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24 year-old male from Spokane

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Drunk Posting Yay!Hello all! I'm not sure how many of you are still on. I've finally caught up with the series. It's still funny, and the graphics keep getting better. So no complaints there. Although I still keep some of the classics on my ipod. Not sure if that makes me the ultimate blend of nerd and hipster, but I don't really care. I went debating of throwing up the old profile pic, but figured it was time for a change.

As for me in life, things have been good. Just turned 21 (woo!) going to school for massage therapy. It's pretty fun, and you can't beat 2 massages a week. Hopefully after I'm done I'll go out on a cruse ship so I can travel. Maybe see if I can get a job at a vet hospital, but right now I'm content to finish school and just try to enjoy this part of my life before it blasts by me completely.

Really looking forward to Old Republic. Going to melt so much face as a Sith Inquisitor. If your playing, then you should totally look me up. I'll probably be playing under the name ZenGen. Doing the whole rogue healer with oodles of lightning >:D

Welp, got school in the morning (gehy right?) But I hope some of you are still on and I can get a couple mod points. Toodles!
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Name Reid
Occupation Currently between jobs
Birthday August 3rd, 1990
Interests Computers Bonsais Current events/ politics Music Movies Books
Music I've found myself drifting away from the punk rock and more towards indie music but still enjoy the occasional Head bash emo cutter music 70's bash Classical epic-ness and random other mixes to fuck my brain sideways.
Movies Star Wars Sweeney Todd Saving Pvt. Ryan Death at a Funeral Serenity A Knight's Tale Fight Club Lilo and Stitch 5th Element Monty Python's Holy Grail Meaning of Life ect ......you know there's a lot of movies i like more than can fit in this little box. lol
TV Shows I still love my cartoons just finished the E7 series after buying all the dvd's I really like burn notice and house right now Firefly Flying circus the classics
Books The Ender Series Chuck Palahnituk books (e.g. Fight Club Choke Survivor Invisible Monsters Lullaby) The Hitchhikers Guide Series The Clockwork Orange those little religious comic books left at pay phones (always a good laugh an stupidity)