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20 year-old female from Australia, WA
Don't judge me and I won't judge you. I don't mind random friend requests as long as you actually want to talk not just add me... I really don't get why people do that *frown*

My Activeness is Irregular, but opposite hours to most people on this site so if it takes me a day or a week to reply I'm not ignoring you I'm just distracted by something (no idea what) at the time/month.

Anyways I'm incredibly random and I won't bite your head off if you say hello (or so I say...=P)

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Messyca No Sound
AbsenceAs seen by my last Journal entries I've been preparing for exams and stuff, so I haven't been on...

Plus that to the increased mandatory attendance of me at my sisters engagement party, a 21st and another 21st tomorrow I have been busy.

I've missed everyone on here but I have resisted getting on because I know it will keep me occupied for hours when I should be doing homework and study... evil stuff that it is, it has to be done.

So how have Y'all been? (because I totally have a southern accent not an Australian one...=P)
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