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The Lazer Team is here to save the day!
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Today I earned my stripes, I am now a Sergeant!
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Doing a public reading from my novel today. Wanted to wear something special. <3
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Is it August yet? Missing Texas, so I'm rocking my 'Murica shirt.
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I was able to save it though I lost some data on the original line piece BUT i was able to color it at least. Nora with emphasis on the Valkyrie. Necklace is based off of Brisingamen of Norse folklore.
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Made this for Keeks a little while back, isn't it just the cutest thing? :D
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Don't you just love when boys do this?
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My cousin drew me in my charmander onesie!
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My logo I made for a small company at my college :) They loved it
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I 3D printed a Wonder Woman tiara. I'm not sure this is my look.
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On a lighter note my sewing machine still works and i worked more on Yang
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March 3rd, 2015

Ask an Economist #12: Mod Points and Women: A Tale of Dumb Comments

Welcome back to another installment of Ask An Economist. I must start off on a serious note. I have a terrible confession to make: about two months ago … I … I read some YouTube comments…

I know, I know; it was horrible. A friend here on the site made a great video and my eye accidently scrolled down and saw some comments. One really stuck out for its ignorance and I’m sure we’ve all come across one like this: (In my best ‘internet voice’) “Well, you’re only popular/getting views/mod points because you’re a girl.” It wasn’t my first time seeing a comment like that, but it rubbed me the wrong way. Maybe because it was targeted at a friend or I was just having an off day, but at first I wanted to fight the user and get sucked down the troll hole.

On second thought, I figured I could channel that frustration into uncovering cold, hard, facts. That brings us to this installment’s question:

Do women get more mod points solely because of their gender?

To go about answering that question, I focused on the Rooster Teeth community. While seeing stupid/ignorant comments on RT’s site is thankfully kept at a minimum, seeing who was the most modded on the site gives me insight into the revealed preferences of the users. They might not realize that they have a higher propensity to mod women vs men, holding all else constant.

The data I collected came from the top 50 Most Modded members. In all, I collected 200 samples from four random pulls of the top 50 modded members. I made sure to space out the time of collection by at least two weeks. I did this to ensure that one member who had one-time massive amount of mod points didn’t carry over into other samples. The outcome of interest is their rank among the most modded members. For example, if a user’s name appeared first, they had a rank of 1. The last person had a rank of 50.

To help explain why a user ranked where they did, I used their gender, an indicator of whether the user is using an actual picture for their profile, the number of friends they have, and how long they’ve been on the site. I included whether they used an actual picture to see if users were more likely to mod someone they seemed more “human” and relatable to them (for the purposes of defining the variable, it had to be a real photo. Artwork of a person did not count). The number of friends was used as a proxy for “reach.” The more friends a user had, the more opportunities their posts will show up in other users’ feeds. Last, years on the site establishes a proxy of “name recognition.” If someone has been around for a while, they might be well known despite having fewer friends than other users.

With the data collected, how did the simple averages look prior to throwing it all into regression models?

*Women made up 44% of Most Modded Users.

Using the Welch–Satterthwaite equation to compare the differences between men and women, I found no statistical difference in their rank of most modded. That being said, using an actual picture, numbers of friends, and years on the site were all statistically different between men and women. Before I draw any conclusions, let’s take a look at what the regression model found.

Using those variables to predict the rank of a user, found that using an actual picture and the number of friends were statistically significant. Years on the site and gender had no statistical effect on rank. Despite the statistical significance of the former two variables, they didn’t really contribute much to determining the rank of a user.

It turns out that there’s a lot more to why a user is ranked the way they are than I controlled for. Of all possible explanations for why a user has as a high (or low) rank, gender is not one of them. Both the Welch-Satterhwaite test as well as regression analysis confirms that.

But James, the women had on average waaaay more friends than men! Yes, that is what the statistic says but is that why the statistic is what it is? As a casual observation I’ve made being a part of the community for six years, I’ve noticed that the more established members of community don’t like random friend requests. Also, they tend to associate mostly with the small group of people that were around when they first joined. To back this up, I ran a simple correlation on number of friends and years on the site, the correlation (rho) was -0.163 implying that the longer you’ve been on the site the fewer friends you have. That’s not a strong correlation but it is statistically significant.

All in all, two separate statistical tests demonstrated that gender has no effect on mod points. While other correlations exist to differentiate men and women, they are not causal in nature. So the next time you come across an ignorant comment, hit them with helping of facts served up here. Or you can always take my statistically proven approach to stupid comments:

If you have a question or idea for Ask an Economist, leave a comment or PM. Hey! If you haven’t done so already, check out the hard hitting science @geometrix is doing. It’s fascinating stuff! Trigonometry and physics haven’t been so fun!

March 3rd, 2015

For Monty

What a wonderful day. Snow fell when it hadn't been forecast...

Snow for a morning. To the folks where I live it didn't mean much. An inconvenience. But after @Burnie's journal (if you haven't read it, please do) it made perfect sense. I knew why it had snowed this morning when it wasn't supposed to. It was a sign.

I've been meaning to make a video for Monty. I have started, and tried, but I couldn't get the words out. My editing skills are basic at best, and I can't express myself as beautifully as Burnie does. But today, I knew what to do.

Please, if you have the time, have a look at what I came up with.

Like I said, it's basic, and probably not very good. But it's me, my words, from the heart. It felt right, and it made perfect sense to me.

And what's even more beautiful, is when I came inside, edited and uploaded the video, the snow melted away. It had shown me somehow what I needed to do, and now it was no longer needed.

March 3rd, 2015

Roosterteeth - it all started here...

In 2004, I released, what could be the first feature film made for the web, on this website. It was ironically called Shades of Gray. I sent free signed DVDs all over the world to fans who wanted them, but never put a proper copy online. For the first time, I have uploaded the original no budget film to YouTube. Special thanks to the Roosterteeth staff, who has done nothing but support my efforts over the years. This is a special place and I'm glad it's where it all started for me. So, without further ado - here is the link should you want to watch it and share it with a few friends. ENJOY!

Oh, and if you've ever heard the saying "I seen the Motherf**ker or MEOW" you now know where it came from.

PS: I don't have the music rights - so some countries may be blocked, but that is the way the cookie crumbles.


March 3rd, 2015

Flash Commissions - Closed now

Flash commissions are open today. I'm going to take on what I think I can fit in. Either way, I'll respond to your email if I've accepted or need to pass on your request.

The deets:

- No fanart
- Simple loose drawing, simple colors - think along the lines of my #RTpodcast work.
- RE above: These are not going to be super detailed or refined drawings.
- PLEASE DO NOT send me a payment BEFORE we talk, as there is a chance I will decline your request.
- You must be able to send payment either before you receive the drawing, or immediately upon receiving.

- $30. If you request more characters or creatures in it, the price might go up.
- PayPal only. [email protected]
- EMAIL ME your request at [email protected]
- You will need to be able to provide reference pictures.

*shoves doors open*

March 3rd, 2015

Holy Shit...It's My Birthday.

It's ma burthdaaaaaaaay

Today I turned 16.

Feels weird to say it. I feel old. Quick, send help!