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jackfloat, from tonight's #RTpodcast (with accidental cameltoe shorts :d)
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whale wifi from tonight's #RTpodcast
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Who is THAT Superhero!??
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I'm starting a Lego-sized RT Podcast set, so far complete with a Lego Burnie and a Lego Gus!
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Trying out new stuff to expand my abilities a bit. Snow leopard shaman lady or something!
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Found it really cute how Gavin and Dan was excitedly hiding behind a tree waiting for the CD to explode, so I used a screencap as reference and drew this
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Did a promo shoot for a local salon this morning, and ended up with red and silver hair. Solid day all told.
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It's a boy
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Caboose WIP
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The all so crazy talented Lambency drew me!
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2 YEARS ON THE SITE! Time for 2 year beer.
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March 31st, 2015

People are fucked up

I wrote a journal about this when I was new here, but I wanted to touch on it again since I actually have people who care about what I say now.

You may not know I was once a father to a little boy. Throughout the entire 9 month pregnancy I offered support and was there to help with what I could. When he was born it was the proudest I have ever felt and it is an interesting feeling to go from being somewhat detached to knowing you would gladly die for someone if you had to.

For 8 months I raised that little boy and I was happy. It did not take long before his mother started hounding me for more money even though I was paying child support. She started using him as a bargaining chip and would not let me see him. I finally told her I will see her in court and that's when shit hit the fan. She told me I needed to get a DNA test and I immediately knew what that meant, but held out some hope.

No surprise, the test came back and said I was not the father. I am not a violent person and would never hit a female unless I HAD to defend myself, but I came close to fucking snapping here. This was by far the most heartbreaking experience I have ever felt and probably ever will feel in my entire life. Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with some people? How did the guilt not eat at her this whole time? She picked the daddy she wanted and could not control him so she decided to get real with me and come clean to the real father, who luckily stepped up and provides for the little guy!

The reason I am bringing this up is because she just sent me a friend request on FB and I have decided to accept it. She finally apologized and was crying about how shitty she felt inside. I did not try to comfort her in the slightest and she deserves everything she is feeling. I did however get to see some pics of the little guy growing up and that has it's value to me. For 8 months I was his father and that is a love that is hard to shake.

I might not be a part of all that anymore, but I thought it was worth sharing that holding a grudge is only poisonous to yourself and does nothing to the other person or party. Let that shit go once you are able, forgive when you can and just be the one to say "this is my life and I decide how it goes. I am the one in control and will not give my power away to someone that will abuse it!"

So there is a nice story from my past. I know damn well that I will always go for the DNA test in the future and I don't give a fuck if it offends anybody. I'm not going through that again.

March 30th, 2015

Guess who aced their exam!

Twas I!!! Haha I almost got a B but I went to the Prof to show him I wrote all the information and he gave me the points! I got an A wooop! Late nights studying paid off!

March 30th, 2015

March 31st, 2015

DNA results!

So I wanted to know what exactly my body is made up of, bow chicka bow wow , mailed my saliva out and I finally got my results in!

Found out I'm 7% Middle Eastern (West Asia). This explains my obsession with Arabic music. Really wish I would've known this when I was applying to college...

I originally assumed I was mostly Irish. This is apparently a lie. I am only 31%

I'm more Western European. 47% (Which consists of countries like France, Germany, Belgium, Czech, Netherlands... This explains my wanting to take French and German in High School. I am also 17% Italian, which is much lower than I assumed.

I'm less than 1% European Jew. I think that counts as being Jew, right? Ka-ching, I have my hollywood in! Also a speck of Finland/Northwest Russia and Great Britain...

I think this mix of muttness explains why no one can ever figure out what I "look like".
Are you Italian? Are you Irish? Are you Russian? Are you German? Are you Japanese? Are you Filipino? Are you middle eastern? Are you half... something? Are you Mexican? (Okay that was the weirdest I've heard)

I call utter shenanigans on my lack of Japanese heritage.

Other than reincarnation, I have no proof.


March 31st, 2015

Everything Everything Will Be Alright...

All of your words and messages have really helped. Thank you.

Are you free May 15th? Click attending if you can. Let's game together! And kick cancer's butt while we do it!

Ask me who three of my best friends are in the World. Go on. The answer is @MillsK, @scottster246 and @teken09. I made a little group over a year ago now. Won't you take a look? We are almost at 100 members, which is fantastic. We love our watchers so much and try and involve them in the process as much as we can. Please, join our adventures. But don't out-question @Simon. He might cry.

Making videos is scary. But @KaitlynMagic gave it a go and the results were brilliant. It doesn't have to be perfect. Just share your views. Fashion is a life passion for me, and I'm honoured to run the Rooster Teeth is Fashionable group. The YouTube Channel hasn't been on the go for long, but I'm so pleased with how it has been received. Just remember, I really need your help with it!

You guys remember my RT Community Wall at home? For those who don't, I have a large wall in my bedroom dedicated to art made for me by the artists of the community, whether that's commissioned or a pleasant surprise! I'm currently commissioning the lovely @eranthyae but I always want to support the artists here. So if you do commissions, link me up! I have spaces on my Community Wall with your name on it!

That's all my thoughts for now! Just wanted to tell you about anything you might want to get involved in... I work best with a team, and of that team includes awesome community members, then brilliant! Team team team... I even like saying the word team. You might think that's a picture of my family. Uh-uh. It's The A Team.