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nabohs Funky Child
23 year-old male from Toronto, Ontario
Hi everyone!

I'm trying to get more involved with the RT community, so I accept all friend requests. Even if you don't want to be friends, just shoot me a msg any time if you want to talk :D

I'm also on the hunt for music from any genre, era or part of the world to help improve my musical knowledge so if you have any songs you would like to share, feel free!

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nabohs Funky Child
Sébastien Tellier

Why did nobody tell me how awesome this guy is?! I mean, his videos get a little weird at times, but man! I've never seen an artist who can make Synth-Pop/New Wave/Funk Music AND also make chilled out Jazzy music!

If you want to hear his Synth-Style of music, the best song to check out is probably Fingers of Steel or Kilometer

If you want to check out his more Jazzy type of music (which was inspired by Brazil) check out Love

Fun Fact, Kilometer was co-produced by Guy-Manuel, who if you don't recognize the name, it's this dude:

...No, Not yet? Hmm.... Oh wait, I Got it!! How about now:


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