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Turns out there were more of us than we thought.As I wait for my gaming PC on Tuesday, I'm taking a 3rd run through The Last of Us. Even nearly two years later, I still believe that this game is, hands down, the most powerful narrative that has come out of the industry.

It's also got my mind on the in-development film, and possible future game installments we might get.

Whether or not we return to Joel and Ellie isn't the most relevant to me. It's not any events after the first game I want, but pieces of that 20-year gap that I'm most interested in.

It's implied that Joel did some very questionable things to have survived as long as he has. I want to see his actions in the days and weeks after Sarah was killed. I want to see some of his days as a Hunter. I want to know where else he was before he came to the Boston QZ.

As a resident of the Midwest, I also felt pretty freaking chapped that they skipped the entire region, going from the suburbs of greater Pittsburgh, and we rejoin them months later in Jackson County, Wyoming. It's never explicitly told what route they took, but given their experience in Pittsburgh, I'd have to assume they avoided Indianapolis or Chicago. I'd assume those were Quarantine Zones with similar fates.

Other than Joel, however, the character I am most interested in is Ish, a boater, probably fisherman, whose notes you find outside and in the sewers outside Pittsburgh. He started out alone, but slowly built a community in the sewers, that was all about the kids. As you journey through the hideout, you discover that it inevitably ended in tragedy, but Ish, Susan, and several children made it out, and the notes stop there.

I'm currently divided on the film. Game-based films do not have a good track record. The Last of Us was very episodic in nature, and would probably be much, much better served as a TV mini series, covering 6-8 hours instead of the feature length of 1.5-2 hours. But the writer of the game is the writer of the movie, so I'll g...
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