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nightwolf12 TitleWanted
I swear I'm not doing this intentionally*Sean crawls out of the smouldering wreckage as we see one of his arms is actually a cybernetic prosthetic. Catching his breath, he stands up straight*

Long story short, my absence has not been a deliberate action.

Sorry guys, its taken me a bit of time to get used to a full study load at University and it's the first time I've had four classes to deal with (alongside my other projects) since I was in High-School so it has taken some doing.

But I'll let you know some of the key things that have been going on:

The review writing is still going strong and Sticky Trigger Entertainment is continuing to grow in its readership. The editors are ambitious and are actively working towards making this venture a paying gig for their staff members as well as themselves. I'm very excited for them to make this leap after having come to know them personally, but also because... I would really like a paying job.

I'm currently in the middle of pre-production for my first student short film. There's not a lot of time to organize everything but I'm revising the screenplay and continuing to develop the shot-list as well as the shooting list. Our assignment calls for us to make a 1 to 2 minute short film involving a theme of our choice but cannot involve synchronous sound. Meaning we shoot the footage on one day and record the audio on another day. I feel very confident with the story I have in mind as well as the shooting style I have planned and I'll let you know when I have a finished copy I can upload for viewing.

Still propmaking, by the way! However I have decided to rebuild the ODST helmet as well as the Chest Piece as the former was too small and the latter was too big but just had a myriad of problems that were quite simply my own fault. So here's the rebuilt chest piece prior to the first coat of resin I put on the outside the other day:

Edit: Admittedly I posted some old photos of the previous chest piece by mistake. My bad, it's 3AM here and I'm a little tired.
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