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Mighty Morphin X-Ray and Vav shirts!
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It was time for a new photo. Even if this is old :P
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From the Surgeon Simulator Trophy Guide. Felt I needed to raw the outcome after the surgery. CLEARLY they did all they could to save the patient. ;3
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Let's just say I really liked this week's episode.
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@KHens knows what's up!
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Step 2, All the Red. :)
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RWBY Cat Volume (This is what I had submitted to the RTSIdeQuest Charity Event at RTX 2014)
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I like to think Jaune tried out a few different instruments before settling on the guitar. (Also Jaune on the triangle is definitely rocking a sort of dorky Aang/marble trick vibe)
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This is me in my final form
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Taking a train going anywhere
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August 29th, 2014

Baby inbound!

I'm going to have a new baby Sister tonight or tomorrow morning,
My mothers been up most of the night so
soon well have a fresh addition to our "meh" family!

Take care

August 28th, 2014

Cancer Update: Good-ish News?

Short version: I am in no immediate danger. Yay!

Long version: this gets a little complicated.

The follow-up was mostly good news. I am healing up nicely it seems, right on pace with what is expected. My activity restriction has officially been lifted, so I'm clear to start working out again which is nice. The stitches are still mostly intact which is a bit strange (they're the dissolving kind), but nothing else appears to be out of the ordinary. I'm just glad the bleeding has slowed down to almost nothing...that is super irritating to deal with.

The margins on the removed chunk came back negative, which is a huge win. For those not familiar with the terminology, that means they couldn't find evidence that we cut through any cancerous areas, meaning the likelihood of having left something behind has dropped significantly. Had it come back positive I'd be going in for a second surgery by the end of September, so not having that hanging over me is a big relief.

That said, I do have to have a hysterectomy. So that sort of sucks.

When they did the analysis of the chunk of tissue they removed, they found a second type of cancer cell. Without getting overly technical, I essentially had 1 that spreads faster but is easy to spot (this is what triggered everything), but I also had a second one (we'll call it FBS because that is an acronym for how I feel about the situation) that is incredibly difficult to detect (and often gets missed) and is more likely to spread to other organs, but does so incredibly slowly. Usually FBS spawns the first type, which is really the only hope for catching that it exists.

The standard treatment when this type of cell is observed is hysterectomy. No individual tissue removal, no partial hysterectomy, straight up full on "take it all out" is the standard. The problem I have of course is that this also doesn't usually show up until you're in your 40's so removing your baby-maker is a lot less likely to impact your life choices. When you're 27 and just finally getting settled into life that decision has a little bit more weight to it, so my doctor is not exactly jumping to get that scheduled.

FBS is multifocal and glandular, which is why it's so dangerous. It has no central point of origin, so it can pop up in multiple places at once, and it does so in deeper tissues (though at first it is strictly limited to a single organ, much better than multicentric). For example, they found 3 different growth centers for it in the small section they removed. Those could be the only 3, but it is far more likely that they are just part of a party taking place further up my insides. Since you can't really detect it until it pisses off other cells enough to generate the first type of cell (and there's no guarantee that will happen before I reach the point that the cancer is spreading to other organs; apparently the lungs are a popular vacation spot), the only real way to protect yourself is remove everything it could possibly be hiding in before it decides to pack its bags and check out other places to reside.

I have to go back for testing every 6 months for a few years, then go to every year testing until I either get a positive result or I decide my uterus has done its duty and the time comes to retire it. The super crappy thing about FBS is that a positive result is truly positive, but a negative result is not truly negative. All a negative result says is this really ominous "you're safe...for now. See you in 6 months." The moment I get a positive result, it means things are definitely progressing and it's time for surgery round 2.

I guess the silver lining is that there is almost no scenario in which I will have to do radiation or chemo. Granted, it's weird that there's no option, but they are absolutely not options I would choose if it truly was a choice. Surgery is a known quantity, and while it's a crappy quantity, you know how to plan for it.

So, yeah. There we are. There's nothing else that can be done by myself or any doctors until my next check in January (that's technically 5 months, not 6, but my doc is going on a mission trip to Kenya for all of February and March), so I'm just trying to stick to the whole "why worry?" mentality I've been going with. I mean, I'm worried, but I'm not worried. The best way I can describe it is like driving a car: you know in the back of your head that at any given moment something could go wrong and you could crash and die with no warning, but you don't actively worry about it every time you drive. It's sort of a thought that's in the absolute back of your mind, and maybe every once in a while you have a sudden realization you're essentially in a giant death trap, then you just sort of go back to your daily life.

We're still trying to decide if the fabled "cancer sucks" party will happen, because while the margins were negative, I'm not in the clear, and I don't want to go tempting the universe to show me up for celebrating too soon. But it is an actual conversation we're having, so do not despair just yet

Since there won't be anything new to report for a while, you can expect my journals will go back to my unapologetic patented mix of sass and project updates. And probably the occasional "what questionable activities can I perform in exchange for monies in so I can finally buy an Xbox One?"

Love always,


EDIT: P.S. In case you missed the joke, FBS = Fucking Bull Shit. Seems that has caused some confusion :P

August 28th, 2014

This is gold

August 28th, 2014

Times they are ah changin.

August 29th, 2014

2 fucking years

Today is officially my 730th day as a member of the Rooster Teeth community. Or I guess you could just call it my 2 year anniversary. This last year has been an amazing experience for me as I have made so many friends and had the opportunity to see the people here band together to accomplish amazing things.

I want to thank everyone here for showing me so much love. This place would not mean as much to me without you. You have (figuratively) made me one of the cool kids. I would tag everyone who really makes this worthwhile for me, but I already did that once before and you know who you are anyway.

I don't have a podcast. I don't do fan art. I don't make community videos. Sometimes I wonder why some of my posts get so much attention. All I do is be myself, which fortunately happens to be pretty funny sometimes. I put so much effort into getting where I am and I will continue to do so by commenting as much as possible and never forgetting my humble beginnings here.

Here is to another year of being a part of the best damn place on the internet!

P.S. More offensive pictures coming very soon.