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ApologiesIn a recent video, Gavin and I jokingly discussed something called "Connect the Hots". First off, I want to say that we sincerely apologize if we made any of our audience feel uncomfortable. We want to be clear that in no way do we condone following women or men down the street, stalking, or giving unwanted sexual attention to someone. That's not funny and not something anyone should ever do.

We produce over 3 hours of content a week, and sometimes we make mistakes. We have grown our audience because we try not to censor ourselves. We try not to filter our jokes or discussions during videos. When you do that occasionally you are going to say really stupid stuff. That's what happened here, and we're sorry. To make matters worse, sometimes things we say can become amplified and exaggerated in the feedback loop of online comments. We can't and wouldn't try to control free discussion online even when we disagree with it, but we can take responsibility for our own actions and statements. For that reason, we have taken the video offline.

We know that as fans and community members of Rooster Teeth and Achievement Hunter you value our honesty and transparency with you (and we value you as well), that's why we wanted to speak to you directly. We appreciate everyone for voicing their opinion about everything we do, and we are listening. We sincerely regret what was said, and we appreciate your support, loyalty and friendship more than anything.
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JakeHCoker RTX Guardian
It's okay Geoff. We forgive you. Can't wait to watch the new videos :D
#1  Posted 10 months ago
Christian Gifs
#7  Posted 10 months ago
BenMyers Sponsor
Got to admit...pretty stupid that FANS would be outraged by if they expected anything different to be considered funny by these guys. Then to take it and twist into being ok with rape and stalking... its 1. appreciating eye-candy 2. a funny prank that makes strangers uncomfortable 3. harml...
#8  Posted 10 months ago
ChaosAD Chemist Nerd
You guys handled this much more professionally and maturely than most.

+1 Respect.
#2  Posted 10 months ago
TrickyNinja Night Angel
Achievement Unlocked: Handling Critisism
#4  Posted 10 months ago
Achievement Unlocked: With Great Actions comes with Great Responsibility
#5  Posted 10 months ago
It was mostly the other comments that made it get out of hand just came over here to say that.
#3  Posted 10 months ago
this is getting intense uh.... oh god what should i do? *grabs a bag of snickers and throws it at people*
#6  Posted 10 months ago
Unfortunately, there's always going to be ignorant idiots or simply people trollin', especially in Youtube. While it's difficult to ignore- and maybe we actually shouldn't, giving them attention only added fuel to the fire and allowed them to continue yapping their mouths. But ye...
#7  Posted 9 months ago
I understand your opinion, the nature of the company being what it is. I appreciate your forthcoming with the apology. I look forward to more good content in the future.
#4  Posted 10 months ago
If you think Evelyn`s story is impressive..., last pay check my brother in law basically recieved a check for $8638 sitting there a eighteen hour week an their house and there co-worker's mother-in-law`s neighbour done this for 10-months and errned over $8638 in their spare time from their mac....
#1  Posted 10 months ago
Dirt410 M0dernGamer
My body is a wonderland and I want other people to appreciate it.
#5  Posted 10 months ago
HappyFinger Bydand
Apparently it was a miss.
#3  Posted 10 months ago
So long as it's not a Neverland, it's fine with me.

I made an account specifically to make that joke. Appreciate it.
#4  Posted 10 months ago
We all really appreciate the apology, and we of course forgive you! Thanks so much for handling this in a professional manner. We love you and everyone else at Rooster Teeth, so don't worry :)
#6  Posted 10 months ago
@starscreme: people are entitled to their own opinions, while you may not think there was anything to forgive, perhaps @Kohao was one of the ones offended. Please don't tell other people what to forgive, or not to forgive, it only makes you look like an arse.
#4  Posted 10 months ago
I would also point out that people should be smart enough to know where the boundary limits are to playing "connect the hots" Like has anyone watched jackass before? they do all this crazy shit but people who do it are doing it at their own risk, free will people.
#5  Posted 9 months ago
iWes Lord Snow
I can see how people would take offense and I see how maturely you handled it and I give you my respect. I only wish I could remember which video it was...
#7  Posted 10 months ago
@GamerChick18 Although i understand what you mean your situation is quite different to connect the hots yours is true creepy harassment the game is more of just driving around and looking for hot girls to just see them and move on and not talk to them or forcefully creep them out
#56  Posted 8 months ago
GamerChick18 Supah Gurl
@CrimsonShaft Um dude thanks for your comment and all but you're a month late and I stop caring about this since then and I feel that this issue is over and done with.....
#57  Posted 8 months ago
Yeah 100% forgiven, it was blown way out of proportion too :)
#8  Posted 10 months ago
We forgive you!!! Found it funny... But I forgive you anyway!
#9  Posted 10 months ago
smedley1990 Sponsor
Unecesary but I'm sure some people were bothered with it I guess. Stand up guys and anyone that follows them or has met them personally knows that this was harmless. I didn't see anyone raising hell about giving a bj to a dog or the endless jokes with less than PC material. These guys are in the entertainment industry and its justs statistically impossible to avoid offending a certain group and individual with how many videos they make. Keep up the good work guys. All of them are class acts

