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Starting to Look Forward To Legacy of the VoidStarCraft is one of those games I play solely for the single player campaign (something Halo will probably be returning to as well).

Wings of Liberty gave it a great start, and then the writing took a nosedive in Heart of the Swarm. So I'm looking for Blizzard to redeem themselves, and give us something comparable to the Brood War ending. Especially since Mengsk was the last long-running, credible villain.

No doubt they'll slap down the horrendously overplayed card in this genre; invasion by extra-galactic / long-thought-dead species.

Almost every other single franchise has done it with varying degrees of success. Star Wars, Star Trek, Mass Effect, Halo, StarCraft.

So please Blizzard, give it an interesting twist. Something we don't see coming.

And for the love of Adun, don't let the ending rough-cut cinematic leak 10 months in advance.
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