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new photo because halloween was 3 months ago, i have black hair for once and new chest piece and all that. so yay
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Fitness update: I'm getting there :) also, Happy Australia Day folks! Time for some more foodies!!!
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Sin Crosses are so strong in PVP and War of Emperium it's not even funny.
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Sh-Sh-Sh-SHARK ATTACK. Booow-bow-bow-bow-bowwww. Straight from my cleverly named instagram @taralinstagram
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I was in the library today I decided to take a break and watch a Let's Play. Turns out my headphones weren't plugged in all the way.
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such a constant misconception.
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Lootcrate swag!
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Future Gohan was such a bad ass! It's a shame.
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I tried making some figurines, starting with X-Ray and Vav!
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I like when my hair is curly.
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I cannot have a normal conversation with my friend. It's impossible.
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Because every anime needs to pander to the festishes, here's Erika in a maid outfit. She works it very well.
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January 26th, 2015


Gonna make this a quick one since I have a FUCKLOAD of work to do, but today I received an offer from IMPERIAL COLLEGE LONDON, which, for those who don't know, is the joint second best university in the world with Cambridge. And they want me to study there.


This has been a PSA.

January 26th, 2015

Friendly Zen Reminder

Just want to remind y'all to take a step back every now and then and take a deep breath.

It might sound weird, but breathing is underrated. When things are crazy or you're feeling plain old stressed, it can make a big difference to take a step away (either physically or into your own mental bubble), and focus on your breathing for a minute or two. Close your eyes and take slow, deep breaths. It'll help relieve some internal stress.

Some years ago a friend gave me the simplest but most effective advice I've ever heard: "Remember: Just breathe."

So just want to pass that advice on whenever I can. Maybe it'll help you out.

January 26th, 2015

So I went to a Marilyn Manson concert.

Caught his sweat towel... (and some random tape he rubbed all over his body)
He also spit in my mouth. ACCIDENTALLY this happened. I think I have rabies now. I can't even lol.
I call that success.

Was 2nd/3rd row, front and center. (I have made it my mission in life to be either 1st or 2nd row in every pit I got to) This concert was fucking amaaaaaaZING.

So happy I finally got to see him live! He's truly a rock god.

Probably the best pit (people wise) I've ever been in. Everyone was really nice, we bonded over being sweaty... It was tamed moshing but the pushing... hot damn.

Glad I'm tall, not sure how short people do it.

Babble babble bitch bitch
Rebel rebel party party
Sex sex sex and don't forget the violence
Blah blah blah got your lovey-dovey sad-and-lonely
Stick your STUPID SLOGAN in:
Everybody sing along.

January 26th, 2015

One of the best community members!

So a few of you may have heard of this inspirational woman or seen a post from her, if you have not then you must be living under a rock!

@ailsarocks is the name she goes by on here but her name is Ailsa and she is one of the most caring community members I have gotten to know.

Ailsa does so much for this community, from RvB Scotland events to being on a podcast, the list is quite long!! She is also a fashion driven girl and can teach you how to style your RT merch.

Not only is Ailsa beautiful on the outside, the beauty that shines out of her and that she shares with everyone is amazing, words cannot even describe it

Ailsa and myself have been friends for awhile now, we have not met as we live so far apart but i'm hoping this year will be the year!!

I just want to say thankyou @ailsarocks, you are one of the best community members that I'm friends with, you are always here for me and i'm sure many others, you are so caring and awesome that you inspire others to be better, you inspire me!


January 25th, 2015

I'm at 290 watchers???

Holy crap that's amazing! All of you guys are awesome!