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32 year-old male from Huntsville, AL

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YOsorry i haven't been around. they've still got me banned from this site at work and i'm not home enough to be on there. So, basically, shnitschtinkz. Hit me up on facebook
Joshua Brown
Huntsville, AL or Arab, AL.

I spend more time there playin dope wars
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Name Don Jish
Occupation Systems Analyst (email reader)
Birthday May 6th, 1983
Interests I'm a 26 year old aggressive passivist with attention deffecit disorder a level 8 (of 10) pollen allergy a serious RLS problem and a girlfriend who's more awesome than anyone elses...ever. ? Internet comics books movies (and watching them with my girlfriend) computer science electronic wiring of anything taking things apart putting things together blowing things up Tv commercials toys of all kinds women (how they think) video games..but i figured that was a given motorcycles cars guy stuff...and things that catch on fire. i Also like simple things like sunsets and sunrises (viewed in that order) peicing together what happened 'the night before". Fav Beer: Amber Bock Fav Food: zaxby's Fav Car: 1997 Dodge Viper GTS (Blue with white stripes) Fav Song: Budsmokers Only - BTNH Fav Band: Pink Floyd Fav Rap: Insane Clown posse / Bone Thugs N Harmony
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Music pretty much anything...From Bone thugs -n-harmony to Lynard Skynard to Frank Sinatra (and the whole rat-pack) Bloodhound gang Cake Violent Femmes Toby keith Zydeco 5 Master P Insance Clown Posse Twizted ABK Blaze ya Dead homie Zug Island Axe Murda Boyz my rap group the Ghostface Mafia (A.k.a. Diamond 6Clik) doobie brothers allman brothers pointer sisters al green marvin gaye barry white Rodney Carrington ZZ top Blues brothers the Alabama Blues Brothers 5 o clock charlie Absolue Zero Tool A Perfect Circle Rage against the machine Justin Timberlake Timbaland Outkast T. I. Nappy Roots Mighty Mighty Bosstones Real Big Fish Phish Greatfull Dead Led Zeplin Janis Joplin The Doors The Who Tom Petty CCR and many many many more
Movies Pulp Fiction Grindhouse and any other movie by Quinton Tarantino...Scarface 300 Dick Tracy Lucky # Slevin Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Smokin Aces Hot Fuzz Shaun of the Dead boys in the hood don't be a menace to south central while drinkin your juice in the hood Friday boondock saints last man standing super troopers tommy boy original kings of comedy half baked cheech and chong's up in smoke interview with a vampire don juan demarco Big Money Hustlers Soul Plane (you gotta be stoned) Pirates of the Carribean..and many many more!
TV Shows Aqua Teen Hunger Force Full Metal Alchemist that 70's show how i met your mother full house the adventures of brisco county Jr the fresh prince of bel-air mork and mindy my 2 dads perfect strangers wings Family guy futurama the simpsons the wire Law and order samurai champloo damn near anything on adult swim (except the show that comes on after lupin the 3rd but that doesn't matter since they took Lupin off the air :( ))) and now...Heroes.. Doctor who...and Battlestar Galactica (because lots that i had have been fuckin cancelled)
Books any james patterson book Digital Fortress and The Da Vinci Code(both by Dan Brown) some tom clancy shit a series of unfortunate events....Cat's Cradle max brooks books The Dresden Files Animorphs some other stuffs but nobody ever wants to talk bout books.