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geoff Cast & Crew
geoff Cast & Crew
Stuck on a plane, so AMASo I'm sitting on a plane right now with nothing to do. I know we did one recently, but I'm bored. If anyone has any burning questions, fire away.
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geoff Cast & Crew
AhemGo to the store or some shit.

also something about community day. Caleb sucks. He made me write this. He's fucking standing behind me whining. Ugh.

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geoff Cast & Crew
Community Appreciation Week "AAHA"Sup,
We like you guys a bunch, so in addition to the whole "vote on what games we play" thing, we're going to do some more crap. The first, an AMA with everyone in Achievement Hunter, or AAHA (Ask Achievement Hunter Anything) for short.

Ask questions in the comment section, give your favorites a thumb so we know you really want them answered! We'll be answering them throughout the week.

<3 Geoff and the dudes and ladies of AH
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geoff Cast & Crew
Fan Appreciation WeekHey Guys and Girls,
May 15th is community day (as it is on the 15th of every month), and Achievement Hunter wants to do something a little different for this one. Instead of just a community day, we're going to show you guys our thanks the entire week!

For the entire week of May 11-15, we'll be releasing Let's Plays that you pick for us. Just tell us which games you want us to play in the comments of this journal, and Steffie will go through and compile a list. The games that get the most votes will be the ones we play. In addition, let us know what you want us to do in Minecraft and GTA for the week as well.

So, to reiterate, we will do a Minecraft of your choice, a GTA of your choice, and three random Let's Plays in games of your choice. All you gotta do is make a list of your suggestions, and post it in the comments! We will stop taking new suggestions on May 4th. Also, please only list your suggestions once. Thanks!

<3 Geoff and the dudes and ladies of AH
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Fan ArtHey there,
We get a lot of really cool fan art sent to the office (hence our art board), and we've decided we want to start showcasing it in AHWU every week. So, if you have any cool art you've done that's AH related, and want to have it featured in a future AHWU, please put a link to it in this journal.

Thanks you talented bastards you!
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Geoff is an idiot etc etcSo I forgot to post the results of the poll in AHWU yesterday. Sorry about that, it was that kind of day for me. Anyhoo, I'll announce the winner in AHWU next week, but I see no reason to not announce it here now.

First off, thanks for taking the time to vote! We had almost 90,000 total votes, which was way more than I was expecting. You guys and girls are pretty overwhelmingly awesome. You also overwhelmingly wanted one show more than the others. With 43% of the total votes, you chose Sunday Driving. It wasn't even close. Let's Watch came in at a distant second, with 26%.

Therefore, Sunday Driving will be the next series we put into production, followed a bit later by Let's Watch, and then down the road we'll try and get to the rest of them.

I'd like to say the next episode will be out next week, but with the movie, the Game Kids launch, and the holidays, it might take us a week or two to get our ducks in a row. Don't worry though, I promise I'll announce it via AHWU and the social medias the week it will be out.

Thanks again for taking the time to vote, your input was invaluable and illuminating.

<3 Geoff
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Happy Birthday Achievement HunterSo six years ago, we started a little side project called Achievement Hunter (which thank God, we picked instead of Achieve Men). It was going to be a forum/text based site to help people get achievements, with the odd video guide thrown in here and there. Our first video was done by none other than Mr. Jack Pattillo, and can be viewed here. It was an Achievement guide in Burnout Paradise, and every year on our anniversary, I love to watch it, then immediately watch our latest video (in this case it's LP Minecraft 113 - Megatower).

It's ridiculous how far we've come since those early days of Jack and I making guides in our spare time. In six years we've produced more than 7,000 videos, created more than 20 weekly shows, have 12 full-time employees (with a 13th on the way soon), and our content is spread across three Youtube channels and this very site.

Had you told me ANY of these things were on the way six years ago, I would have assumed you were hired by Gus to prank me, and there was a hidden camera somewhere. Hell, I still have trouble believing it now.

Anyway, I really just wanted to say thanks. Thanks to Matt and Burnie for believing in and supporting our dumb idea. Thanks to (in no particular order) Jack, Gavin, Michael, Ryan, Ray, Lindsay, Caleb, Kdin, Matt, Jeremy, Dirk and Sarah for the tremendous amount of work you do every single week. I had never even met most of you six years ago, and now you're the best friends and co-workers a guy could ask for, and I can't imagine my life without you. Thanks to every single person past and present at Rooster Teeth for putting up with us. I know we're pretty obnoxious. Thanks to every single one of you who has supported us, whether it be by sending in a community video, buying a shirt with some dumb Ryan phrase on it, or watching the silly videos we make.

Thanks for allowing us to have this career. We owe you one.

P.S. I have no idea where this train is headed, but I do know it doesn't have any brakes, so God help us.
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geoff Cast & Crew
So Episode 100 of Let's Play Minecraft is out...I figured I'd take some time to post this journal and answer any questions you guys have about it, the last 99 episodes, or any future ones. Keep in mind, if you haven't seen 100 yet, there could be spoilers.

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