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29 year-old female from the outer reaches of Hell
I am a Grammar Nazi. For the love of all things good and wholesome, please stop abusing the English Language. It only takes a moment to check what you write.

linky. don't be like this.

Ron abused grammar. Look what happened to him:

^p.s. this is a secret link


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Menardi exterminate
whelpWe moved. Last month. LOVE THE PLACE! I almost have everything unpacked too! IT's the same floorplan as the old apartment we lived in before moving into batshit-fucking-crazy-land and is with the same rental company. Much less stressed and a lot happier.

I bought a sewing machine this week and I'm now using both of my mothers to teach me to sew. Guess that's going to be an adventure.

Work is going awesome and it's nice having a grownup job where I have responsibilities, respect and a reasonable paycheck (though I'd like a raise). I'm happy in my work for the first time ever.

happy menardi
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Music I decided to get rid of the rant. It was way old. So back to musak that I like (in fact I decided to alphabetize it. w00t): Ace of Base AFI Archie Gates Avenged Sevenfold Beastie Boys Beethoven Bonnie McKee Breaking Benjamin Charlotte Church Chopin Conspiracy of Geeks Debussy DragonForce Eiffel 65 Evanescence Halo Soundtracks Handel J.S. Bach Jay(Chinese pop) Josh Groban Kelly Clarkson Korn Linkin Park Maroon 5 Metallica Moby Mozart Nightwish Nirvana No Doubt Nonpoint OPM P!nk P.O.D Pachabel Panic! At The Disco Papa Roach Queen Raffi Rage Against The Machine Rammstein Red Hot Chili Peppers Reel Big Fish Rockapella Savage Garden Semisonic Simon & Garfunkel Stacie Orrico Stemage Stone Sour Strong Bad System Of A Down t.A.T.u. Taylor Swift The Who Three Days Grace Vertical Horizon Vitamin C “Weird Al” Yankovic Yoko Kanno Yo-Yo Ma
Movies NETFLIX FTW!!! I've stopped buying movies. After all why buy the cow when you can get the milk for less? I currently have 370 in my DVD queue and 230 in my instant queue. It would take me 4 years to watch everything...and that9;s if I don't add anything else. It's totally awesome and way better than redbox...which is uber lame.
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