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Some peopleI just wanted to get this off my chest somewhere, earlier this week I had to attend the funeral of a close friend's mother who passed away rather suddenly recently.

It was a nice service, my friend and his father wrote a very succinct and sincere eulogy which was followed up by a very well played guitar performance by my friend in accordance with his mother's previously expressed wishes.

My friend, his brother and his father had managed to construct a beautiful tribute to their loved one and the image of my friend -one of the most physically and emotionally strong individuals I've ever known- burying his face in his palm as he broke down was one of the most painful sights I have ever witnessed thus far.

Now with this in mind...

Why the fuck would you approach him after the service to ask if buying a Harley Davidson would be a good idea as an investment property?

In what pluperfect reality would this seem like a good idea, let alone following up this inquiry by asking him if he could drive the motorcycle to your house because you don't have a motorcycle license yourself? Are you fucking kidding me?

Congratulations guy. Really. Congratulations on exemplifying the art of ignorant cuntistry in the extreme with one swift stroke, you douchebag.


Nobody even knows who the fucker was either! He was a friend of a friend who just happened to be there and they were the only two people who didn't dress in formal wear to the occasion.

Carry On.

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