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Male from Youtube (Halo2nothing11111)
I'm a Mandalorian (If you don't know what that is, you don't need to), I'm a fan of comedy and gaming, naturally what led me here, and I WILL WORK AT RT ONE DAY!!!
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World PeaceWhen someone says something like "I wish for world peace" or "If only we could have world peace" it makes me angry. World peace is attainable. In truth, one group even came close! You know who they were? A little alliance called the Soviet Union. People don't like to think about the difference between peace and happiness. In all honesty, "world happiness" is what we should be wishing for. If aliens were to enslave us tomorrow, and we were placed in farms to be harvested for food, we would have world peace. You disagree? Proof: none of us would be fighting. That, right there is the difference between peace and happiness. Now, I'm not really one to make the decision which is more important, and in all likelihood, neither are you, dear reader. But honestly, if you had the power to end all forms of violence between humans, or to make everyone happy, which would you do?
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