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#10  Posted 10 months ago
You sir are spot on with this, I can't believe they were backed into a place where they have to apologize.
#6  Posted 10 months ago
CoolDoog Hunter
Absolutely, if you know achievement hunter at all, this stuff is LESS offensive then half the stuff they say. If people found it offensive, then they shouldn't watch them!
#7  Posted 10 months ago
Ugly_27 Sponsor
I thought the story was rather entertaining. Me and my mates do something like that, but we're 17 and 18
#11  Posted 10 months ago
Jamnchufa Viking
Well YOU are not upset, but someone else might be! That is the important part in this hole argument. You can't just assume that other people react the same way as you do, the anxiety argument was a worst case scenario, like I said. And "that is just how people are" are not really a ju...
#20  Posted 10 months ago
I agree withh gloude. In Latin America it's more of a nuissance to a woman than somethign that could bbe considered creepy. But it generally acceptable. I think its because we don't have an outrageous amount of rape cases in our countries. Not to offend anybody
#21  Posted 10 months ago
chefdan Sponsor
Thank you Geoff for being so professional about this and for taking heed of others feelings toward this but WTF do people really fucking care if u waste your time looking at hot chicks like they don't know your there you aren't causing them harm or making them uncomfortable and if they knew they would probably love the attention and I would equate this to saying that if making your trip take longer cause u turn or go where hot people are then u had better never follow hot videos of pornstars on the web because they could feel awkward if they knew you went to their video because they are hot goddamnit America
#12  Posted 10 months ago
women are treated better now than the entire existance of the human race....would u like me to drag u back to my cave by your hair and smash furrs..what i thought
#12  Posted 10 months ago
aengla Sponsor
Hello? Have you seen what passes as clothing for women nowadays? I'm shocked they're so commonly objectified....
#13  Posted 9 months ago
Ofreakinbama El Sponsoro
Fuck, I wanted to re-watch that video! :(
#13  Posted 10 months ago
God dammit. I didn't even get to watch it yet! Sadface!
#3  Posted 10 months ago
This is the internet, search, and you will find.
#4  Posted 10 months ago
Ken Music Man
Well put Geoff. I forgive you (...and Gavin, I guess) :)
#14  Posted 10 months ago
I thought it was funny and not offensive <_<
#15  Posted 10 months ago
Even though it was blown out of proportion, @geoff made the professional decision by publicly apologising and taking down the video.
I'm sure no one wants to see our favourite company get hit by lawsuits!
#3  Posted 10 months ago
The fact that a lawsuit is even on the board annoys me and that people pretend that they could actually be a threat to women is outrageous. the people who watch this are obviously RT fans and know geoff and gavin well enough to understand what they are doing is nothing sinister and just a silly game...
#4  Posted 2 weeks ago
Gmz1023 1M1P PTP
I found the story funny, i was actually laughing my ass off when i heard it being rehashed on the podcast the other day. But then again i am a 21 year old male.
#16  Posted 10 months ago
and also you obviously arent a total PUSSY
#1  Posted 10 months ago
BenchMark Keare Lii
Didn't know this was an issue.
I think 'Connect The Hots' is probably on the lighter side of a lot of the stuff ya'll discuss and to the outsider, sure it may seem a little grim, but for the fan base that kind of humor is familiar and liked by a lot of people.
Kudos to you for doing this though.
#17  Posted 10 months ago
Jman2425 JeremyJasonA
Yea, I didn't see the issue either : /
I mean they are not following anyone. They are driving by people and make their next turn based on people that they see down the street (who they will then just drive by w/o following or "stalking" as some have said). Just don't see the proble...
#1  Posted 10 months ago
Thank you thank you thank you Geoff. It takes a lot of courage to apologize, and it means a lot to those of us who were made very uncomfortable by it.
#18  Posted 10 months ago
BajanMaster Alchemist
They shouldn't have taken the video down, once you start censoring whats right and wrong to say then the line becomes even vaguer over whats right and whats wrong. It was dark humor that wasn't even that serious, it wasn't a joke about rape or abuse. Although I advise Gavin and Geoff ...
#2  Posted 10 months ago
Mark_Atling FreeEdgar
Congrats Sephyvamp. People like you are the reason the video got taken down and they had to apologise even though they did nothing wrong.
#3  Posted 10 months ago
TinaBobina Immature
You sir are a professional and a thoughtful and intelligent human being. Thank you for addressing this issue and doing so with style. No one could be upset with you or Gavin for long. We love you guys.
#19  Posted 10 months ago
THERE IS NO FUCKING ISSUE. getafuckinglife if that upset you.
#1  Posted 10 months ago
aengla Sponsor
I applaud you starscreme!!! Obviously none of the people with an issue have ever been outside.
#2  Posted 9 months ago
Thanks Geoff. We appreciate the apology.
#20  Posted 10 months ago
noobking87 Baka Neko
At least you're man enough to apologize about it, which is more than we can say for a lot of other companies.

