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Osama bin Laden is deadSo can we now get the fuck out of the Middle East? we really need to stop invading other countries its not right
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Red Dead RedemptionFor some reason, i REALLY REALLY want to play this game right now. Idk why but it just seems like a great idea. I've watched my brother play it like a year ago but I had no inclination to play but now for some reason i really want to. 4 days until im home for spring break then im probably going to take a crack at it and see if its as good as people say it is.
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Minecraft ServerSo im building an airport now, its going to be awesome! thanks to everyone who has put in materials for it and i hope you will continue to do so! :)
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First postSo ya this is most likely not going to be read but i really don't care this is my first journal.

I had an account on this site before but i forgot my account and email so I'm starting over, but that's fine, I'm mostly here for the content not exactly the social aspect of it, but i wouldn't mind with a few friend requests (my account says "no friends" it's sad haha)

Well that's all I got right now I'm in class and it sucks

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