, and perhaps even some Jackass-style heroics if the donation price is right! Everyone loves incentives, so we are giving away codes for games on Steam and XBLA, Microsoft Points, money to spend on the PS Store, and more (I need to say that because we have people donating prizes, so I don't know what to expect). What kind of content can you expect? Halo 4 is undoubtedly on the docket, as well as pretty much anything else; I know I'll be lugging my PC all the way to Soothsayer57's house which can play virtually anything, not to mention we'll have the collaborative collection of Xbox360 games between myself, Soothsayer57, and spyglassjeff. Who knows, we might even whip out some good ole' Deadly Premonition.

So check us out, donate for a good cause, come for some prizes and challenges for us (I do believe Deathreau has promised 10 McDoubles in a row, and someone might be encouraged to participate in the banana and Seven-Up challenge, all to be posted to YouTube of course), and stick around for the laughs and good times for 24 hours. And it's my birthday dammit, so come wish me a happy birthday!

Much MUCH for those of you who I haven't communicated with in quite some time; hopefully I'll see you there tomorrow!
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Much needed vacationI know I've been MIA on the site for a while now, but certainly for good reason. I finally graduated and cleaned up the last of my remaining credits with a 3 week summer class. It was a really intense last stretch but I'm finally done with my bachelors degree and now get to do another two year stretch of school in the graduate program. In the in between though, my wife and I are on a two week vacation, which includes London for five days, and then Egypt for nine days. London so far is, to say the least, one of the coolest places I've been to. We are trying to cover as much ground as possible to see all there is to see, but the exhaustion is definitely worth it. Egypt should be just as incredible, but likely a much more intense culture shock for us (expect to see me in an AHWU number ___ in the next few weeks standing in front of the Giza pyramids).

Needless to say, I miss chatting with you all regularly. It was great meeting up with some of the guys in person (Brandon, Jeff, and Kevin), but I definitely miss all of the AH community. And I definitely need to finish up my Bioshock Historian achievement guides (there's a few angry comments left on the last one I uploaded). But I'll talk to you guys soon I hope.
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Another AbsenceSo yeah, I've been pretty invisible from RT/AH lately. A lot of it has to do with the craziness of this last quarter of school prior to graduation (of course my last one had to have the highest workload). The other bit of it is undoubtedly due to Diablo 3 and my new affinity for PC gaming in general. I've jumped on the site here and there a bit, but I was motivated to write this journal after watching the most recent "Let's Play: Minecraft" and that music made me want to jump back into my world and get back to building my house/crazy thing I was building before leaving Minecraft behind. I'm sure it pales in comparison to what many of you have built or are building, but I was proud of what I had done so far at least.

I'm graduating on the 16th which is a pretty wild feeling since I originally dropped out of college to work because I didn't know what I wanted to major in and found drugs and alcohol more enticing than education. Though I sometimes wish I had just did my four years and got a degree, I don't regret the decisions in my life, so I would recommend to anyone who goes to college or is about to go and doesn't know what they want to major in or have for a career to not feel bad about leaving, working for a few years, and figuring yourself out first and experiencing life outside of school. There's such a pressure in many families to go to college immediately after high school, which is fine if that's really what you want to do and you know what you want to major in. So although I regretted dropping out of college for years, I'm glad I did because I wasn't in a good place overall, and I may not have discovered my passion for teaching, which I still can't believe I'll be student-teaching in a short two months.

But that aside, I know I've neglected the Bioshock Historian achievement guide I started a month ago and plan to get back to that after graduation and my parents fly back out of town.
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Video Game Pet PeeveThe most annoying question I get when someone sees me playing a video game: "So, what do you do? What are you supposed to be doing?"
I think I'm going to prepare a Powerpoint presentation for every game I play that maps out essentially everything that would be in an instruction manual, so that when someone asks me that question, I will have them sit down while I explain "what I do" and "what I'm supposed to be doing" in the game.

Anyone else have annoying encounters with people who don't know anything about video games but make polite yet ultimately lame attempts at acting interested?

(I don't mean to be a ranter, but sometimes I just wish people would be happy to just simply acknowledge I'm playing a game rather than make me feel obligated to make it sound cool in a socially conventional way that I'm about to fight Belial, one of the demons in Diablo 3, a game that just came out, and I'm a Demon Hunter, etc....)

I should also note that this didn't necessarily happen recently (i.e. with Diablo 3), but it has happened frequently in the past and for some reason I was just thinking about it when my wife's friend came over, saw what I was playing, and pretty much just went "cool" and the two then had their girlfriend time. In the back of my mind I was just thinking "thank you for not being one of those people."
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Come on people, TIMINGNot one but two of my three classes cancelled today, one of which is three hours? Why couldn't this happen tomorrow AFTER Diablo 3 has already come out .
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