We'll always forgive whatever stupid things come out of your mouth... so long as you keep giving us sweet, kick-ass videos to watch.
#21  Posted 10 months ago
Naengdong Sponsor
Thank you Geoff.
#22  Posted 10 months ago
Count3D Site Admin
Well said, Geoff.
#23  Posted 10 months ago
#1  Posted 10 months ago
JDunlap SteamBeard
Blown out of proportion, hands down. Thanks for handling it so well.
#24  Posted 10 months ago
I read the comments before I watched the video and it did sound bad but in context in the actual video it didn't seem inappropriate at all. But respect must be given for listening to the commentators concerns. Keep up the great work guys.
#25  Posted 10 months ago
Yeah it seemed to me the game was about making Gavin feel uncomfortable and that was funny but people got the impression they were stalking and scaring girls so they became upset. I'm just glad I happened to watch the video before they pulled it.
#4  Posted 10 months ago
Exactly what I read! Finally someone who knows what they're talking about! MERCI!
#5  Posted 10 months ago
It's great that you are willing to come up and say that you are sorry for doing so, but those people must have surely understood you were joking thus gained the perspective of "if it's a joke, can you blame it?", but yeah. You really handled it well!
#26  Posted 10 months ago
Paul Specrtredian
You talked about dog blow jobs... yet you are made to apologize for a harmless game?
I don't get it.
#27  Posted 10 months ago
Paul Specrtredian
I understand.
#2  Posted 10 months ago
I know this is in poor taste but we got to understand that at least a couple dogs have been blown. We don't hear of it though because they're too afraid to speak up... and dogs can't speak.
#3  Posted 10 months ago
It's a-ok Geoff!! Good job on being professional and mature about it, something a lot of other YouTubers wouldn't be able to do.
+ 1,000,000,000 respect.
#28  Posted 10 months ago
Nixupixu Sponsor
Thank you Geoff, that was the right thing to do, even though in my opinion the whole commotion was because of the comments that got out of hand.
#29  Posted 10 months ago
As someone who was offended, thank you for the apology. It is a big deal to me, as similar things have happened and its terrifying to have this done to you. I know from experience. I really hope you take what we've said to heart about this.
#30  Posted 10 months ago
Cheyza NIghtDriver
@SpleeSpree ant idiot that uses a video as a defense to commit a crime (violent or otherwise) needs to be locked up.
They obviously have no common sense nor idea of what responsibility is.
#29  Posted 10 months ago
aengla Sponsor
EXACTLY!!!! Everyone applaud Ranterbach now and everyone else who was like wtf has no one heard of a joke before!!!!?!!?!?!!?!?!?!? Oh and Alpha633, I laugh at you. I laugh at you soooo hard! Are you saying when anyone checks a member of the opposite sex out they are terrorizing them?!? As if Geoff ...
#30  Posted 9 months ago
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