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Machinima Update: Lack Of Comprehension and Hunting In Skyrim Good news if your interested in either of the 2 Machinima's i am working on Hutning In skyrim(skyrim) or Lack Of Comprehension(Halo Reach, Maybe Halo 4?) well im about to start working on the scripts for both of them when i move this Thursday, so il keep you guys updated and such when i get everything situated. Thx Rooster Teeth people
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Dayz Error helpHello people of the internet, im having some trouble with Dayz, iv bought everything and such but when i try joining a server through Six Launcher the screen goes black as if its going to play the game but then it goes back to Six Launcher and gives me an Error message saying "error creating direct3d 9" i could use some help from somebody that had the same problem before and that could help me out, thanks!
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Sponsorship EndingWell it looks like it 6 months have come fast, sad to say but my sponsorship will be ending on Tuesday and i dont know when il be able to renew again :/
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Hunting In Skyrim: Update 1The 1st and 2nd Episodes are done and i will continue making more episodes, But because of Personal family issues i will not be able to make anymore until i move out in late August, which i plan on making 6 episodes until i officially release the 1st Episode, and also because im having my Xbox repaired because of Disc tray issues, so if anybody has any questions just message me, or if you want to have some part in itin this Machinima just message me, all help is accepted and thanks if you support!
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Vodka and Pokemon Leaf GreenYup another one of those drink and play games type of mood again
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Death To AllNo words can describe how i felt seeing the all powerful Death perform Friday night in San Fransisco. Death was always a band i thought i would never see live because of the tragic death of Death's Singer/Guitarist Chuck Schuldiner who had died on December 13, 2001 after a battle with pontine glioma, a rare type of brain tumor. After he died the band disbanded and all hope of ever seeing them were destroyed, now Thanks to Chucks friends, band mates from over the years, and his family the unthinkable happened and i am very very Thankful to have seen Death in my lifetime even if chuck wasnt playing he was still there watching on. RIP Chuck Schuldiner
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Hunting In Skyrim: Machinima Videohey it would be cool if you guys could check out this machinima im making!

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