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ObsessionSoMinecraft has officially taken over my life. I think about playing it, I dream about it, and last night at the softball park I saw a pile of metal fence posts in blocks of concrete and my first thought was, Sweet! Iron and Cobblestone!

On the first world I played when I got the game (that I put SEVERAL hours into) I had a mishap with some lava. I lost all my diamond tools and I hadnt saved in a couple hours. When I reloaded my last save and realized how much time and effort I had lost, I decided to step away from that world for a while and start a new one. But even though I did that, I wasnt really too upset about it. I think that is just a testament to how much I enjoy this game. It sucks that I have to rediscover the good spots I found, but its almost like thats a part of what makes the game fun. Im kinda looking forward to returning to that world. Its almost like Id be starting a new world that already has a home in a cliff face, a Nether portal, and a partially-built railway system.

The world that I started after the mishap is great so far. I used the seed Diamonds, diamonds everywhere!, and I spawned near a floating island. I have since built a home on top of the island. Its relatively small (only about 13 x 5 on the inside), but its two stories with wrap-around balconies, has a large basement that I might turn into a work area or a dungeon, and I have a staircase from the ground up to the house, which is over 30 blocks from the ground. The nearby cave has an enormous amount of minerals. Ive found a lot of coal, iron, gold, redstone, and diamonds. I think I also found a spot where there should be some obsidian.

I cant wait until the workday is done so I can get back to work.
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Damn you, Minecraft!I never got into Minecraft on the PC. I thought about it a few times, but never pulled the trigger. I figured that I'd either not like it or like it so much that it would consume my life. But when I heard it was coming to the 360, I decided I'd finally give it a shot. Well, I was right. I started playing the other night, and now it's all I can think about. "Where should I explore next?" "What kind of permanent house do I want to build?" "Should I try to build an entire town?" And on and on and on... I'm thinking about playing it right now. For being the worst-looking 3D game I think I've ever seen, the game is beautiful. How did they do that?!? For not having any specific goals (except achievements) or end-game, I feel an enormous sense of purpose. For a game that's basically just "dig, dig, dig, build, build build...", it is fantastically fun! Apparently, Notch and his team are game-developing savants.

I think the thing I like most about Minecraft is that is probably the best RPG I've ever played. I'm not putting myself in the shoes of a fantasy character and putting my twist on a narrative that has already been written. I'm writing the narrative as I go. My actions in the game don't build up an imaginary pool of "points" that I can use to make myself better, stronger, faster (though I wish this last one were true ). My actions in the game develop ACTUAL experience. I learn. I adapt. I survive.

In summary, I <3 Minecraft!!

"Hey, Boss. *cough* *cough* I think I'm coming down with something...I may need to go home and rest."
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Attention All Community Hunters!!From the Community Hunter group news feed...

It brings me great pride to say that Community Hunter Videos have literally exploded with content. Nothing says that better then the amount of uploads that you, the awesome community members, have done in the past two weeks.Speaking of videos,here are all the videos this week.Forgive me for not naming everyone this time around but there is a more pressing matter.As with any group, the more members the more difficult it becomes to manage. I know not all of the people who submit videos are members of this group, and even some that are dont watch it. However, in the nature of community spirit, I now call on all of you that do watch this group.The last thing we want to do is deny the people who take the time and effort to put together videos the pleasure of seeing them posted to the community channel. However, rules are already being put in place due to the incredible amount of duplicate videos that are being uploaded. This should speak for itself; So. Literally 8 different people submitted guides for the same achievements in Trails. For reasons that should be obvious, we cannot post 8 of the same videos. We do enjoy all content that is uploaded, but the average viewer doesnt want to see the same thing over and over again.For the time being, only the first 3 videos for a single achievement will be posted. This is to give all of us time to organize ourselves into a more coherent group. This number will be reduced in time, so lets start acting more like the community that we are There is a thread that was set up some time ago, theCommunity Video Projects Thread.I strongly recommend that you all put that on Watch, also post any achievements that you plain to make a video for there as well, this will let others know to do a different achievement.That being said, its time for some basic ground rules for the above-mentioned thread (These may be added to or modified in the future).
1) You may only call up to 2 Achievements/Trophies at a time.
2) If you cannot complete your guide in a timely manner, please make a post stating so, giving others the opportunity to attempt the video.So I ask you all to contact the other people the post videos and inform them of this thread. This is your community make it stronger!
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I FINALLY DID IT!!!"Finally did what?" you ask? I finally got the Flawless Victory achievement in Trials Evolution. It only took three days and countless attempts, but I f***ing did it!! It was also the last achievement I needed in the game, so I also got 400/400 at the same time. I actually jumped out of my chair and cheered when I made it across the finish line. It got a bit hairy there at the end. Now I can actually have fun with the game!! I just don't want to see any of those tracks for a while.

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"A"-GameIm participating in the MW3 Tournament tonight, and my #1 goal is to NOT be the reason my team loses. Ive never claimed to be good, but I like to think that Im at least average. I just hope Im not proven wrong tonight.
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It's Been A WhileI haven't posted a journal in a while, and I don't have much to say, but I just noticed that yesterday marked one year since I officially signed up on the site. It's been a fun year, and I want to give a BIG shout out to BioHRay for helping me so much when I started making CH videos. I don't think I could have done it without you, bud!
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T-Minus 4 DaysIm REALLY looking forward to Mass Effect 3. ME1 and ME2 were my GOTY picks when they came out, and completing the trilogy should be supremely satisfying. I think the game play feature Im looking forward to the most is the Kinect voice recognition. I always find myself reacting to the conversations out loud anyway, so I love this addition to the game. It should make the whole experience so much more immersive. Of course, I also like the addition of the MP. I plan on playing through the SP a few times, so theres already some replay value for me, but the MP adds a LOT more.

4 more days! Ill be at the midnight release, and I will not be going to work on Tuesday!
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THANK YOU!!!!BIG Thank You! to aww102 for the Mass Effect 3 demo code! Can't wait until the download is done!!
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