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22 year-old female from Fife, Scotland.
hello, i'm natalie! :)
i'm a 22 year old scottish lass, i'm friendly & i like to meet new people.
although i'm a grammar freak, i think words look prettier in lower case.
i'm very unpredictable, and i don't mean in a girly mood-swing way.
i've just recently signed up here, so don't rage at me if i'm a virgin to all things achievement hunter.com
i am, however, a long time rooster teeth fan... and i love video games. that count?
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MmmmmWorking in a video game store, temptation is everywhere. Sooooooo yeah. I bought The Witcher. <3
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Name Natalie (Bambi)
Occupation Checkout Assistant
Birthday November 23rd, 1992
Interests Breathing gaming playing guitar & piano singing drawing cooking writing reading laughing dancing making videos acting eating sleeping.
Movies No. I don't like Pulp fucking Fiction. The Dark Knight Coraline Pirates of the Caribbean Cast Away The Terminal Shutter Island The Departed Blood Diamond Inception Source Code Transformers (all) The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus The Nightmare Before Christmas Wayne's World Sherlock Holmes Silence of the Lambs Robin Hood Harry Potter (all) I can't be arsed listing more right now.
TV Shows Two and a Half Men Scrubs True Blood Adventure Time Futurama The Simpsons Two Pints of Lager Family Guy Wilfred.
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