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Up Tornado AlleyThe siren has been going off for an hour. Two tornadoes reportedly touched down just south of BG. Don't see anything yet. Just Heavy rain and some hail. Looks like it might clear up soon.
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That freaks me out and Im not even there!

please be careful and dont wait too long to take cover!
Im watching these storms this past week too because my Mom and little brother live in Missouri now, as does one of my sisters.

stay safe as you can lady!!

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It didn't turn green here, so I figured it wasn't gonna be that bad. Now I was in Decatur Alabama this week for work, We finished a day early and came back yesterday afternoon. Had we not, I propably would have been caught in one of those storms that hit. The storm here is over now and no ...
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Hmmm Ive got a few cousins in Alabama. I should check and see how theyre doing
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