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The RWBY intro at PAX 2014Hello all! Those of you who came to see us here at the roosterteeth panel at pax got to have a glimpse at some upcoming vids. One of which included the new intro for RWBY volume 2.

It's always been an honor to bust my ass on a project to be able show it to a select group of a few thousand at a live venue and is something I'll always be excited for.

It also is something we always wonder about whether or not people will cam it and post it online. And to varying degree we wonder how much should we worry about it. Whether or not it compromises the project, be it for the fact it's not video of the best quality, or that it puts information out there that we wouldn't want broadcasted to those who would wait for the official product.

I will say after so many live shows, we have dealt with this on a case by case basis. But we always say to ourselves that if that particular group or user is excited enough to want to see it regardless of quality. That's really a good problem for us to have. Because if people are talking about what you've made, then you've succeeded.

In the case of this intro especially, the nature of it has clues and tidbits. As well as perhaps some reveals yes. But not anything that compromises the quality of the actual show when it finally comes to air.

So honestly if you are excited enough to watch a cam vid of today's showing by all means watch at you're leisure, share with caution and respect for others, but most of all please don't feel guilty about it. This far in we always go into something like this fully aware of the risks. But in the end it's always worth it.
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