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Saints Row: The ThirdSo over the last week I have done nothing but go to work and come home to play Saints Row. The game is absolutely amazing. I have put nearly 20 something hours into it and I'm not finished because I find myself doing everything but missions.

I know all you Skyrim-ers and ME3 people will argue with me but for me, in terms of entertainment value, time spent vs. money spent, my vote for GoTY is Saints Row: The Third.

If you have been looking for a new game you must buy this, I assure you that you will not be disappointed.
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Murph BeardedMurph
I bought it last year, but haven't yet played it, was working through the first two since I'd never played any saints row game. was nearly done with the first game when my Xbox took a dive. New Xbox but I haven't gotten back to it yet.
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This is the first Saints Row game I played and I can't understand why I waited so long. It really has a grasp on me. When you get around to it let me know and we should jump into some co-op.
#1  Posted 3 years ago
Murph BeardedMurph
Will do, I've been busy redoing my mass effect playthroughs redone in time for the third since all my saves were lost.
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Schraver RoosterSpeak
I have had this game sense the day it game out and I have been looking for someone to play coop with. NOBODY had it...

And suddenly in the past like 2 weeks people have been springing up everywhere with it...
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Well just message me and we will play!
#1  Posted 3 years ago
Why you gotta go makin' this sound so very awesome Danny?!?

Im tryin' to step AWAY from games for a bit to straighten out some life stuff ..and to make sure I get all A's in my classes.

and here you go tempting me

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Why would you even listen to me? Focus on school it is was more important! Plus when you are done and you are rich and famous we will have plenty of time to play games together :-)
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Well, I got Dead Island THIS year, so so far IT`S the game of the year for me, though, theres not many to play with....

I would give Saints Row a chance if I didn`t had so many other games I was planning to buy, but maybe another time ;)
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Trevor Sponsor
I was actually legitimately impressed. i loved this game, and even the story was tons of fun. I'm not one for sandbox-anarchy games but it was fantastic.
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I feel like we are in a similar situation. I didn't like GTA and I typically find games like GTA and Saints row to get stale quickly but the comedic side to saints row and the absurdity of it all kept me going.
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I highly enjoyed this game better than Saint's Row 2. I love how ridiculous the missions and the characters are. I finally finished the main missions and still have 1/4 left of the side quests. It's pretty badass.
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You clearly have greater will power than I do. I can't stop, I'm almost addicted well rather I am addicted!
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I was actually addicted to playing quite a bit when it came out. As soon as I finished most of the quests I got distracted by other games. I ended up playing it for a month when I quit my job. So I spent so many hours on it.
#2  Posted 3 years ago
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