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Meet Elizabeth, my new baby sister. She wouldn't let go of my finger, she's a strong one!
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Gavin's Heist was great
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nora nora nora nora
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It figures...It's RT Community Day and I've nothing to wear (Special Guest appearance by Thor)
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*sighs* It's a Starbomb shirt kinda day today... Don't you think?
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Hair Update and PAX East!
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Tried my hand at cosplaying as a Saint for PAX.
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Community Day Part Tre.. Featuring the most awesome tank top EVAR
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Animal puns for the win!! I'm gonna go laugh hysterically in a corner...
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Just a lazy sketch but I'm so happy for Lindsay that her big day is coming up! Ruby will be there in spirit I'm sure. PAVONI Couture 2013. Really any excuse to put the RWBY girls in pretty dresses I'll take it.
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Yup I lost my shit XD haha
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April 15th, 2014


So you've probably seen my #rtcommunityday picture:

Muchos love to the Community Artists who's work is in the background.

But yeah, I spent today with my super posh side of the family. I tried to convert them to the Rooster Side, I really did. They were not impressed. I said a swear, I think it was shit, and my auntie practically fainted.
Then they spent like an hour discussing table manners, as I was happily munching a chicken drumstick with my hands.

Not even joking, I was very close to this.

So after eating my own weight in lunch, they coo'ed over my Dad's new little one then left. I don't think they're going to watch any Rooster Teeth. I'm sorry. I have failed you all.

Hope you all had a great #rtcommunityday and maybe saw another fan. Or if you didn't you felt awesome wearing your RT merch your way.

April 16th, 2014

The Kingdoms of Thera...

Production continues...

- Ash

April 16th, 2014

Story Telling Pt. II

In case you missed it, here is Story Telling Pt. I

The second story of the week is up! Our Lady's Little Glass by The Brothers Grimm. It's an old, short and sweet legend about the flower, Field Bindweed.

You can find all my readings on SoundCloud, and on YouTube. I post them to Facebook before anywhere else, so you can like my page to hear them first.

A gigantic thank you to @Emboi for the incredible artwork for this tale. You should check out his other amazing work!

I hope you enjoy it, and that you check back on Friday and every week after as I incorporate new learnings into the aiding of your imagination!


April 15th, 2014

Post PAX East Frazzle

Man. What a whirlwind. An absolute top-notch, first class, 100% awesome whirlwind. I went into my first PAX East trip with @Newbs not knowing what to expect, feeling sort of neutral, and just going with the flow of things due to how quickly so much was happening for us (having moved into our apartment just days before we flew out). We got on the plane and I just felt like, "OK, I am on the plane now. doo doodoo..." My mentality was like, Step A. Step A is happening right now. OK, step A is complete. Step B. OK, here we go with that.

We landed in Boston and when @Lamchopz / Lammy was already there to pick us up, the fact of everything we were there for suddenly filled my lungs in one of those stifled and airy BWWWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE sensations. To be honest, the thing I looked forward to the most with the trip was meeting everyone, and hanging out properly for the first time. I met a couple at RTX, but only so briefly. This time much of the visit would be dedicated to friends. It's funny how I could go from only interacting with these people here & there online or through text and video games, but when I finally met with everyone in person for the first time, things felt as natural as if I was meeting up with some friends after a long break at school.

Ugh, man. If I don't catch myself now I'm going to write a friggin mushy novel here on every detail. I finally met so many great people & friends and spent so much time together! That was the BEST for me. It was also a great feeling knowing that some people came from crummy situations, and that they also found some relief & recovery in spending time with these people. I think it was a special trip for everyone. I got to see @BenBen @Bunny @Connor @DarkBowler @Tora @Schraver @Andy @BlueTeam @Juls @Steven @SuburbanFire @Neefertiti @TinaDayton @Ray @Miexriir ... If I missed anyone, please let me know! There were a bunnnch, and it was great.

PAX East was sweet to experience. There was a ton of stuff to do and explore. Lots of getting cropdusted, stepped on and shoved, smelling interesting odors, seeing lots of flesh.... Some cosplays were awesome! Panels we saw and loved were the Harmonix keynote panel, which was moving and enlightening, the Rooster Teeth panel, which was of course hysterical & exciting, and the Make A Strip panel, which was also hysterical and engaging. There were plenty of cool video games being tested on the floor, but unfortunately I have nothing to share with you guys about them! Concerning booths, I wish there were more booths selling art! :)

Probably the coolest highlight for me, and also happened to close out PAX on Sunday for me, was meeting Burnie & Ashley on the floor, and then somehow grabbing coffee with them and chatting about stuff for like half an hour. I can't remember a lot from that since half my brain fried when Burnie asked if we wanted to grab coffee with them off the floor, and I don't feel like recapping the details in this already-lengthy post. Firstly, their presence is just as strong in person as it is on screen, and Ashley is adorable and was very sweet & chipper, and Burnie is, obviously, great at keeping a conversation going and bouncing back to points. It was just really friggin cool to sit and chat for a bit with them!

I'm actually not as sad as I thought I might be now that we're back in MN. Going back to work was rough, but PAX left me glowing and excited for the next thing, RTX 2014, and also left me with a better idea and direction for what I should do between now & then. I'm eager to get to work! :)

I absolutely, truly enjoyed and loved every minute spent with you guys there. It meant so much that we somehow managed to spend quite a lot of time altogether for being such a large group. I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU ALL AGAIN! Each time won't be long enough together, but we'll make the best of it all!! Love you guys :)

PS: Fucking major shoutout to @Lamchopz for being an awesome and legit driver in Boston. Ninja car skills.

April 15th, 2014

new info gif!

because I'm in love with making gifs now?

((( if anyone wants one, hmu )))