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So the first game I bought in 2012 is...... Dead Rising. I went to the mall because my sister wanted to get some expensive sweater. I was getting bored, and that's when I remembered that this mall has a Gamestop.

I left her in the store with my mother, and when I got there, I proceeded to look around at all the games I wish I had. I only had $20 on me, so I couldn't really buy any games. After looking around some more, I bumped into a bin full of Xbox 360, pre-owned games that cost $10 or less.

There I found Dead Rising, and Viva Pinata. There prices together was about $17, and I was excited to get them cause I have asked for them before. When I went to checkout, they didn't have Viva Pinata, so I was pretty upset.

I left with just Dead Rising, and I got to say, it is a very fun game. I heard of a lot of people say it's a great game, a LONG time ago, and I am glad I finally had the chance to play it. The best part is that the CD is like new. There are BARELY any scratches.

I regret nothing, and I am glad I didn't miss out on such a great game.
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I've been meaning to play Viva Pinata too.
Goeff speaks so highly of it...
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I am going to download it on games on demand.
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