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28 year-old female from Stillwater, NJ
I love trucks. I build show trucks and some cars. I love all animals: horses, dogs, cats, snakes and other critters. I am Italian, and I'm from NJ. What you know about it? I am currently enjoying being a disabled veteran, and if you haven't thanked a veteran today, you better go do it!! SALUTE THE FLAG AND STAND WHEN THE NATIONAL ANTHEM IS PLAYED!!

No random friend requests, please.
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I'M ALIVE!!Well....technically....

but in all seriousness, fuck the VA. they can suck it.
Does the VA suck?
C) meh.

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Name sarah
Occupation more than you know
Birthday December 20th, 1986
Interests I like ponies and ribbons in my hair and I want to kiss all the boys...
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Music I like everything except gospel and gay stuff. I really don't like polka either.
Movies K19 the Widowmaker... reminds me of what would happen if I were a nuke ET instead of a nuke MM... any greta garbo movies the old teaserama with bettie page and her other fine films silly mel brooks movies the little mermaid other various disney movies and kid-themed stuf.. FINDING NEMO!!! happy feet was awesome!! and uh my brain ran out of thought making syrup...
TV Shows House Family Guy American Dad women's murder club girls next door (bridget and holly are fucking smart...you'd be surprised the business savvy they have!!) Dirty Jobs (Mike Rowe is SEXY)
Books Along Came a Spider and other James Patterson novels...love that man!!!