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26 year-old male from Ellicott City, Maryland USA
I'm Mike. I am currently attending college, and have been studying martial arts for 13 years.
I'm a pretty nice guy, and people say that I give good advice. I actually care about people too!

If you were at RvBTO send me a friend request!

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Kat's journalI was reading Kathleen's journal and one thing she mentioned was that she had just gotten back to working out after being sick. So I felt inspired to start my journal that way. After finals week and the craziness of the holidays (just yesterday), my friend invited me to play football. So about 3 hours of that and two more of martial arts (doing mostly kicks to each other's legs) left me pretty sore today. BUT, it got me thinking, "wow that's a really good kind of sore!" So the point of it all IS: it's really great to get out and do stuff. This brings me to my next point, it's really great to get out and do stuff with FRIENDS. If you pick good friends, they'll drag you out into life, and really, it feels great in so many ways. You get PLENTY of laughs (which came in the form of a touch game turning into tackle, and stealing my friend's candy ).

I encourage everyone to drag some of your friends out to do something fun. Also, I very much look forward to hanging with many of my friends at TO this summer!

As for the person that in part inspired this journal, I'm glad you're feeling better!
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