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Hey, I'm Evan. I'm almost always really laid back and chill. I'm pretty much as simple as they come, no need to complicate things *smiley face*
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Long Forgotten SomethingWhoa...I haven't been on here in months. I'm not going to lie to any of you (who may be reading this), I almost forgot about this place.
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Name Evan
Occupation Ninja Assassin
Birthday August 21st
Interests I'm into pretty much all things geek. I like roleplaying games of most kinds D&D video games laughing at the lame pick up lines my friends use skating snowboarding playing basketball reading manga anime drawing cartoons and just taking it easy. I'm sure there are plenty more things that I could mention here but that'll take a lot of time. Just talk to me to find out. Nyah! More "About Me";: I am sort of weird. Weird in the sense that at one time I may be crazy and super hyper. While later a may be very laid back and orderly. I like to keep organized and clean for some reason. I've been trying to convince people that I have a minor case of OCD. In all honesty I'm actually a pretty simple guy not too complicated.
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Music I listen to pretty much everything minus generic country and rap; I love way too many artists to name here. If you name it chances are I've heard of them and have them on my iPod.
Movies I like to watch movies. It's always nice to just kick back and watch a movie with family or friends. I'm not a big fan of horror movies but I do like action and comedy. I'm a pretty good fan of Sci-Fi but I can't compare to a few of my friends in that department. As for a list of my favorites: The Illusionist Death at a Funeral the Lord of the Rings series the Star Wars series Transformers Iron Man The Dark Knight Get Smart A Time to Kill Bourne Identity Van Helsing Pirates of the Carribean Ever After Princess Bride The Man in the Iron Mask Second Hand Lions Mr. & Mrs. Smith Remember the Titans A Perfect Murder Shakespeare in Love Paranormal Activity etc.
TV Shows I don't watch too much TV other than: That 70's Show NCIS Monk Heroes Family Guy Futurama and American Dad
Books I don't really read books as often as I should. I mostly read things like comic books and manga. However there have been a few good books that I've really liked. "A Single Shard" "The Good Earth" "The Golden Compass" and "The Game of Sunken Places" are all really good ones. Books can be better than movies because they're like a movie in your head. Best part is you get to decide how the characters look sound and everything.