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Asura vs Ryu...Capcom did it right.I was late on the Asura's Wraith fun train. I knew of it, looked cool but I couldn't bring myself to play another game that relied on quick time events as it's primary gameplay. I survived Ninja Blade, another cool concept game but the quick time events ruined an experince that should have been ninja-err-fic.Nothing was worse then shitting the bed while driving a motorcycle up a missle. Not only are you letting yourself down but all kickass boner enducing ninjas around the world.Sad panda.

I finally convinced myself to get on the quicktime ass pounding ride and well, I was surprised..it was fun.
What makes Asura special? Is it the fact he doesn't give a fuck about the fundemental laws of physics? Or is how he likes to punch the shit out of everything that gives the "gay" vibe. I don't know really, but at the end of smashing the shit out a bunch of god, deities and one pervert staring at boobs, I must say it is one of my favorite games.

The dlc for the game is a must, like you should be pounced, yes i said POUNCED, in the sack if you don't buy it.The recent Asura vs Rya dlc is by far one of the most impressive additions to a game since the nudity dlc in The Saboteur. If you don't own Asura's Wraith (YOU DINK) you are one lucky bastard because I posted the entire level on my profile. So check it out, but I am not responsible if you develop a gaming chubby.
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